Saturday, May 12, 2012

Manicures and pedicures

Today when I woke up my manicure and pedicure were both ruined.

After they did the pedicure I wore slip slops for about 7 straight hours and then I wore my bedsocks to bed.

What? You don't wear bedsocks? :)

And today my big toes are all smushed and horrible.

Same with my fingernails except nothing on hands but normal sleep behaviour resulted in smushing of 4 out of 5 nails on each hand.

This is nonsense.

my hand against the Sabie Falls :)

Yes, it was a Groupon but it is still R290!

This was only my second manicure ever but they literally painted one hand, then the next, NO BREAK for the nails to dry, and then straight onto the second coat on each hand, NO BREAK and then top coat.

I actually said to her, "are you SURE that's going to be fine? Even with my quick dry nail polish I still leave 10 minutes between coats just to let it dry completely."

"Yes, it will be fine," she said.


So I've already taken off the fingernail polish because I can't stand that smudged look (it's bad - I tried to take a self-portrait - not sure if the pics are any good because of light and I was pressing the shutter with my left hand) and I'm now sporting green nail polish.

I'm 80% convinced I should complain.

Would you?

For those of you who get regular mani/ pedicures, is this normal? Don't they let the nails dry properly? Do your nails ever smudge?


  1. So sorry that your relaxing time wasn't very relaxing...and didn't last, on top of that! That is not normal for it to smudge after all that time...and I would complain. Grrr...stinks that you have to, though! :/

    By the way, when I have my nails done, they usually do one coat right on top of the other, with no problem...not sure that in itself was the issue.

  2. I would definately complain.

    I go for french pedi's regularly, and she takes about 45 mins. She does put on a quick dry coat right at the end, and then i keep shoes off for the rest of the day till i go to bed (and i always have my pedi's in the arvi) and mine never smudge. And they last about 6 weeks. They were obviously putting on too thick a coat and not letting it dry properly inbetween.

    I would def complain.

  3. I have never had a mani (I wash dishes and do actual work with my hands so it would be a waste of money) or a pedi (I can't stand people touching my feet so do a DIY one for myself).
    I have never, ever heard of it not lasting though so I
    would complain. R290 is a lot of money for a mani/pedi that only lasted for a few hours.

  4. I would definitely complain. It doesn't matter how much you paid, it should have lasted. I would also complain about the service you initially received. I love my money, so I think every penny I spend should be well worth it!

  5. I never got a manicure or pedicure before but know of many women who do and never heard of this kind of thing from them. So I will go as far as saying, this is not normal.
    There are so many complaints about deals and providers on sites like Groupon though.

  6. That sounds like rubbish to me - by all means complain!

  7. Yes totally complain. I use a top coat that I put on immediately after a coat or two of polish- no waiting- at home- and don't get smudges. There's no reason for a professional not to use higher quality stuff to prevent that..

  8. Oh I would complain


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