Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sweets, sobbing, sewing, scrapbooks and scones

this is a bad pic of the left hand but you can start seeing the smudginess

right hand - smudgy nails very clear
I said to Mandy earlier this week that there are two types of mothers:
1. one doesn't say anything and hopes for the best with Mother's Day (and is often disappointed)
2. one makes her requests known and is sure to have at least some expectations met :)
I'm the second type so I told D to get gifts from him and the kids (we do small things) AND a card.
And then I said a good day for me would be church, lunch here at home (just us 4) - because I can't stand spending "theme" days in restaurants where they squeeze in more tables than necessary, charge the earth and give slow service, and then some alone time while the three of them visit his mother.
He agreed with me that it sounded lovely.

last Sunday the kids thought I was the coolest mother in the world when I said, "do you want lollipops?" D said, "are you SURE that's a good idea?" and I whispered, "it's all yoghurt!"

I love when they run around the garden like crazy kids. And yes, shorts in May - unheard of!
But then we had a little bit of drama.
His sister phoned to find out what they were doing for his mother.
He told her what our plans were and she wanted us all to have lunch together.
Normally this is not a problem but you'll all remember that they are not easy people to have over
(easy people for me means you get on with it and help yourself to coffee/ tea if you feel like it - I have TWINS) and are real work.
I heard him on the phone say something like, "well, it's Marcia's day too. It's not just about Mom" and my chest swelled :) I was so proud of him.
Anyway they were both a bit miffed (the mother gets all "cold" and "British" - no offence to anyone!) but that was that.

the moon last Sunday night - pic by D
So today we went to church and there was a new teacher at children's church. Connor announces immediately, "we're not allowed sweets" which was also a very proud moment - I loved it. 

Boundaries straight off the bat.
Afterwards we raced home for lunch - pizza, salad and garlic bread - and a milestone. For the first time ever the kids were allowed to sit at the dining-room table with us, on my suede chairs, with carpet! I still think of that carpet as new even though it's been 3 years already.
Of course, I put towels over the chairs and they had to wear bibs but all in all, they did well. We had to remind Connor that if he wanted to walk around, he'd go straight back to the high chair. 

my morning orange - this is my routine when the weather starts cooling - don't you love the colour?!
After lunch they set off and even though I was sorely tempted to clean, I quickly tidied the dining room and bathroom (this potty business means they trash the place every time we go do the business) and went to the study.
I had to have a cup of tea so caught up on my google reader and through a couple of clicks, read this post that made me cry the ugly cry. Seriously, I sobbed. Not for the same reason the lady cried. I sobbed so hard at the thought of those boys waiting 341 days for a sponsor. I can't imagine how abandoned they feel when other kids are being sponsored all around them. Oh, I'm a marshmellow inside.
Anyway, had to get myself together so I decided to sew. Except I didn't thread the thing properly and the thread bust loose and I can't remember how to thread the machine. So I gave up on that for now.
And finally did what I actually wanted to do today - my Sabie mini-scrapbook. I'm telling you - there's no better way to get things done than a quick mini-book. When this post publishes, I'm going to go through my pics and choose the ones to have printed and then I can take pics...
I'm thinking of doing a monthly craft afternoon if there's enough interest - I've seen something similar on at least two blogs where a group of ladies in the city come together once a month to do a craft. One group does the same thing but the other group comes together and each one does whatever she wanted to get done that month.
I like a combination of both ideas. Maybe every 3rd one the same and then on the other two, catch up on your own ideas. So I would start the thing by showing how I do the mini-scrapbooks and provide all the materials for each person to make their own there and then. The ladies would then just pay for the stuff so each one doesn't have to run around finding things and can just come to create.
What do you think? Would you come?
And lastly, I did a favour for a friend of mine and bought something for her (with her money but it had to be on my card using my loyalty points) and yesterday when I got home, D told me she'd just been and dropped off a box for me. When I looked inside, I SCREAMED! Yes, I did. It was a box of scones. 
Now here's the thing - she honestly makes the best scones I've ever tasted (and I'm a scone person) and she knows I think so, so this really felt like a labour of love just for me. My love language is acts of service :) D just came in and said, "please tell K those were the best scones in living memory " 

So I had a lovely day (even the sobbing was kind of lovely).
How was your Sunday?


  1. My Sunday was lovely. Church, lunch (cooked by my Dad and my DH and sister) and then I came home and had a long, long, long nap while he took the kids to my MIL. Sally and I do something similar to your craft afternoon once every six weeks or so. It's usually a catch-up, time for her to show me some stuff that I struggle with and well, just knitting. I would come to your craft afternoon if I lived close by. Oh, and I would SO send those pics to the mani/pedi place. THAT is unacceptable.

  2. I was totally caught off guard, he listened and purchased. Granted it was something I suggested for our anniversary but whatever!! The best part of my day was doing nothing! Bwhahaha! I took full advantage of my day!

    I love the color of that pic. Such a great capture. The contrast of the colors is amazing.

    I just have to say that I'm not a fan of the children's pictures, what happen to your babies?! Kidding! They're soo big LOL!

  3. I was always the first type of mother who said nothing regarding Mothersday and then everyone will forget about it. This year was the first one where I decided I am going to say something and thus got a nice Mothersday dinner to show for it :)

  4. Sounds like a nice day :)

    Saturday was more my mothers day. We went strawberry picking, then out to lunch, then came home and I took a nap with my daughter, then everyone helped me make strawberry jam. Then yesterday we went to my sister in laws house and just relaxed with family.

  5. Oooh, I love that yogurt pop idea. Thanks! I am definitely going to be doing that for Nicola too. And good for D. What a clever man. :-)

    My Sunday was okay.

    I wrote the non sensitive stuff already, but I was so annoyed last night about the other stuff that I couldn't fall asleep. Walking dead again today, thank you very much.

    My mother, despite numerous discussions about this very topic, persists in casting me as the bad guy. Yesterday I almost lost my entire cool about it. Fot example she'll show Nicola a bag of jelly beans and when she asks for some she'll say let's go ask your mom if you can have some. Nice. I get to be the bad guy...which kind of sucks because I'm the only guy, but I'm okay saying no and dashing hopes if I have to. i just think it's cruel towards Nicola to make it an issue to begin with. Why not ask me BEFORE showing her the bloody sweets?!

    And my dad likes to play rough with Nicola, and usually she loves it. So yesterday when they were tickling and playing she retaliated by playfully biting him...and without having some stern words with her first he smacked her on the bottom. I was beyond not impressed. It's besides the point that I may have done the same if she had bitten me, but I think he acted out of context since she really was just playing and it can't be much worse than when he intentionally scretches her with his beard on her tummy or neck. And he didn't speak to her first so she was a bit taken aback. And lastly...but probably most importantly I have realised that I am NOT okay with anyone handing out that kind of discipline to my child unless it's me (and only in under the right circumstances). And when I'm there - I think the better thing would be to actually let me deal with it since I am her mother and the one who is meant to be teaching her what's acceptable and what not.

    I said nothing but the look I gave him had everyone fall into a hushed silence for a few minutes. It was clear how I felt. I didn't want to make a big stink on Mother's Day but I anticipate a very serious boundaries chat coming up some time this week and the smart money should be on me.

    Nicola didn't want anything to do with him for the rest of the day and wouldn't even say goodnight to him last night. I didn't push her - I get it.

    I'm still pretty miffed and I didn't even get the unreasonable smack. I was so worked up that I couldn't fall asleep. I may be overreacting, but to me it feels like I am underreacting at this stage and I think I better cool down before I have "the chat" with them or I might go off like a bomb!

  6. Sorry for the "short" story... ;-)

  7. had a weekend of chest puffing moments. Well done to your husband.

  8. Oh I love scones too. Really love them.

    Gosh, your photos are just getting better and better.

    I so would love a craft day like that. Brilliant idea. At the boys' school we used to have one but it has sort of stopped. We all presented one craft we do at a time - we did cake decorating, mosaic (by me), beading, fascials( which I missed) etc. But I love the combination idea too.

  9. I said nothing about mothers day this year as I hoped my requests last year got through to my son and my husband... But I was disappointed.
    I then made it plain that next year I want a fuss. I want every cliche they can think of. I spent 17 years raising my son alone, now he's a grown up I expect at least him to do something for mothers day!
    I'm still sulking a little...


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