Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm exhausted!

I loved these crocheted hair clips and bought one for K

1. This is the first week in who knows how long that I've not posted on friendship!

But I've had a real, live friend here and it's always better to talk in person with a friend rather than blog about it, right?

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So she's not weird (!) and hopefully she doesn't think so of me. BUT my children *cough* Connor *cough* are stalking her. It's so funny to see.

It's a bit surreal to meet someone after 18 months that you've just known on the computer but it's all good.

my table - I've cropped off the top as I don't want you to see our company's branding :)

2. I got all the book stuff done and I'm exhausted. Another item crossed off my Life List :)

I'm usually very good about my self-care so these 5 nights of working til 11:30 - 12:00 plus then my reading time (this never falls by the wayside!) means a nearly 1 am bedtime this past week, and I'm knackered.

I think the adrenaline was keeping me going because straight after packing up my table at work yesterday (2:27 :)), the fatigue just came over me.

Anyway, it's here if you want to peek in and have a look.

my book - I am so very glad it's done - please tell your friends

3. Also, in not so small news, my D had a bumper bashing yesterday. This is D, the safest driver in Jhb, so imagine how shaken he was. Seriously, he's not had an accident (not even a scratch) in 19 years...........

Granted, the last time I had an accident was about 10 years ago when a girl drove out of her driveway (on a curved road) at breakneck speed and bumped me. But that's another story.

So our insurance company had the car towed from his work in case any consequential damage happened and he had to take a rather sudden trip on the Gautrain :) It was not the best way to have his first Gautrain trip but that's life.

We're now a one car family until further notice and this is a drama and a half. Like today, I was at a church thing (business breakfast) and because I had the car, he and the kids were stranded at home. We are not used to this and we both really LOVE our independence and freedom, so it's a bit horrible.

Pray for patience for me this week, and the ability to get up early since we'll have to travel in together.

I really want to talk more about my upcoming trip and I'm so undecided whether it's worth R3 300 to fly direct from Jhb to NYC, or if I should save that R3300 and detour in London. Although I'm REALLY leaning towards flying direct. It means 15 hours instead of 28 - 31 hours of travel time....

Anyway, I need to make a present, write out a card and do my other computer bits and bobs before the kids wake up.

What's going on in your world?

If you had to describe how you're feeling by naming a fruit, what would you say?

PS when I asked someone this about two weeks ago, she said like a mashed banana! Normally solid but so stressed she's all squashed inside!


  1. Hey Marcia! Those clippies are too cute. Love them!

    I'm sorry you're so tired. It's the end of the school year for me, and I'm feeling pretty exhausted myself. Also, knackered is my new favorite word! :)

    Right after the babies were born we did the one car thing for about 2 months, and it was hard. I was so relieved to get a 2nd vehicle.

    I clicked over and read some of your organizing posts and I'm loving that blog! I could/should/might do a whole post on my latest quest for control via organization. I was seriously in a bad funk about 2 months ago, and am feeling better these days. Part of that is having a huge to do list, which surprisingly has helped me tremendously. I actually downloaded the iPhone app GOYA which lets you do sublists and earn points for tasks completed. So, I'm interested in knowing if you have used any organization apps, and what you think of them?

    And just in case it doesn't show up...

    Oh, what fruit am I? (trying not to overthink it...haha!) A Kiwi? Kind of all brown and boring on the outside, but bright and a bit tart on the inside. How dorky is that? :)

  2. Also... I LOVE that you make reading such a priority. It's good for the soul.

  3. Will respond to more later, but just had to share the first fruit that popped into my! Sweet and tart! ;) Hmmm...but I don't really have a furry exterior. Hmmm...maybe the very first fruit wasn't such a great idea! But since I've typed this much, ya know I'm going to hit "Publish" and hope you get a laugh out of it! ;)

  4. I'm feeling like a rotten blueberry right now, all sunken in on myself.

    I totally think you should fly out direct and home lay-over; it's harder to travel against time. I think I have that the right way. So in theory you can save half the extra expense, it's a compromise!

    So glad you're enjoying people IRL!! I also love the bunting, so you!

  5. Congrats on the book! :-)

    Bummer about the bumper bashing. At least D didn't get hurt. You'll get through this inconvenience bit...hopefully the claim gets settled quickly.

    Right now I feel like a pomegranate.

  6. I love the clips!

    I got rear-ended when Aaron was deployed last time, man that was a pain to deal with all by myself. I hate when we're a one car family- Aaron lent one of our cars to a coworker recently and ugh.

    Your table looks amazing!

    Hmm a fruit. That's tough, I'm not a huge fruit eater. My favorite fruit is mandarin oranges in a can, but I don't feel like a can today.

  7. WooHoo!!! The book looks AWESOME and who couldn;t use some organizational skills...I am so honored to know an actual author. Hope you visit goes great Marcia with your friend.

    Happy Weekend!

  8. Silly woman! Of course you are not weird. And I LOVED Connor stalking me. Am just thinking of him now helping me to knit!
    Mmmm...I guess at this moment I am a prickly pear. Am PMSing so feel a bit STABBY! Takes a bit of patience and skill to get through that exterior.
    btw...I had the BEST homecoming EVER! \
    Get some rest and try to take it easy this week. OK?

  9. I love the book cover. Love the green, the cups and the simplicity of it. Some book covers are just so busy but I love yours. Congrats.
    I also think it's better to talk to a REAL life friend that blog about friendship :)

  10. CONGRATS on the book!!!! So exciting.

    It's always a little weird and exciting to meet blog friends. But it's super exciting and fun!

    Glad y'all slept (was that this post or the next one)?

    And for fruit? I'd say I'm a not ripe one just sitting waiting to be riped; or one that's just gotten squashed depending on how my mood is and what I'm thinking about.



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