Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diary of a self-portrait

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The other week when I shared my self-portrait, I said I'd show you how many I actually took to get that one pic. 

Well, it took 9 pics to get one I liked.

By the way, that loveliness is a rosette necklace on top of my dark grey t-shirt (I love this t-shirt so much - reminds me of lovely, grey skies LOL).

I got it from the lovely Jess at Four37 Designs - go get your one and we can be cyber twins :)

And this is my favourite of the batch - I like the angle and the shadows. Also the pic flatters my neck quite a bit, don't you find? Ha!

What's your favourite type of self-portrait? I like anything unconventional!


  1. Love the last few with the shadow and light. Have never done a self-portrait (it simply never occurred to me to take pics of myself) so can't say what my favourite type would be. Probably one where my face doesn't show?

  2. Love the last couple, too...but also one of the ones with your green office a blur in the background.

    Makes me think...I don't think I've ever taken a self-portrait!

  3. I need to do a self portrait...I like the last few too! I like them all but I REALLY like the last ones!

    Pretty cool necklace BTW!

    Happy Thursday...I've missed reading your Blog Marcia!

  4. I jate taking self portraita, but if I really have to unconventional would be it. And love the last pic and the necklace.

  5. he-he...this made me smile. I also usually take a million before i find the one I like.

    So love that necklace!

  6. Love the dappled light on the last one.

    After my neck surgery last year, and my unattractive scar, wont be sharing any pics of my neck soon, so a pic WITHOUT my neck would be my choice! (scar is fading, but I am still very conscious of it)

  7. You did self portrait shots suck.


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