Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Our first visit to the Joburg Zoo

My friend, Nat, had a photoshoot at the zoo recently and when she told me about it, I realised that the zoo is on my 37 things list. Especially since D and I have lived in Jhb for 19 years and have never been!

So off we went on Easter Monday.

Yes, it was packed but I came kind-of prepared with some snacks and water.

My best idea (again stolen from Nat) was taking the pram.

I loved having the babies contained again - it just made the whole experience so much more enjoyable for all of us, me not saying a million times, "no, don't do that. Connor, come back!"

And then my second best idea was attaching the babies' bags straight to the pram's handlebar with my beloved BINDER RINGS. V washed the pram recently and I'm not sure why (maybe because I said I want to sell it) but she packed the bottom bit away.

D says this is my signature pic - zoomed in tight and cropped close
oh my word, I melt
hard work climbing little fences
mmmm, yessss
these are the moments I want to remember

I love this pic
that ugly building is the Jhb Hospital in the background
my little family
this was a cute moment. they were trying to escape from me so I made them sit on a little step and said, "give each other a hug" and when they did, another lady nearby said "aaawww" :) (this is the twin romance that is so rare)
this boy loves his food
more cute baby memories - and now I don't have to keep the shoes!

proof that I was also there - I'm trying to get in at least one pic with the babies every month
doesn't she look like a teenager here? it's that arm
they did this spontaneously as we were making our way to the exit. oh the cuteness!
another pic of me with the babies - which of my sides is better? :)

Which are your favourite pics?

Mine is the orange flower :) and the leaves against the sky. I'm obsessed.

PS I know there are no pics of animals. I'm not an animal person. I'm much more interested in other things although I did take some requisite pics. Do you want to see a few?


  1. Stunning posts… your "babies" are growing so fast and they are simply adorable… the cuteness is just welll breathtaking really!!!

  2. Love the belly button pics, the tennis shoes, the sharing of the many of them capture such sweet, precious sentiments!!!

    I only take a few pictures of the animals, only because I like for the girls to be able to look back at them...I think it helps solidify their memories of our trip.

    I am an animal person...but I don't really need pictures to remind myself of what a elephant / tiger / meerkat looks like. ;)

    Although...I did get a super cool picture of a giraffe in silhouette on our last trip. I love it!

  3. I'd love to see a few. I have taken countless pics of the animals at the zoo with the intention of making books/cards for the ladies but they know their animals now, sigh.

    I love, in no particular order:
    belly button
    Kendra's face
    Kendra's teenage picture (LOL She does look it!)
    Twin romance
    Connor's climbing face

    Super gorgeous work! I'm stuck on self portraits. Totally stumped. How are you doing?

  4. Lovely photos. I remember going to Jhb zoo. My favourite was going to see the polar bear at feeding / snack time. That was so cool :-)

  5. The hug and the hand holding are my favourites...followed by the signature pic, all the shoe pics and the photo of the strelitzia (orange flower).

  6. what a lovely set of photos. I LOVE our pram - not sure why it didnt work so well with the older 2 but we are using it a lot more with Jack and I LOVE it!

  7. The Twin romance photo is my fav.
    I have been to the JHB Zoo once before and once at the PTA one. I like PTA Zoo more as they have more to see. So do yourself a favor and visit PTA's one as well.

  8. Oh show yes! My fav is that little tumy peaking out. I love it.

    I have been to JHB zoo a few times but I have to agree with Blackhuff - the Pretoria zoo is great. (it's one of the top 10 zoos in the world) You can see Comodo dragons there (very endagered) and they have Koala bears.

  9. They are VERY cute. I am DEFINITELY not an animal person but I do tolerate them as long as they are not in my home. I love the pic of the leaves and the one of them hugging. And I quite like the one of C peeling his banana. Joel BATTLED with that (that's all fine-motor stuff) and couldn't do it until recently.
    I took Joshua to Tygerberg Zoo here in CT some years ago but I can't say that I was impressed with the place. Was so smelly and kind of weird to see animals caged like that. Haven't taken Joel yet, maybe I must make that our next outing.

  10. I love all the pictures, the 'best friend' poses by the kids, the leaves againt the sky (I'm obsessed with the sky too), the hands, the shoes, the signature pose, your not so little family! All lovely pictures ;-)

    I'm also not big on animals, and I've been to Joburg zoo a grand total of one time (LOL) but to take part in avon walkathon a few yrs ago!!!

    Please post the pictures of the animals, just because

    1. And I like the one of C battling to climb (very cute)

  11. LOVE the picture of K loving on C. LOVE!!! It is just precious. : )

    I like the leaves against the sky too, and all the close-up faces. I like the second one of you posing with looks very natural, like a sweet little posing moment.

    We took the stroller on our zoo trip too, for the first time in quite awhile. It was SO nice not having to carry when they got tired of walking!

  12. I love the photos! I love the one of them snuggling, so sweet :)

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