Saturday, May 19, 2012

I had big plans for tonight

as I have a LONG list of things to blog but my back is killing me because I've THROWN myself into creating and getting little projects done:

  1. I made two little things for the kids (activities, I suppose) and I forgot to pin it but I know the blog so I'll go back, find it, pin it and then I can put it on my Pinterest Projects board :)
  2. got together a little loveliness for a blog friend
  3. took tons of pics of things for the blog - projects and so on
  4. properly organised all my little pages for my 2012 year in review scrapbook, ready with photos up to and including April. Now I literally just need to write up the highlights every month, print 3 pics and stick. Would anyone like to know how I arrange my book? As you can see, I have a very low need to document every little thing so I find this a really refreshing way to keep track in a non-OCD way.
  5. finalised the Sabie mini-scrapboo (put in the pics)
  6. put together pics for Nanny V from the little photoshoot I did  (she's doing well, by the way - still pregnant so no prem labour)
  7. half put together another little something for another friend
  8. half put together my nephew's birthday present. My sister says something to me like "oh I'll give this to Mummy to bring to you" and I'm like "have you heard of the Post Office????!!!" so she has been duly bossed encouraged to post something to my kids. A mere R2,50 = such a lot of happiness (at least for me!) Tomorrow we will make cards and put lots of stickers and happiness on a BIG parcel that will zip its way to the birthday boy in PE. It's so easy to buy things for this little boy because he's so grateful - I love it!
This afternoon D went to gym with Kendra so Connor and I took a 50-minute walk around the block that should have taken maybe 10 mins. He and I were both in heaven - he was looking at leaves, picking up sticks and little rocks without being rushed and I was snapping away. I don't even want to THINK about how many pics I took.

Connor says things like, "hello little dog" when he sees dogs. This makes me and their owners smile.

He says to me, "Mummy, can we do this again tomorrow? WITH Kendra?" I love this boy's heart - he always thinks of his sister. I said, "maybe... if you guys are good and SLEEP for a change".

Remember these kids don't sleep for us anymore, only for the new Nanny S.

How was your Saturday?

PS Yes, I'm well aware I'm totally blocking out my work troubles. Denial is working well this weekend!


  1. Sjoe. You've had a proper day of creating. That's awesome! Am planning a day like that tomorrow - also have a few things to plan and put together. Have been reading for most of the day. And fixing my Pinterest boards. Am just thinking now that I should also make a "Things I made" board.
    Found an adaptor thing today though and Lance is setting up a WIFI hotspot for me as I type this. I'm watching a movie with the computer on my lap.

  2. But you've accomplished soo much and seem to be thrilled with the work you've done!

    I'm growing quite fond of this family weekend business myself!!

  3. Ah well, you know, that is what weekends are for. Step away from work, tackle it on Monday. Refreshed.

    I love tomwalk with the kids in the neighbourhood, they always find things to see and do.

    And wow, you were busy! I had a mornign in the shops for much needed clothes for the kids and gifts etc. and then a lovely afternoon/ evening birthdya party for a friend. We also had a great date night on Friday

  4. You have so many balls in the air at a time that I don't know how you do it.

    My Saturday was actually quite lovely. Bianca has a friend for the weekend and the two girls went to play 10 pin bowling and then went out to watch the rugby. Ouma and Oupa stayed home and watched Stefan and Lukas (whose parents were also out for the night). 'n Regte Ouma en Oupa sit op die stoep storie;-)

  5. If I take N walking in the neighbourhood 50mins would be a short walk! I either have to trick her into going back or drag her kicking and screaming.

  6. Your son makes me think about my daughter - she ALWAYS think about her brother and this makes me smile (and all warm and fuzzy inside.)
    My daughter also enjoys our walks in the neighborhood - can so relate here with you and your son doing it.


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