Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Superhero photo

I've been reading Andrea Scher's blog for ages and ages (when she was still on the infertility journey to conceive her now 5-year-old, Ben).

When I first saw her pics like these (with her famous red shoes in autumn leaves) I loved them. I also didn't feel as weird taking pics like these knowing that other cool people did too :)

taken just outside The Firs in Rosebank

All that to say, Superhero Photo starts today and I can't WAIT.

Bring it on - I'm excited to be stretched creatively with my photos.

Superhero Photo E-Course

What are you excited about doing this month?


  1. I do love that quote, and that photo!

    This month, I'm excited about an upcoming wedding, getting the girls registered for swim lessons (I hope), making a decision on preschool, and organizing my craft supplies and files. Whew...better get to work! ;)

  2. I'm excited about this coming weekend :)
    And then a baby shower ...
    Then a long weekend ...

  3. Love the picture! And I am excited about our little project that came out so well and about the weekend.

  4. I so like that picture, but you know I can also take such!!!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing a friend I last saw 7 years ago, thhis coming weekend. She's visiting Africa for the firs time. Didn't want to spoil her bubble and tell her she's only coming to one country out of 50+ on the continent :)

    And discovering (and experimenting of course) with the photo apps on my hubby's new toy (I already took about 100 pictures)

  5. I'm so excited! I've already taken tons of photos. Although I'm not sure I like shooting in P, it's convenient when shooting the ladies!

  6. I'm excited to finish my application to get my MBA from Villanova!!!

  7. What a cool photo and great quote!

  8. I'm excited about Saturday! ;-)

  9. What a cool way to take a picture!!!! I'm excited that my kids are back in school after spring break. We had a blast but they wore me out!!


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