Monday, May 14, 2012

{Create} washi tape coasters

Well, I haven't posted about washi tape since January but never fear, my love for washi tape still runs strong as ever.

I happened upon a blog, saw what she did with washi tape and coasters and I was inspired.

I happened to have a set of 4 glass posters I'd bought at Sheet Street for about R16 ($2) sometime last year.

So I got to work.

Basically I just picked co-ordinating tape colours and did them on the diagonal.

So therapeutic (as always!) and so satisfying when done so quickly. All 4 were done in about 20 minutes.

this is actually not the one I use in here - I just wanted it to match more :)

If you really want to do these as gifts, you probably should match them a bit more. I have one in the study, one on my bedside table and the two are spare....for now.

I'd done these just before the kids had to go to sleep but of course, they were intrigued and also wanted to make coasters.

I promised them we'd do some together and so after gym on the Saturday morning, we made coasters.

I cut squares of cardboard (the ones that come in the packs of pillowcases and sheets) and produced mini rolls of decorative tape. These I bought at Asia City some time back - I think 8 rolls for R15.

I wasn't going to let them go wild with my washi tape!

Here's Kendra modelling her coaster - isn't it pretty?


They were super-chuffed with their coasters the entire weekend :)

So there's my killing two birds with one stone - creative time for me, and creating memories with the kids.

What have you created lately?
Have you done any washi tape crafts yet?


  1. Those are very cute. I love the ones you made with the kids.
    The only creating I'm doing at the moment is knitting.
    Wanted to do a beanie for each kid this month but I'm just about halfway with the one.

  2. SO cute! Love it!

  3. Those are fantastic! And I love that you let K&C in on the action (even at a scaled down level), too! :)

    I'm scrapping away this evening!!! Making several little gifts and a few cards. My two girlfriends gave me a gift certificate to the craft store for my birthday. I finally made a decision and bought a new cartridge for my cutting machine...I LOVE IT!!! :) :)

  4. Very cute!

    Well, other than the raisin bread for my mom I've decoupaged the hell out of a tin for my gran whose birthday it is on Sunday. I filled it up with chocolates and it's going to go to her along with a book I bought for her.

  5. Very nice...perfect gifts

  6. Oh I am super impressed - they are stunning. Just thinking that one could add a layer or two of modge podge to make them a bit more water tight?

    And wow for the kids! Super impressed on how you are starting to craft more and more with the kids. We did such a nice one the weekend - I will post it (way behind on posting and reading. Busy at work!)

  7. You have found all uses for Washi tape and being a crafter I have found not a single roll of it. Need to remedy that mistake;-)


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