Sunday, May 27, 2012

We got the twins to sleep!

Photos by Cat of a little boy trying to escape :)

I had the most glorious nearly two-hour sleep this afternoon after we got back from lunch.

I told you last weekend that my kids hadn't slept for two weekends. Well yesterday they slept (Nanny S put them down) and today in the car we were talking sleep up like it's the best thing since sliced bread (well, it is all that!).

"When we get home, Mummy's going to sleep, Daddy's going to sleep...." and then they chimed in with "Kendra's going to sleep, Connor's going to sleep".

There was a bit of drama in the execution so we split them up - Kendra came to sleep on our bed and D went to sleep on her bed to keep Connor company.

And then we actually all slept.

Kendra and I playing on the bed
When we woke, I said to Kendra, "I'm going to make some tea. Would you like some?" She says, "yes, and a biscuit?" and then I remembered I had a lovely acts of service gift from Louisa, cinnamon and raisin bread.

So that's what we all had.Because Connor woke about 2 minutes after we did.

All three of us, piled on my bed, having a tea and cinnamon and raisin bread picnic. D was watching something on TV and also, he doesn't eat raisins, something I still don't get!

Perfect. And perfect memories.

I love hugging this girl - yes, I'm aware I need to colour my hair....

We carried on giving them supper in the kitchen, bathed, dressed, prayed and put them to bed.

I prepared lunches for the week (I pack yoghurts and breads in their containers) because I'm determined to start building good eating habits again.

And then after consulting my May goals list, I did one complete craft - it looks GORGEOUS - and I prepped a canvas for my next photo one.

People, I'm back with my canvas mojo :)

I want to take this week and indulge my creative self before Elevate the Ordinary starts on 6 June.

look how impressed she is with the photos :)
Like last week, I'm linking up this post with Kristen's Capturing the Joy series. She encourages you to get in photos with your kids, even if the pics are messy and imperfect :)
Since my goal is to get at least one GOOD pic with each child (better still, with both of them) every month, having this weekly linky is going to make it a lot easier to hand over the camera and say "please take a pic of me with the kids".

Do you do that enough?

And last, did you see Centsational Girl went to NYC and did a beautiful post? I've pinned it and will be stealing some ideas :)

I promise, tomorrow is the day I book flights!!!

What are you looking forward to this week?

PS To my US readers, enjoy your Memorial Day tomorrow.


  1. I totally want more photos of me with the kids- I have so few!

  2. We are embracing Memorial Day at the BEACH! I'm psyched! I'm overly hopeful Claire will love the sand.

    Hooray for canvas! I can't wait for class to start. I am so hoping to get a family picture tomorrow.

  3. So glad you got a good nap! I tried today, but couldn't get to sleep. I think I waited too long. Also, I'm always torn between whether to do something productive that I can't do with the girls around, or to just relax. But thankfully, I usually have that choice! I don't know what I'm going to do when they stop napping!

    I love that you guys talked them into it, you know... subliminally! haha!

    We are enjoying a 3 day weekend. Tomorrow's plans: buy outdoor table, weed flower beds and put down mulch, take kids to the water park, and have a steak dinner outside.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the bread and super jealous that you managed to get a nap. Mine was a no-nap weekend, although N did manage to have an hour nap yesterday between all of our scurrying.

    I definitely want more photos of me and Nicola together too. I always love when other people take them without me knowing and then send them to me. I like those unposed ones most of all.

    You and Kendra looked so cute colour coded yesterday by the way. ;-)

  5. Thanks for yesterday it was lovely. And yes, those pics of you and C are so cute.

    Great on the sleeping - with us it still happens some weekend days - often one of the two, sometimes both.

    I asked D about the raising thing, and really, I adore raisins in food. Can't understand it.

  6. It's so important to be in pictures with your kiddos!!! My dad took a gazillion pictures of me growing up, but there are precious few with one or both parents.

    I am usually pretty good about asking J to take pictures of the girls and me, but I realized recently I hadn't done much of that in the past couple of months. It made me so sad! I will ask him to do it, even if I'm in my pj's (fleece pants!). One day our girls will appreciate some "slice of life" pictures, too.

    Love the ones of you with both C and K!

    And on a raisin note, I like raisins in sweet food / bread...but I do NOT want raisins in savory food. Some people make this carrot and mayonnaise salad with raisins, and it creeps me out! ;)

  7. Taking pictures of ME with the kids is rare. Doesn't really happen much at all. I don't get many with Tim with the kids either. Guess I need to do that more.

  8. I don't actually have pics with me and the kids. Am usually too busy trying to get them settled and then I give up. I really like the ones of you and Kendra on the bed. AWESOME that you had a nap. In my mind, THAT is the way to spend a Sunday afternoon. This week I will knit, read, craft a bit and just relax. May has been SUPER hectic but fantastic at the same time.

  9. We've been having napping issues since the boys have moved to beds. They'd rather get out of bed and play then nap, even thought they really need it. So I'm trying to force the naps too, as otherwise they fight with each other too much. So far so good! I'll check out that post. I know a lot of awesome things to do in NYC! I'm curious to see what she found.


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