Sunday, May 20, 2012

{SP4} Self-portraits and perfectionism

Sony Cybershot right after my Zumba class
and this is my top half - I also put a "warmify" filter on it (Picasa) - I like this pic because this is exactly how I was feeling about this exercise at this point :)

If you don't already have a nice cup of tea, you may want to get one.

I want to write about this self-portrait thing as I've experienced it over the last couple of weeks.
my mirror pics are terrible but I discovered if I crop in a "weird" way, I quite like them

that glass ring on my right hand is from Thailand - recently discovered and I'm loving it

I've always loved self-portraits that tell a story, not just a typical pic. And I've also always loved the self-portraits Andrea's put on her blog for years and years.

I had limited experience with taking these except for when I've been alone somewhere and wanted a quick pic.

This series of self-portraits was taken before we got to the self-portrait lessons and bonus! I actually liked them.

So I thought when I had to do the homework that it wouldn't be too big a deal.

this is me in my comfort zone :)
this is the one from a few weeks back where I was laying on the grass outside!

I can honestly say it has been a Big Deal.

I'm sure I've taken 100s of pics only to have about 5 I really like. Which is not fun!

One lady on the course said something like when she sees all her flaws, she just wants to hide and I commented and said I get it because I feel the same. I've never been shy in front of the camera (provided I have my lipstick on!) but I also like people to have an "eye" and most people, let's face it, don't care about getting a good pic of you so they take 1 horrible shot and that's that.

I did this treasure hunt like I did all the others, a little bit here and a little bit there, as opportunities presented themselves but then one night I got so darn annoyed with I wasn't getting the same good results as I had been on the course up to then and so I decided to be silly.

Me - silly!

I like laughing but I'm not someone you'd naturally call silly.

But... I'd also seen a series of pics from another lady on the course where she totally embraced silliness and her pics were gorgeous!

And so surprisingly (or not), I actually liked most of the set. There may be something to being a bit silly :)

Anyway, here they are - for your viewing pleasure.

So I think something clicked in me (just a little bit - I'm still going to take 20 to get 1 or 2 I like, although I know the angle for the silly pics quite well :)) because look at me here.

If this is not imperfection at its finest, I don't know what is.

me, without my lipstick, yesterday afternoon

so much so, I even tried to jump with the self-timer but my reflexes are still shocking

taking pics of body parts is so much more comfortable...
This weekend I had to take a pic of me and my book (for the other blog next week) and I started in my usual serious style, hated them all, and then I tried to be "lighter" and voila, these are the ones I'm going to use :)

yes, that's my book. It's only the proof for now but tomorrow I will complete the process to make it available to the PUBLIC! And this is how I felt when I saw it on my Kindle.
I dare you to put a silly pic on your blog! Or any pic of you :)

This week since it's timely, I'm linking to the lovely Kristin Duke (who shares a birthday with my twins :))'s Capturing the Joy linky party.

So, do any of you have issues taking a proper self-portrait? What do you think of  my "journey"?
PS I'm still going to keep trying to take a jumping self-timer pic


  1. Ha, I love them! I still hate most of my self portraits.
    I love that you posted these! My favorite would be the non-lipstick one. It's just a natural shot.

    As for the jumping, did you try the multiple shot thingy? I got some decent shots doing that, and I set it for 10 or so shots so I have time to get all my silly in!

  2. I love the silly ones! My faves are the Shhh! face and the one where it looks like you're about to slap your knee and say, "Law...Child!" Hahaha! And I do like the "weird crop" shops, too.

    And...there's not a font big enough for me to say, "WOOOOOOOOO HOOO!" for your book!!! It looks absolutely gorgeous, too, with the greens and the tea cups! So proud of you, Marcia!!!

  3. Hahaha! I live your silly ones Marcia. Very cool!

  4. I love the pics!!! I'm not a big fan of me in pictures, so maybe I should work on some self-portraits today!!! Sounds like I have a challenge to meet!

  5. Oh I have huge issues, but I will take up the challenge.

    I actually love the very first of the mirror set of photos. I think you look beautiful in it.

  6. I love how you play around with taking photos. It's refreshing to see and I think it's fun to take multiple self portrait photos of oneself. Love these in your post.

  7. The silly ones are the best :)

  8. It's so fun to see you doing the silly pictures. So un-Marcia-like! : )

    My sister is awesome at silly face pictures. I try, but end up looking strange--ha! I think the wild expressions detract us from noticing all of our imperfections. Or it inspires a more carefree attitude, like we aren't "trying" to take a good picture. Something like that!

    LOVE the book! That is awesome!

  9. Thanks for a MOnday morning smile!! Love all the fun self portrait pics!! You're so darn CUTE!!

  10. I did it!!!! Posted my self-portraits tonight!

  11. Would you look at the book!!! You rocking rock star you!!! Well done, well done... well done!!! So very excited for you!!!

  12. I LOVE all of your self portraits!!!


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