Saturday, June 09, 2012

30-minute rolls, lemon bars & your go-to recipe

On my 37 things list, I put down to try 12 new main course and 12 new baking (sweet) recipes. 

Well, why this surprised me I don't know but I did most of the 12 sweet ones in about 3 months ... but the main course part didn't go that easily.

I'm always game to try something new but we mainly stick to what we know and love.

These are my lessons:
  1. I really love making sweet things. I have tons pinned and I'm always seeing more. Good thing I have a filter of any recipe that takes more than 1/2 cup butter/ 1 cup sugar is out. Otherwise, anything apple, lemon or cinnamon goes :) Just look at my pinterest board.
  2. my kids don't like their fruit mixed up with chicken unlike their mother (e.g. chicken with pineapple, chicken with apricots, peachy chicken, etc)
  3. I really, REALLY don't like cooking in my hot kitchen in summer. Louisa, how does late August look for our cooking/ baking date? (as an aside, Louisa and I made a baking (friend) date about 6 months ago. I'm pleased to say we're such real friends that we keep getting together and not baking! But I'm still game!)
  4. I only seem to pin pastas and breads.................
Anyway, about 3 weeks ago I looked at my list and realised I need to get a move on with the recipes.

I'd recently pinned these 30-minute rolls so I tested them on a Friday evening.

this is a serious question - how on earth do you get nice neat SMOOTH rolls like on the recipe blogs?

Mmmmmm - I'm drooling just looking at this pic
i love these angles with the nice blurry background
pulled open to see inside
it's just asking for some butter!
They were DIVINE - we all loved them and the kids even went "mmmm" while they were eating :)

This is definitely a family favourite - I made them again last weekend but they didn't look any prettier so I didn't take new pics. I really need to figure out how to make them look as good as the "control" pic.

Moving on.

I also tried to make these lemon bars with lemon curd since we don't have lemon pie filling (as the recipe called for) in South Africa but they didn't work.

They tasted fine (actually super delicious) but they were very flat. I may make them again if I decide to serve them with hot custard - yum! I actually had a thought - maybe I should try them with pineapple or apple pieces???

So that's another two for my list.

But over to you - please give me your no-fail winter main course recipe that's either

1) easy and can be assembled in 30 minutes or less
2) takes longer but it makes a ton of food that I can put in my freezer (these are my favourite kinds of recipes)

Bonus - is healthy and low-fat!

Do you enjoy baking bread?
How often do you consciously try new recipes?


  1. I love baking so I often try recipies but this year I really do not have my new recipe groove going. I make venison stew in the pressure cooker and freeze heaps - cholesterol and hormone as well as almost fat free and super tasty

  2. I know you blogged about it before, but I forgot- Do you have a slow cooker?

  3. Breads, NO!!! New recipes yes especially desserts: cheesecake, brownies, crunchies, gluten free choc brownies, gluten free peanut butter cookies!!!! Except I follow the recipe the first time and subsequently I do my own thing!

    I don't eat anything different during winter.

    Seriously home-made food never look like the pictures. Importannt thing for me is that it's yummy and people enjoy it

  4. Am also meant to cook/bake stuff as per my list but I have been VERY VERY VERY uninspired for the entire year. Can you believe that? I just keep thinking about the kitchen that I need to clean afterwards and then I'm tired. Also, I have a dodgy oven and quite frankly I am SCARED to use it.
    In winter we do LOADS of stews and curries. And I do stuff like Green Curry and even breyani and of course soup. We are BIG on comfort food in winter - I do try to keep it as healthy as possible. I actually can't do salad in winter so there are a lot more veggies as well.
    Am actually looking at getting a slow cooker - my sister has just bought herself one and swears by it. BUT she can't tell me yet what effect this has on her electricity so am still undecided. Your food looks beautiful and homemade. Those pinterest pics are all airbrushed and photo-shopped!

  5. I've been meaning to send you a new crock pot recipe I tried a couple of weeks ago, for a honey chicken dish. I added in some stir-fry veggies and served over was SO good! Are you interested in it?

    And J has been asking me to make something lemon-y. I have made a lemon cheesecake bar recipe a couple of times, and it was good (two years ago, maybe). I pinned a recipe for lemon "brownies" that I intend to try.

    Those rolls look ahhh-mazing!!!

  6. I need to bake something interesting today, but we're going to have a hot summer day here today, so we'll see how that goes!!!

  7. A) Bread-making worries me unless it is in the bread machine. Or pizza dough. Have you seen this super healthy roll recipe: ?

    B) Have you ever made lemon bars before? They are usually flat-ish:)

    C) My newest household favorite. It surely never turns out as pretty as the picture - the last batch I ended up eating with a spoon - but, whatever - it is delish!

    1. Jess, I'm just pinning that carb-free thing right now. Looks easy!

      I haven't... but I swear mine are half as flat as the flattest ones I saw :)

      I did see that one and pinned it. But my problem is suppers so I'm focussing there first :)

  8. will mail you some easy one pot meals xx

  9. End August sounds just peachy to me ;-)

    I will have to go scratch around for a few 30 minute recipes for you - I know I have some good ones but I can't remember them off by hand.

  10. Those buns that you made, did you keep some over for the next day? If so, how fresh were they the next day? We love to bake bread but for some reason our buns are not so fresh the next day, they become tough. Advice?
    Looked at your Pinboard - great recipes you have there. Yum!

  11. We definitely kept some for the next day. When it was warmer, they were fine but now that it's so cold, I heat for about 10 secs in the micro and they're good as new.

    My favourite thing is hot with butter, or no butter and some cheese and then microwave for 10 - 20 secs. YUM!

  12. Chili or stew in the crockpot. Or spaghetti sauce. that one never fails for the winter.


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