Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's the longest uninterrupted sleep you've ever had?

I think I've said it before but I've always been a good sleeper - always.
My mother used to say people would burgle our house, carry the bed out with me still on it, sleeping soundly.
It's true.
But last night I think I surpassed all of that.
I slept 12 hours solid. From 7 ish to 7:15 when someone screamed because someone else was picking a fight with him/ her. I'm not sure.
The kids were bathed and fed and it was reading time so I said to D, "oh, it would be so lovely to have a cup of coffee and curl up on the bed with you all and read my Kindle"
Well, he went and made it for me.
So I read my Kindle and drank coffee while they read their stories.
Very sweet, surreal (I still can't believe I have real, live babies doing things D and I love to do) and special.
Towards the end I started feeling a bit queasy so I quickly said good night to the babies and went to lie down on our bed.
Next thing I know it's today.
Yes, I slept in my clothes and I wasn't even uncomfortable.
Well, clearly I needed it (always my justification for too much sleep). And that's why I didn't blog.
I also had a rather draining afternoon (more later but we're thinking of giving Nanny S notice) so I'm sure that also added to it.
Anyway, off to church now.
But what's the longest uninterrupted sleep you've ever had?
PS the sleeping pic of Connor is one of my favourite pics ever - Feb last year with my Sony Cybershot P&S


  1. Who ever coined the term sleeping like a baby must have seen this picture of Connor. Simply adorable.
    Sleep, dear sleep!!! My hubby calls me Mrs Sleep!!! I'm not sure I can sleep for 12 hours at a stretch any longer (my inner clock wakes up after 6 hrs these days) but I can do 14 hours throughout the day ;;)

    Sorry things don't seem to be working out with the nanny

    1. Longest uniterrupted sleep: 11 hours of bliss

  2. What? I had such hope for Nanny S!
    Good sleep is heavenly!! And so hard to come by!! I think my longest sleep ever was probably in high school. I slept an entire weekend, literally. I got up to pee twice, and only had a glass of milk from Friday night till Sunday dinner. My mother thought I was dead!
    There is a stead rain here today(you'd love it!) and I could easily sleep my day away but I have a zebra and a giraffe rearranging their room at the moment...

  3. I am not sure to be honest but I think it was the early days of my pregnancy with Jack - I was exhausted all the time and D let me sleep as much as he could (cos when I was awake I moaned ;-p)

    I LOVE days like that though. Eventhough Jack isnt sleeping through I love when I go to bed when he does!

  4. That sounds really nice...

    Longest uninterruptef sleep I've had was three straight days, but it was medicated. I was sleeping off some antigestamine that I got for a very bad reaction to a sleeping pill they gave me in hospital. When I finally woke up I was sooooo hungry! Stuffed anything that wasn't nailed down in my mouth...even half a packet of raw spagetti!

  5. Sjoe. I LOVE sleep and I often wish that I wasn't a night owl. My longest sleeps are usually after I write exams. I once came home on a Friday after an exam and slept from about 6pm that night right through till about 2pm the next afternoon.
    That picture of Connor is DIVINE!
    I love pics of sleeping babes...

  6. Oh gosh, that photo is adorable.

    I once slept from after an exam (1 in the afternoon) to the next morning at about 9. Architecture students doa lot of all nighters so that was a sleep after being awake for about 40 hours


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