Sunday, May 06, 2012

No napping, friend dates and self-portraits

My children didn't nap both yesterday and today.
I hope this is not the start of a new phase because their parents really need time to rest!!!
And they are just much more pleasant when they've had a little rest.
Do your kids still nap? At what times?
Yesterday we put them down a little bit early because we had friends over for lunch and we wanted agreeable kids. Well, the napping didn't work but thankfully, the kids were really into our friends and their girls so they were fairly well behaved.
We had a truly wonderful time with them - it was strangely relaxing even with 4 two-year-olds running around and we had time to connect and, as my friend said, fill our (love) tanks.
Kendra asked hopefully, "is Aunty R coming again tomorrow?"  :)
It must also be said that Nester being here was a huge part of the relaxation because we don't have a dishwasher (I'm trying to convince D that he needs one!) and it was lovely to have a mostly clean kitchen at the end of the afternoon.

So after all that Easter drama at church, we had 3 Sundays - one Sunday we took them to the family room, one Sunday we took them back to the new class and then there was today.
The entire morning Connor kept checking if they were going to go to "the other class" or "Lizzie and Thembi's class" and we said they could go to the other class. I hate breaking rules but I can't stand that screaming more so my not 3-year-olds are in the 3 - 4 class at church. That means no one helps them to go to the loo and they don't get fed. In the other class, the ladies would feed my kids a snack and of course, change nappies.
But the screaming....
We were all set so I walked them into the class and this time KENDRA freaked out and started sobbing uncontrollably. I couldn't seem to console her - she just wanted me to stay. I only get one session of church a weekend and I NEED the Word so I said, "absolutely not, Kendra" which set her off on a whole new level. This freaked Connor out so he started wailing too.
At first I laughed (mother of the year) but then I actually had a little brainwave (D said it was NOT a good idea). I said, "okay babies, let me call Daddy to come see you". At that, they both stopped crying and off I went.
D did go peek into the classroom and they were sitting quietly and listening to the teacher so he left again. And of course, they were fine when we went to get them after church.
I really thought after our first SEVEN weeks of crying we'd be done with this crying forever.............
But I'm glad I didn't give in to the kids as the message was EXCELLENT and I heard something I really needed to hear.
I love this pic!
Then on my list for this weekend I had to sort out the Sabie pics and upload more to the Superhero group on Flickr.
The uploading is happening as I type this and I went down from 669 to 439 pics. Yessss!
Still a crazy lot and actually about 100 of those were me playing with things I'd learnt on Superhero Photo.
This week is self-portraits so obviously I've taken a shadow pic already and I take pics in mirrors all the time (terrible ones but I do them to torture myself obviously!) but let me tell you, it is HARD.
Well, it's hard to get good ones where you don't look like a dork.
But I've been playing and playing and I finally got some I like (I look stupid in them because I'm being silly but I like them). Can't wait to show you next week - this week I have to talk about week 3.
So that's me - a very full and fulfilling weekend :)
How was your weekend? Did you take any interesting pics?
PS I must say, this course is forcing me to do different things. This afternoon I was on my back on the grass in my garden (a non-marcia thing to do) because I had to get a pic of my feet against the sky :) Please join in - you will LOVE it!
PPS Exactly 3 months til my birthday - I need to look at that list!


  1. That flower is amazing!!! Great for friends and photos but let's move on to something more earth-shattering, YOU DON'T HAVE A DISHWASHER?!?!?!?

    I gasped out loud at that! I would simply die, I hate washing dishes. I would wash our clothes by hand before I did dishes. I survived a month with not washing machine, but I stopped everything I was doing to fix our dishwasher the day it broke!

    I am so in love with superhero. I think I'll cry when it comes to a close, I don't think I would hold the same love if I revisited old courses again. I was desperate to get a picture of the supermoon last night but it was cloudy.

  2. I am so laughing at lying on the grass not being a "Marcia" thing to do...hahaha!!! In some theory...somewhere...that's a Mandy thing...but not really in practice. ;)

    So I committed the girls to preschool. The SCREAMING is not something I want to think about!!! I'm trying to think now if I want to take them to the school in the next week or so and show it to them, just so they'll have a mental image as I talk about it this summer. I know it will be a good thing, but I anticipate there will be some painful moments. :/

    I so love to hear you enjoying the Superhero program!!!

  3. Oh that second flower is a stunning photo!

    I was also photographically challenged yesterday and loved it - but I will blog about it.

    On naps, sadly, they do stop. But we found we extended them to about age 4 by doing them after lunch - about 1 to 1:30 ish. But then bedtime can not be before 7. So give it a shot? None of ours nap during the week any more so we do find that some weekends some of them do - surprisingly anough our 7 year old regularly loves her naps. We are enforcing the Sunday rest rule however - they have to be on their beds, but they may "read", for at least an hour. Unless we have friends over.

    And tell D apparently dishwashers save water so it is an environment friendly option. It is also a tidy kitchen option because you pack the dirty stuff away

  4. Nicola still has a nap in the afternoon and I love it because I get to join her! At the moment we're still getting a nice two hours in. :-)

    I will miss it when it's gone... *sigh*

    Have you tried setting the timer on the camera and that burst thingy?

  5. I remember being in mourning for quite awhile when my kids stopped napping but now I enjoy the freedom it allows us. No worries about schedules or being home at a certain time to make sure they nap. But yeah I remember feeling sad that I would no longer get that 2 hour break every day!!

    The screaming is such a difficult thing to deal with but they are usually okay the minute you step out the door.

  6. We have had several weekends lately when we were busy with this or that and the girls didn't take naps. If we are busy, it works out okay...we just have to remember why they're whining at bedtime! : )

    Generally, they take a 1.5- 2 hour nap in the midafternoon. I love naps, and I will absolutely cry when they are gone. Like Helene mentions, I love the increased flexibility of knowing we can skip it if we have to...but I sure do love a two-hour Sunday afternoon nap!

    Can't wait to see your self-portraits!! : )

  7. I can't decide which picture I like more. I actually LOVE them both. We don't have a dishwasher either. I could get one (if I focus and plan for it) but I would need to remodel my kitchen in order to fit it. I am in the process of improving my home for re-sale but I am loathe to spend THAT amount of money on it.

    Joel does nap. BUT I’m not allowed to MAKE him do it - otherwise he resists. He generally goes down by himself. I watch his signals and then give him a blanket wherever he is. He knows that blankets = naps. It NEVER happens when we are not at home though. It may happen in the car. My weekend was FULL and VERY fulfilling.

  8. I love your photos...can't really comment on the napping...yet. We will talk again as Stefan gets older.

  9. Mine don't nap the majority of the time. But they start crashing around dinner time if they don't. It makes me sad, I miss my afternoon naps.


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