Thursday, April 12, 2012

Travel updates/ 3-year-old emotions

Soooo, a quick update on my travel plans and a whole lot of thoughts and questions.
  • I have mentioned this (I think?) but I've already booked and paid my conference fee. I've also exercised courage and signed up for all the speaker evaluation sessions possible (EEK! what if those American ladies can't understand my accent?).
  • I mailed our company's corporate travel agent to ask for help. They were very helpful and the lady emailed me in detail what to do for the visa.
  • I started completing the visa application about 3 weeks ago and after page 1 of about 7/ 8 pages, I just didn't get to it for over a week.
  • We are so busy at work because we're two people short that it's madness - I literally make my sandwich and eat while I answer emails, etc. Usually I do my personal admin over lunch but no such luck and you have to do most personal admin during the work day since the call centres, etc. are only available from 8 - 5.I'm the type of person who starts freaking out if things are outstanding for too long so eventually I just stayed late one night and completed the visa, this after carrying my precious passport to and from work for a whole week.
  • I did the first bit and felt super-victorious when I got the confirmation that the application was now submitted.
  • It then took me another few days before making payment and scheduling the appointment.
  • Well, my appt is next Friday morning and then comes the "fun" bit, paying for flights and so on.
of the hundreds of pics we took, this is one of my favourites. Can you see why Superhero photo is perfect for me? I'm very weird!
My mother has agreed to come up to Jhb and be here with Nanny S and the babies so that D can come with me.

Except he's being such a drag - he doesn't know if he wants to come. Have I mentioned he's such a nervous nelly where the kids are concerned?

Also, our personal styles are very... different. If I waited for him to get organised with his visa, I could wait until Christmas :) So I'm going full-scale ahead but nagging him half to death every day.

Now. Here are all my thoughts:

  1. In Charlotte, I want to see Mandy, Deanna, B (another friend you guys don't know) and hopefully Jayme? and Laura C. Well, if all those people are keen. 
  2. In New York, I must see Heather (yes, I must!) and if it works out, I would love to see Mo and Puffer.

BUT I do understand life happens so I will try hard not to be disappointed if it's not possible. :)

I've received the LOVELIEST emails from Melissa, Deanna and MandyE (thank you again) telling me sights I need to see, how to get around, food, etc. I love it all.

I'm not a great researcher because once I cross my impatience threshold, I become pedantic to the nth degree. It's like with spreadsheets - I really don't love them, but once I settle down and start playing, I can get quite OCD.

And this is why I don't like to plan travel too much.

That's D's job - he can research and plan til the cows come home.

Also why I need him to get on board to do all the (boring) research for me. If you're a researcher, I apologise :)

Loosely my plans are to be at the conference from Thurs to Sun. Then go to Charlotte for a few days (will 2 days be enough - I'm thinking to drag all my friends with me to do stuff so we're accomplishing as we connect...) and then to NYC from Tues to Thurs, possibly Friday, and then fly home and back to work Mon or Tues.

I'm also very concerned/ worried about the kids because they can vocalise exactly what they're feeling, if they don't want us to go to work, if they're sad, etc. EEK. We should have done this last year when they just cried more :) and weren't so articulate.

Have you travelled away from your 3-year-old? if yes, what was that like?

What's on your travel wish list at the moment?

PS strangely I've kind-of resigned myself to the fact that this is going to be very expensive. I'm justifying it like I haven't travelled overseas for 3 years so it's all those years combined! Madness.


  1. I say leave him at home!!! You will have SO much fun meeting up with girls on this trip - unless he really loves meeting your friends from the internet... ummmmm.... no, probably not - it might be tough mixing the catch-ups with keeping him happy. Or, that would be the case if it was my man!

  2. I'm so a researcher because hubby don't have the time to do it and I just love to do it anyways :)
    Regarding the twins: It's not that you leave them like this all the time or regular. They will be fine. You will be fine.
    Enjoy everything regarding the trip.

  3. I can't imagine being away from N for as long as an overseas trip! ;-) The place I work at wanted to send me to Switzerland last year and I said only if I can take her and a nanny too.

    I don't do hectic research. I'll have one or two things I KNOW I want to do. Then when I get there I like to pop in to the Tourist bureau and fill up my open days from there.

  4. I would urge you to just go and leave them. On the other hand, we just could not do it. Not both of us at the same time. But just do it.

    Will your mom drive in JHB? You see, thats our problem with my MIL - she refuses to drive in the big city of Pretoria! LOL! Thant means that if we want to fly her up with our nanny, we still need someone to be available to do grocery trips and trips to school and the doctor. Otherwise get a friend to help with those.

  5. Our first vacation without our daughter, she was three years old. It was awesome!!! We missed her a lot toward the end, but the beginning was like a honeymoon!!! I will definitely be moving heaven and earth to make sure I'm available to meet you in NYC. It's one of the things I'm looking forward to right now. Our work is crazy right now too. It would be great if D could come with you and then you can have some vacation time without the kids. Plus Tom wants to come with me to NYC (he practically lives there, he's there so much). He asked me if D was coming with you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well.

  6. Katherine3:08 pm

    We have left the girls quite a lot, always with my folks or Chris's parents. They generally sleep over once a week (usually a Fiday night) and then a few weekends every year. Last year we went skiing for 10 days and they stayed with my parents and we're planning another ski/overseas trip early next year and they'll stay with them again. They absolutely love staying with my parents and to be honest don't even ask where we are. I tend to do more of the research than Chris when we go away and I tend to plan what we do while we're there. It irritates me a bit that I also have to organise but it's what I'm good at so as long as he pays, I'll do my part.

  7. I am SO hoping to be able to get up to Charlotte! I should be able to, as long as airfare doesn't rocket up too much (I could drive, but flying is much easier). I can stay with my stepsister, so I won't have to pay for a room. I can't wait to meet you! : ) I'm jealous you are going to NYC; my sister and I want to take a trip up there in the next couple of years.

    There are endless places I want to visit, but at the top of my realistic list right now is a tour of the Northeast during the early fall--Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, etc. We are planning a Disney World trip for December 2013, for which I will soon have a few spreadsheets of my own!

  8. What is D going to be doing while you are conferencing? - lol is that a word? Perhaps you need to consider going by yourself? How do you feel about that?
    You are going to have SUCH a great time. When Child1 was 3 I left him for an entire week. But, he was with his Daddy and for the most part was fine. Except when he got sick! Was terrible but more for me than for him. He was just fine. Travelling to USA is VERY expensive. Elton told me to budget at least R35k for it!
    Oh, and I LOVE doing research. Lance gets bored after 2 minutes, so that's usually my job.

  9. I vote for leaving D at home. This trip is about you! LOL! You're going to a conference and meeting your friends, did you budget any time for just the two of you?!

    I don't think I could leave the girls for so long. I'm a pansy. I'd also be afraid my mother would kill them, she's so absent minded I consider myself lucky to have made it out alive! How long are you planning on staying again? I think if anything your mother will be frazzled but they'll be fine after maybe the third day and be more than excited to have you back.

  10. I vote for going alone. If D doesn't want to go with you it might just be a little blessing in disguise. Make a decision to enjoy the trip and meet the girls (he might actually be bored) and have fun while at it.

    The babies will be fine, they'll miss you yes but they'll be fine!


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