Friday, April 06, 2012

One of my secret fantasies

So you all know I've been listening to worship in the car to and from work since January. Okay, sometimes I listen to something else on the way home but I find it sets the tone for my day nicely if I start things in the right order.

The other day I tidied up the box of CDs in my car and found an old "worship compilation" from a few years back.

This one song was on that CD. I cry every time I hear this song.

No matter how I try to keep it together, I SOB every single time... This chorus is AMAZING - takes you straight into the presence of God.

Most of you don't know this about me but we used to run cell groups for about two years and every Wednesday evening I would lead Praise and Worship (D would lead the Bible study).

We then got promoted through the ranks and we had 4, and then 8 cell groups under our leadership. Then we'd have monthly meetings which we ran like a cell group so I still led worship, and then we'd have (I think) monthly big Wednesdays and I'd lead 80 - 100 people in worship. For about three years.

Oh! What a privilege.

You see, I don't have a fantastic voice but very early on in my Christian walk I learned the difference between being a singer and a worshipper.

I'm not a singer, but I am a worshipper. I can't help it and it's so easy. Just look at the skies :)

Not only that, but I LOVE to lead people into the very presence of God. It's truly an honour for me.

So when I'm in the car, I pretend like I'm leading worship and before long, I'm right in the midst of it.

There's no better way to drive to work, I can tell you :)

My secret fantasy is to lead HUNDREDS of people in worship.

I thought I'd share that with you today, it being Good Friday.

What's your secret fantasy? And what are your plans for the Easter weekend?


  1. LOVE this. I heard it being sung some weeks ago and I went and ASKED them for the chords. AM teaching myself to play it on the guitar. And the chorus ALWAYS makes me weep.
    I have MANY secret fantasies. Must blog about them. This afternoon I'm having lunch with my parents and then we'll all go to Church. Tomorrow I have dinner plans with my friend who's having a birthday and on Sunday it's church and a big lunch. Easter is BIG in our family. Not sure about Monday yet. Want to attempt a hike. A nice easy one where the kids (i.e Child1) won't keep whining about how tired the walking is making him. So why don't you do the cell group thing anymore?

    1. We got involved with other ministries in the church, even more in my passion (helping other people to find THEIR passion and gifts). We ran a cell again for about 6 months while I was pregnant but stopped the last week of June. Good thing because the babies came the very next week.

  2. I also love worship songs...and always listen and loudly sing in the car. I don't have a good singing voice but I always tell myself that it sounds like the angels to the Lord;-)

  3. Secret fantasy: to be a fantastic professional photographer or best dessert cook (YUM)

    I have figured that what I listen to in the morning also sets the tone for my day. Like you I have a 'train' playlist of gospel songs that I listen to on the commute to work and for the first 10 mins after I get in. Makes a very BIG difference, actually strike big makes a HUGE difference. Me without the train playlist before work not good at all :-)

    Easter plans: maybe visit the in-laws but all I want is to lie in, exercise, read and relax.

    Hope you had a good Good Friday? Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend

  4. Do very very true - it comes from the heart and the soul and it just bubbles out.My favorite gospel song is "I will never be the same" from Tree/Tree 63. I don't quite know why? It just talks to me. (yes, gospel rock). But I cry every year at Christmas time when we sing "O holy night" and "Somer Kersfees" (By Koos du Plessis) always calls the tears.

    I would love to sing the role of Carmen in an opera. Especially the Habanera. Yes, I know - will stay fantasy forever.


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