Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{SP5} Colour, glorious colour

So... I realised I'm WAAAAAYYYY behind on posting photos.

I hope you're ready because I'm going to have to catch up. If only I didn't have so many things to keep talking about!

The theme for week 5 of Superhero Photo was colour.

I'm a girl who loves colour - LOVES.

I love this pic so much and I'm not sure why - the colour of the wall, the bedside table that is just so typically me - a book, tissues, lip gloss, hand cream, post-it flags and nail polish :)

scones from my lovely work friend

my morning Vitamin C

So I enjoyed indulging my crazy. But also I'd been gravitating to colour pics throughout the series so I'm going to show you some others that you may not have seen.

In other news, I was THIS close to buying some more Groupons for photobooks (it's a SICKNESS!) but I resisted and saved about R400.

I wanted to make a photo book of my pics! Do you know how monumental that is?

But it goes to show that if you do what she tells you, go have fun and play, you WILL get some really great pics.

And so I'll still be making a photo book, but a cheap version - I'll choose 24 of my favourite pics, get them printed and put them in a brag book (on the list for June).

Let's go!

little drink umbrellas from a 30th I went to on Saturday

lovely tree with orange flowers in Pilgrim's Rest

craft for the babies - will blog...
I'm now making my own fabric tape - yes, I am. That is my newly painted table that I still haven't put on the blog
the neighbour's bougainvillea

also taken on my photo walk

I loved this stall at our market last week - felt, crochet, all of it gorgeous! A little (and big) girl's little paradise

Another quick aside - one of my favourite weird things is when I stop to take a pic and other people in the vicinity stop, do a double-take and look to see what was so fascinating about that ..... tree/ building/ table, etc :)

Just this evening I was walking down the stairs at work. I saw the MOST GORGEOUS SUNSET and went, "WOW!" and a couple of people looked at me like I'm mad. I honestly wanted to take a pic but my hands were full and I'd just taken a pic with the iPad at my desk.

this was taken on Friday
  Do you get passionate about sunsets like I do?

Which is your favourite pic?


  1. I do love the sun, rising, setting, or otherwise. If I had a better lens I'd love to moon too! The sunset is my favorite of this set.

    I am sooo behind on my photos too. I don't post because I didn't upload for over a week, and I have so much to say but don't have the pictures to accompany them! Such a slacker....

  2. OH! Those little felted purses are so cute!!

  3. Oh the felt bags - so much colour and loveliness. It is really wonderful how photography makes you look at things with a different eye, all the time searching for the beauty in life.

  4. I like sunrises more than sunsets, but that is beautiful I agree. Watshing a sunrise makes me happy because everything is waking up and the whole world is fresh and new ready for another day. Watching a sunset makes me feel like I survived another one and I need a stiff drink to go with the watching. ;-)

  5. I like all your photos. I do love sunsets. The one at the top of my blog is one I took from our deck.

  6. Such lovely pics - love the felt goodies :)

    Cape Town have the mountain - we have the sunsets and sunrises - David often captures them on his way to work and his way home! My morning trip to the kids school isnt very scenic and you dont get the sunrise nicely and we are surrounded by trees at home so miss it most of the time.

  7. I love sunsets and taking sunset photos. I think my favorite photo is the one of the scone with jam (yum). It just looks like, "Sit down, relax, enjoy a lovely snack and tea." LOL.

    I do love the paint color of your wall by the bedside table. Our sunroom is painted a color very similar.

  8. All lovely pictures, the scone, the flowers, the orange leaves!!! I'm obsessed with taking pictures of the sky - sunrise, sun set, clear blue sky, clouds you name it.

    The colour of your wall is stunning.

  9. Your pics just get better and better. Love them all.

  10. Oh, and I am a HUGE fan of sunsets. Can't remember when I last watched a sunrise.

  11. I get you, I also just stop to take pics! A gets so impatient with me. And I just love sunsets too!!!
    p.s. Love the tree pic, the colour of the leaves is amazing.


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