Thursday, May 24, 2012

A few things on my mind

1. I'm glad you all liked that post I referenced yesterday - I love it so much it's starred in my Google Reader :) If you go to Tara's blog, you'll also like a post called why they don't all have to look at the camera, or something like that. I believe that 100 %.

2. So I've been very diligently working on the book and not much else this week, which is very good because I have a table at work tomorrow to exhibit my "wares". My wares being my coaching and the book. And yes, I am about 90% there. I have one Kindle thing to sort out (I love that they're working while I'm sleeping so I was emailed this morning again), one page to write on the website and then we're good to go!

As a result, I have given NO thought to the appearance of the table. I so want to "go to town" but I just don't have the time. But I'm thinking bunting (because everything is better with some happy flags, right???), an easel to display my book, business cards and I have some notebooks which I'll sell as my "number 1 rule of time management - write things down" :) :) Don't worry - I will take a pic. EEK.

It's going to be SOUL-destroying if I don't have lots of people. But I'm offering a little bribe - all who sign up to my list will go into a raffle for a 1:1 session with me.

However, courage and all that jazz!

3. Do you like my new top? This cowl neck is not typical for me but I really like it. I'm going back to Mr P for some more!

self-portrait taken with my ipad
 4. God gave me a little gift yesterday. I found out totally by chance that even if you're only in transit in the Heathrow airport, you need a visa. Dear Lord, I don't even want to THINK about how this could have gone down once I arrived in London without that visa. I can just see me bursting out crying in front of all those British people.

So a travel agent is finding me new (cheap) flights as I most certainly do not want to go through Heathrow unless it's like a R5000 difference in price.

I am also checking hotels on all these sites. I've decided I'm staying in Times Square and once I pay, I will block out the exorbitant price of accommodation. Let's just say R8000 is on the very cheap end of accommodation in NYC for 4 nights. Yesssssssssssssssss.

But this is Life List stuff and what is savings for if not for experiences, right?????

5. This weekend a very lovely friend is coming to stay with me. A friend I've never met but have chatted to on the phone a couple of times. Things could go very south (do you use this phrase?) if she thinks I'm crazy but hopefully not.

Then again, I hope my US friends also don't think I'm weird after meeting me. At the moment two people are confirmed and I've set my intention for five.

6. The party planning is non-existent. I've had a chat with the gym and it's a very good option depending on how many people can come. Again, after this weekend I'm going to kick it all into high gear.

I was planning to rest - photos and reading - after this weekend but actually it looks like I'm not really resting even then.

So how's your week been?


  1. oh man. my week has been challenging:
    1) i attended a presentation with a woman who was supposed to help with career guidance and she used me as an example of "boring"
    2) i WAS challenged by the career guidance gal to rethink my mission and goals with my career and it is all very unsettling.
    3) i've started to have MAJOR anxiety about my application for promotion at my job next year
    4) my workouts have been crap
    5) i got my body stats done at the gym and was very surpirsed at my weight/%body fat. i was finally at a place where it didn't seem to bother me. in fact, i hadn't weighed myself in quite some time.


    i'm excited for your trip. wish i was going to be around on that side of the country to meet up with you! maybe i'll have to look for conferences in SA! :)

    also excited to see you doing more marcia-nurturing!!


  2. I think you're absolutely crazy for staying in Times Square! Waaaaaay over priced! But then again, I have a thing about hotel rooms, I go for the cheapest and plainest since I only intend to be sleep in them.

    I'm a huge fan of cowl necks, they make me feel more made up then just a regular sweater.

    And why are you flying through Heathrow? Can't you get a direct flight? I know there are flights!!

  3. Courage, and all that jazz...HA! You'll do great, Marcia! And I'm sure your table will be beautiful.

    I love the cowl neck sweater! I have a few of those, and I think they're very flattering (at least in my mind they make me look like I have a little more "chest"). ;)

    How exciting to meet someone face-to-face...I'm pretty sure it won't "go south" (and yes, we use that phrase).

    And remind me your dates for NYC. We have a hotel we love just off Times Square, but it's very pricey (don't know that we'll be staying there now that we have two extra mouths to feed!). But I have a friend who knows NYC well. I'll ask her if she has any suggestions.

    Glad you learned that about Heathrow...yikes!!! A gift, indeed!!!

  4. I can't stop thinking about that blog post. It really struck a cord with me. Good luck with the book and the friend visiting. Yes, I do say "things could go south."

    And trust me, I won't think you're wierd if you don't think I'm wierd. NYC is so expensive, but yes, it's an experience!!! I hope you love NYC, it is our favorite city in the world!!!! So much to do. DH and I got engaged in NYC. We also love Philadelphia, but it's more low-key than NYC. We're going to have a very busy weekend. It's a three day weekend here for the Memorial Day holiday and we are going to be busy!

  5. Sounds like you have been one busy little lady! A visa just to be in the Airport...that sounds "off"....hmmmmm....hopefully you can avoid having to go there then!

    Have a great Thursday!

    P.S. LOVE the sweater AND the color!

  6. You sound busy. My week has been busy and I've had lots on my mind which didn't help. Need to plan Bianca's party and soon!

  7. Gosh, I haven't even THOUGHT about what happens after I get there yet. One thing at a time and all that. Am sure it will be fine though. You can't possibly be weirder than anyone that I already know. I think that your table is going to be FABULOUS. Bunting is an awesome idea and so is that raffle! Am pretty sure Elton stayed at Times Square too. I will ask him. He mentioned Hyat something or other when I last spoke to him. He is SUPER fussy though. I got a cowl top as a gift as well but I haven't worn it yet, hasn't been cold enough. And it really isn't the type of top that I would have chosen for myself.

    It's a cool colour though.

  8. Yes, courage my friend, and ou will be just fine.

    I a, so sure that you twomknow each other well enough through the interwebs to know that youmlike each other ans you are also,making a very toigh week end in a very good one for me.

    I think that colour of the top will be stunning for you

  9. When are you going to be in NYC? If I'm at my mom's that's actually closer for me to get to than from my house to Charlotte.

  10. 2. Good luck with the book table today.
    3. Love that top! Especially the colour.

    My week's been good. And today I took a me-day from work to get some stuff done.

  11. Your friend visit sounds very interesting. I hope for the best and can't wait to hear how it went on Monday.

  12. Love the cowl's one of my favorite neck lines!

    Have you tried the W in NYC? I've heard good things, but I have no idea how expensive it is. I think you're going to have a wonderful trip!


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