Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Frugal & creative gift-giving aka the post that disappeared

I've only now geared myself up to retype this post after blogger lost it over a week ago.

So Jan was the month of mini-books, Feb was the month of mini-cards, March was the month of the clothespeg and April was part canvas and lots of photo.

(May is a hodge-podge (I nearly wrote mod-poodge LOL) of washi tape, canvas, photo and buttons)

I wanted to finish showing you these clothespeg pins (I abandoned the magnets - too much schlep to keep them from curling - and these are much more versatile). I made about 40 all in all and gifted them all except for this jar I have and a few blue ones.

these were my favourites - I love this happy Spanish fabric
I gave these to M
Louisa and Cat both got these
Here is the back - see how you can really use all the tape so nicely. And it's just because I'm showing you that you can see it this clearly - it's almost invisible to the naked eye :)
if I'd had lots of these tins, this is how I would have packaged them
see how nicely they fit 6 to a tin

for this set, I put them in a little cellophane bag and closed with blue baker's twine

So there you go - a gazillion clothespeg clips.

Have you made some yet?

You can use them for:
  1. clipping paper together (this is the main purpose for me - I think I have about 5 on this desk and at work)
  2. closing open chips, biltong, peanut bags
  3. pinning photos or children's artwork to a piece of string

How would you use them?

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  1. I currently use mine on my fridge as magnets - perfect for school newsletters/reminders etc. They are FANTASTIC. I should make some more. Must say, I haven't thought to give them as a gift.

  2. Those are stunning!!! Too sweet for words!!! Love your pegs...

  3. Oh I adore mine and you have to know, for no3! Way too beautiful to hide away.

  4. I love mine so much and I like the color you have chosen to decorate mine with.
    I use mine to keep the art work up on the walls in my kids bedroom. I use Prestik on one side of the clip to keep it on the wall and then the pin itself to keep up the artwork. My daughter wants to play with them all the time and I just need to keep her away from them - it's because of how beautiful they are.

  5. I love mine! I use them on my birthday calender at the moment. Thank you. :-)

  6. LOL, from the comments I see that a lot of good uses have been found for them...so they can be showcased.

  7. Neat idea! I have pins up everywhere in the house. Love this touch


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