Tuesday, May 01, 2012

So April was ....

Gosh and golly, where to start?

I really want to write a follow-up to the friendship and money post... but I have trillions of things on my lists because I've been a bad girl, reading blogs when I should be blogging and writing.

I also need to tell you about the new nanny starting tomorrow but again, no time now. (PS for the two of you who know the story, please don't say anything in the comments - thanks :))

But for now... let's talk about how April went.

I just looked through my photos because from my folders, I get a quick refresh of how the month went and darn, we were busy.

Easter, the zoo, Bambanani, Superhero photo and the holiday, a whole 5 days so lots of pics (I downloaded the night before coming home and just for two days, there were 526.... yes, crazy).



Read my devotional every single day. Huge fail.

  1. Have three dates with D - we only had 1 this month but we have spent TONS of quality time talking, so it's all good.
  2. Take the kids to the zoo and do one other fun thing Well, yes, the fun thing ended up being a holiday - a real last-minute but very good decision, both family-wise and financially.
  3. Work on getting rid of the "nonononono" Yes, this is gone. I don't quite know how or if we actually had anything to do with it.
  4. Work on getting child 2 potty trained before it gets even colder This was progressing well but I think the new nanny change threw a spanner in the works as it seems we've regressed. I'm still not bothered.
  5. Get Nanny S trained properly Um, yes. Well, we did the work so the goal accomplished but a new nanny S starts tomorrow :)
  1. Have an awesome, "on my game" interview next week. I had an okay interview, not great (about a 7) and I didn't get the job which I'm really not sad about in the least.
  2. Work hard on my big project at work. Yes, it's not like I can slack because there is just so much to do.
  1. Order a proof copy of my book Done. I should have it in a week's time.
  2. Get book Kindle-ised Half done. I've outsourced it to a person my VA recommended
  3. Start advertising and pre-selling Nothing done on this except I got the designer lady to design a website banner and I bought the domain. Actually, that's not nothing!
  1. Brunch with R and C Yes, but with C only
  2. Supper with my friend R no :( but we're having lunch this Sat
  3. Bambanani with L, R and M yes and it was fantastic
  4. Lunch at our place with J & M - no
  5. Lunch with new work friend, S - yessss!
Health and fitness
  1. Go to gym with Connor 4 times - yes
  2. Work out at new gym 8 times - NOOOOOO
  3. Lose 2 kg (stretch goal 3 kg) - I didn't tell you but I joined Weigh-Less on Saturday. No, as at last Sat I'd only lost 0.4 kg
  4. Get 7 - 7.5 hours of sleep daily - this is working out fabulous.
  1. Apply for visa. Yes, I have it in my hands and it's a 10-year one. I'm considering myself "open to speaking possibilities"
  2. Read 5 books, one of them non-fiction.  This month's NF book "It's all too much - Peter Walsh" Well, I read 7 books this month - I gave 5 of them 4 stars and the others 2 stars. Go read "Watching the tree limbs" by Mary de Muth. You will love it. I was HOOKED this weekend.
  3. Do 4 random acts of kindness - yes
  1. March month in review page in mini scrapbook - done
  2. Have FUN with Superhero photo - oh, and how. I am LOVING this class. I think I may do an online photography thing regularly from now on.
  3. Do a canvas craft from my Pinterest board - half done... that was my canvas photo art
  4. Do a craft with buttons! No, but I'm half way with another one involving paint. I suspect this might be a craft fail with a capital F.
  5. Bake/ cook two new things - should be easy with me being on Weigh-Less and it being cold :) FAIL.

Lessons learnt during April
  • I'm trying to do too much again. My default when I get stressed is to go, go, go because I'm not comfortable just being. I feel like things are more out of control if I'm passive.
  • I really LOVE reading, especially when I can immerse myself in a book.
  • The kids really are getting easier. I never thought I'd say that but they are. Family time is so good these days if you ignore the odd tantrum (I confessed on MandyE's blog, I let them "fight it out" so I don't referee any disagreements).
  • I need to get much more organised with my eating/ exercising. This "winging it" business is not working.
  • D just walked into the study and said, "Marsh, a third of the year's gone. How are you doing on your goals?" Now you know why we are perfect for each other LOL.
  • BTW, I told him I'm doing AWESOME on books, friends, kids, creating, camera, okay on business (the book's 90% there and I'm actually going to a speaking conference) and work (big project is going crazy but well) but SHOCKING on health and fitness except for the sleep which is also awesome.

Basically, I accomplished about 75% which sounds a lot better than it felt. Isn't it interesting how you can let the scale or one aspect overshadow all the good stuff? Hmmm.

How did you do on your goals for April? 

I'll have to post May later this week - I need to tidy up this study and get to bed!

PS what do you think of my pic? Taken just before sunset in Sabie.


  1. Your pic is BEAUTIFUL and I did OK in April. Just posted it. I am just not getting it together with the eating! I am so hungry ALL THE TIME!

  2. I can't believe a 1/3 of the year is totally gone and I'm still trying to get January goals done on my list.

    I was spouting the other day about how time disappears for me, and Kendra says ...

    Mom, you don't perceive time like most of us. You have like this movie tape and check list running, and whenever something interrupts you, you put your time on Pause, and then unless you get around to changing the tape, you don't know what to do next and so time stops.

    You know, that pretty much summed it up. My friends moved in "for a couple of weeks" and my dad will clean his office "next week" .... and until those things happened I can't do the next thing on my list.

    Guess I better go find a new movie to put in my Time Machine.

  3. Oy! It's MAY! I can't tell you where this year is gone, but I think you should be celebrating that 75%!! I hope the new Nanny S is better than the old Nanny S, it sounds like everything you didn't want to happen is happening :(

    Picture is gorgeous! I am LOVING Superhero! Thank you SOOOO MUCH! I actually have two photoshoots set up for this summer- you know the kind where people pay you?! CRAZY! And it's all thanks to you!!

    I need to write up my goals, this month is looking like a mega fail. But I did get into action with my camera and crafting, not on my goals list, but it is something I love!

    P.S. 352 pictures I took today, I still can't delete photos! I really need to look into a separate drive.

  4. I love the pic. I have been bad at goal setting but April overall was bad!

    May has started off well and has lots happening so maybe I do need to get organised and write it down!!!

    The pic is awesome!

  5. I'm not doing the goal thing ....

    but am super busy and getting lots done and making an effort in areas I wasn't - so i feel i'm doing quite well.

    And btw - have not been commenting on blogs - one of my goals is to spend less time on the pc and once i start commenting, well that is tickets for me. but am reading. Hope the new nanny works out - sorry to hear the other didn't x

  6. I also think you should celebrate the 75%! Well done. And I'm super intrigued to hear about the nannies.

  7. I'm jealous of your books last month! I only read one really good one (besides the Harry Potter re-reads) in April. I am ready for something fantastic this month!

  8. omg. love the contrast in the pic!

    i'm catching up after a month of craziness. i hope to have a new post soon.

    you are doing AWESOME on your goals. some progress is PROGRESS. and aren't some of them works in progress anyway? they're never really DONE, right? we're revising some of them!!! :)

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  12. So, where is the new nanny story? I've been watching for it, did I miss it?


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