Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've got so much to do and all I can think about is nail polish

Seriously though, I really love this colour.

(Essence, colour and go, Walk of fame - R19,95 at Clicks)

It's a cross between brown and purple and I can't quite tell what colour it is at any given time.

Have I mentioned before how I LOVE colours like this - ones where you don't know if it's green or grey, purple or grey, purple or brown, red or brown?

MMMMMMM, yummy.

blurry pic taken with iPad

My other favourite winter colour at the moment is grey.

Why has no-one told me before how yummy grey is?

I used to think it was boring but oh, it's so nice. Neutral without being black.

What's your favourite winter/ summer colour at the moment?

PS I'll be back later with the craft link-up!


  1. My mom in law bought me some clothes from Woolies recently and there are lots of greys and I must say I am loving them as well :)

    I dont wear nail polish - it chips too quickly and then I have to take it off or re paint and its just a mission! But my toenails are always done :

  2. Oh I need to get that colour!

    I have a grey scarf, greenish grey cardi and pinkish greay top on with black leggings and boots and somehow it all goes together - shades of grey.

  3. I like that color. It suits you good.
    I like brown as my Winter color.

  4. I don't wear nail polish...but the ones I've got for the odd occasion that I feel like it are dark maroon and almost see through silver.

  5. I wear lots of grey, even in summer. I have quite a bit of athletic heather grey, of course, but I have some yummy dark mottled grey shirts, too. Love! Oh, and I bought a medium grey short-sleeved shirt with these beautiful pleats at the neckline. It's just a tshirt, but it feels so flattering. (The chest thing, ya know?!)

  6. Right now my summer color is bright pink. I wear it on my toes, bought a few outfits with bright pink as the main color and planted a gerber daisy in that bright pink.

    Winter color is usually plum purple and teal.

  7. Nice nail polish color!! My favorite color as we're going into summer is bright pink! I just broke out my bright pink purse for the summertime. But right now, my finger and toe nails are painted a pretty dusky rose color. I do my own nails and I've noticed I do need to go out and get some new nail polish colors.

  8. The hubs hates all my gray, literally hates it. He purposely buys me colored things.

    I just took off gray polish from my toes to discover it did something wonky to my nails. Now I'm afraid to paint again!! My go to color is usually a brown with some sparkle in it. The sparkle makes me feel like I'm not being too drab. The colors the girls have been picking out have really expanded my collection of polishes.

  9. I have Essie's Beach Bum Blu on my toes right now, it's one of my summer faves!


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