Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where do I start?

I feel like such a lot has happened/ is happening that I don't know where to start.

I also don't have a lot of time to blog tonight because I want to get to bed at a (relatively) decent hour and I still have to:
  • pack food
  • check babies' clothes, toiletries and toys
  • pack my technology - laptop, ipad, kindle, camera and the assorted chargers

Also, I'm feeling rather poorly. It's this sudden cold we've experienced plus sitting in a freezing office because the "lady that says I'm too loud and moans about bread" is menopausal, and so must have our open-plan aircon on COLD. As in winter temperatures.

We are working up to a rebellion, by the way, because our PA was also sickly earlier this week.

Nevertheless, we are going on HOLIDAY!!!

I should be more excited but there's just SUCH a lot to do.

I wrote a list for Nanny S and she put out all the things for the kids but I need to make sure there are sets of clothes that actually match, as I just said "4 long-sleeved tops" and not which 4 long-sleeved tops.

Once we get there, I'll be looking forward to lots of reading, sleeping, taking and sorting of photos and blogging (well, writing the blog posts). As usual, I'm a bit ambitious but I'm also taking my little notebook from our UK trip in 2008 to try and catch up on blogging it :)

There is no iburst coverage where we're going and I'm not wasting my bandwidth on the iPad on uploading and downloading pics. My aim is to only look at emails online and to post to my own blog - let's see how that goes.

(That's my disclaimer for "please don't feel bad if I don't read or comment til I'm back in iBurst country next week".)

I can't remember where I found it or what the lady's name is but I happened upon a blog sometime this week about taking self-portraits. She said that they don't necessarily have to be of your face in the usual fashion so I decided to experiment with something else besides my navy blue takkies for a change :)

Because it's me, I took 9 pics (I should blog them all for you so you can see the journey to get 1 pic) and this is the one I like the most. I like the hint of sun and the angle. Look at me, getting all creative on you. Ha! But seriously, I am LOVING Superhero Photo. Best $ I ever spent. Thank you, LauraC, for telling me to just do it!

Do you take self-portraits?

How are you enjoying your weather? If you're in SA, did you take Monday off?

PS don't forget tomorrow is our Creative link-up for the month and it will stay up til the last Thursday in May so don't stress but do link up as quick as you can.
PPS don't forget Friday we're talking about money and friendship. Get the button from any of the other FF posts and link to my blog please. Yay! I haven't found writing a blog series this satisfying in a looooong time.


  1. I hope you have so much fun on your trip! I must admit, I am jealous :)

  2. I am LOVING the weather. The menopausal people in our office are the worst! They want the aircon on at full blast and are always whining about EVERYTHING! Sjoe.
    I have never ever taken a self-portrait. Joel loves taking self-portraits. With my phone. And he discovered my camera the other day and took self-portraits of his feet too. Seems to be his new favourite thing. I should put them up on my blog sometime.
    I have taken off on Monday because both my kids are off and I feel like we could do with a lie-in. Am hoping for nice weather so I can take them out for breakfast and for a walk afterwards. We also have to go and get winter uniform and some clothing for Joel who is growing like a weed!
    I hope that your cold clears up soon enough. Enjoy your holiday and just relax, read and do nothing except to create memories.

  3. Enjoy your long weekend off...and I agree. Ignore all technology. I have a rule in our blog/forum/fb on a weekend.

    I would have kicked that woman in your offices butt. I hate the cold. I am a Durban girl...(but for the past 6 years) and I still cannot get used to the winters in JHB.

    Chat after the long weekend

  4. Have fun on vacation.

    I never take pictures of myself and avoid getting pictures taken. It's just too depressing.

    Our weather is being crazy - but we should be in for a week of sunny days pushing toward 90 daily. Wish I were more of a sun person - but those bugs outside chew me to bits!

  5. I'm so jealous ;) Have a safe trip and have fun!! Unfortunately I have to work on Monday (monthend), but the office will be very quiet, which means I can actually maybe finish month end sooner this month which is a bonus :)

    Also keeping my leave for our annual anniversary trip in October :)

    Here by us, they put the aircon so hot, it feels like a sauna, but at least I managed to close the vents in our office...Last year with the aircon heat, and the accountant putting the gas heater on, I got so sick, I was booked off for nearly 2 weeks with bronchitus...not doing that again this year...

    Have a safe trip!!

  6. Enjoy the holiday break with your family. I love that necklace of yours. I'm working on Monday but I do have a off afternoon today :)

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  8. Oh I love that photo! Is that a top detail or a necklace? Enjoy your weekend - it does sound superb. And drive safely.

    I did take off Monday but we are at home. Will do something nice tomorrow though, at least.

    And tell that woman that 21 - 23 degrees C is the international accepted comfort temprature - 21 for summer and 23 for winter, or anything in between Can go up to 25 in winter though. Office comfort is encompassed in our new OSH(Health and safety) act so by forcing you guys into anything uncomfortable, she is actually breaking the law to some extend. But no actual temperatures are encompased in our act.

  9. Have a fabulous time!

    And i love that necklace :-)

  10. Yay for yellow polkadots :)

  11. Enjoy your holiday!

    I sometimes take photos of feet...usually not with shoes though.

  12. I avoid the front of the camera, I could certainly do a number like this!

    Our weather just took a cold dip, but I'm anxious for sweet summer! Hope your vacay is amazing and rejuvenating!

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  14. I rarely have photos of myself either. I hate them.


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