Monday, May 21, 2012

{Create} craft fail - cherry blossom canvas

So Rachel from Small Notebook linked to this little project of hers on Alphamom and I immediately pinned it because I thought, "CUTE! EASY! ADORABLE!"

Source: via Marcia on Pinterestt

You know where this is going, right?

Mine didn't turn out as cute or adorable.

I chose a canvas that had the general shape. They only had smaller versions - in retrospect, a good idea (less of a waste of money!).

I drew the brown tree with the branches first.

Then I took my 500 ml water bottle (I checked a number of different drinks and most of them have this shape) and went to town.

this is how I do "messy" crafts - on a lid of a plastic storage box

That may have been my problem. Less is more and all that jazz?

But when I did one per branch it looked a bit sparse.

Also her little prints looked "perfect" - mine were very blotchy and I had to touch them up with a paintbrush in most cases. You'll see how heavy-handed I was with the one on the top right, my first one.

Strangely, I stood the dry canvas up on a bookshelf at an odd angle this weekend and it doesn't look as bad now. But I still consider it a craft fail.

Lessons learned
  1. I really don't know if paint projects are for me (although I now have a good few bottles of acrylic - I went a bit wild in Sabie seeing as they were R10 for a small jar I've paid R24 - R30 for before)
  2. Don't assume you can do all craft projects!!!
  3. Less is more!

I love that I can take pics that show texture like this!

Action plan going forward (this is sounding like meeting minutes!)
  1. Make another canvas paint craft before freaking out (I saw a nice Father's Day one on Pinterest)
  2. Decide if I like the cherry blossom one or if I will paint over it and start again, or if I should use it for something else altogether (ideas???)
  3. Bask in the fact that I'm letting go of perfectionism - not only am I doing things I'm sooo uncomfortable about (painting) but I'm posting my fails on a public blog!
Look at the brown - does it not look like a dancer leaping?

So that's my craft fail.

The last time I had one was when I tried to do washi tape jars (don't bother looking - they're not on the blog) and discovered I still can't see in a straight line :)

Have you ever had a craft fail?

Did you try and rescue it, or did you throw it out?

If you made this cherry blossom art, please post your link in the comments - I want to come see!!!

PS Tonight I went into the lounge VERY briefly and saw a snippet of Survivor. And... I actually watched 30 minutes. The last time we watched Survivor was 3 years ago when I was still pregnant with the babies.


  1. This is so weird. I just took pictures now of my dud craft that I was about to post! I pinned this craft as well btw and showed it to Lance this weekend. He didn't have much to say about it. I would paint over it - using white and then do something else with it.
    We actually use my dud craft - not that it brings me joy to look at or anything but it does serve the purpose. Maybe I will post it after all.

  2. Maybe do something using buttons with the canvas?

  3. Oh we lve Survivor - its about the only tv we watch, ok and Masterchef.

    I have craft failures every now and again - I often find that the next try will turn out better. So why not try again

  4. At least you tried, Marcia! I have a large piece of heavy-weight paper that I bought to paint, along with the paints...oh, about 8 years ago. Never touched it. :/

    And I do love the brush strokes on your tree trunk and limbs!

  5. I was hoping for something a bit more horrible ;P

    I don't think it looks bad at all, I think you're just comparing it too much to the example. I always try to salvage or reuse failures when possible. My last failed canvas is going to be painted over and reused. In fact, I think when it comes time to change out my canvases, I may just paint over them and do new photo transfers! How's that for cheap, I mean thrifty! LOL!

    I do love the Father's Day one!

  6. You're awful crafty is better than my great crafty on any day!!! They do look very nice!

  7. The stamping bit is always tricky. When I used Nicola's hand for that craft in December I tried it first on a piece of paper and I saw it had a lot of potential for disaster. Eventually what worked for us was putting the paint on a sponge and using that to get the paint thin and evenly onto her hand. Straight in the paint made splotches, using a brush made it dry too fast to be useful.

    I saw this cherry blossom one on Pinterest, I've been dying to give it a try too...I'll let you know how it turns out if I get round to it.

    I also don't think your "fail" looks half bad, but if you're not happy with it I'd paint over it and try again or even try something else?

  8. Cute idea! I think yours looks good!

  9. Mine is up. LOL...was just thinking now that you should have done a linky for this.

  10. I'd paint over it and try again, or try something else with it.


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