Thursday, May 10, 2012

{SP3} oooh, portraits

I'm two weeks "behind" with these posts but I'm focussing on having FUN and not on feeling behind.

This week was probably my least favourite week for some very superficial reasons:

1. I feel a bit conspicuous asking random strangers if I can take a photo of them (which is what I really want to do - any takers???).
2. I'm tired of only taking pics of my kids. And I can't get nice still pics of my kids just posing. Although you'll see a couple of pics of friends' kids.
3. I only got 4 of the 12 prompts done and you know what an overachiever I am.

Nevertheless, I'm still loving Superhero and you really need to sign up so we can all play together in June.

This week, there was a tip to create your own studio with a sheet/ whatever. To be honest, I didn't read too closely since 1) I can't take pics indoors because I SUCK at lighting and 2) the white sheet thing is not really my thang :)

I'm much more into walls, fences, etc. as a backdrop.

What I'm LOVING is realising my "style", such that it is. Like I know instinctively if something will work for me or not.

I love how she gives lots of tips but still says to play and just see what works and what doesn't.

Anyway, here is a selectionof pics for your viewing pleasure :)

As you know, I don't mind kids not looking or smiling or any of that. Actually I want them just as they are - it adds to the drama :)

Kendra showing me her goth nails - she insisted on black nail polish

gathering - doesn't that stem look like a weapon?!

I like the expression in her eyes so the black and white seemed to suit it

Actually, now that I've posted them, maybe less is more? I actually really like a lot of these.

Which are your favourite pics?
Do you like taking pictures of people? 

I do but only the stuff I want to take pics of - the posed ones rarely interest me, but watch out if you have beautiful hands (M!) or cute shoes

(I took a GORGEOUS pic of a lady's shoes this week - it's on the point and shoot so am lazy to download but she was chatting totally unaware and there I was, on the floor near her feet. Yes!)

PS please be warned - bring your lipstick along because if you see me anytime over the next month, I will be in your face with my big camera capturing your beauty!
PPS Use code MAMASROCK49 til Sunday and you'll only pay $49 for Superhero Photo or Elevate the Ordinary


  1. Yes everyone, join us in Superhero!!!

    I do love the picture of K's hand in the grass, it's my favorite of this batch.

    The whole portrait studio thing was a total fail for me. I got a few shots in but getting kids to sit, or play, nicely was impossible. Also, every time I rigged up a sheet it fell. So I gave up and we went outside. Self portraits were ever worse, despite every tip and trick I tried!

    I am horrible at asking, so I skipped a lot of those portrait prompts. I'm also dragging at color this week because everything has bloomed already and I feel like I missed my opportunity for that pop of color.

  2. Love the sleeping baby, Connor's chin on the table, and Kendra's hand beside her...all so great!

  3. I love that last one of Kendra. It's gorgeous! I also love the one where she's showing her nails (I think it's awesome that she insists on being different with her black polish!) and the one of C's chin on the table. Apparently I have personal preferences too, as all those have similar elements?

  4. Love the pictures!!! All of them. More is more... The more the merrier means there are loads to pick from in case you have duds. Pick me Pick me Pick me pleaseeeeee I love being on any side of the camera (LOL)

  5. I like it that you want to take pictures of people rather than just one type of photography.
    I like the first picture - I like to take photos where people sleep. Shows so much beauty.

  6. Oh this made me smile - on Sunday's course we HAD TO ask people before just taking pictures of them, as they said, it's part of the whole thing. It was tough but having heaps of other people doing the same somehow helped.

    I learned something valuable about portraits - always look for light reflecting in the eyes, it makes them come to life. And never cut off a limb or ear etc. I never noticed it that much in my own pictures. I really love the last one and I am so into "non portrait" portraits - like the hands etc. And the very last one - beautiful

  7. Love the ones of Kendra and her nails. And I LOVE the side profile of your friend (below the gathering one). Gosh, I'll be sure not to forget my lipstick. Will do my hair for the occasion too!

    ps. Am booking this weekend!


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