Sunday, June 17, 2012

Behind the camera at the Sabie Falls

I've spent hours today sorting out my photos (only one month) and getting up to date and I am this close to getting all the main bits done.

I don't want to scare you by telling you about my photo workflow. It's evolved since the last time I spoke about photo organisation and is a little more organised (in my mind) than it used to be even though I know it will not seem that way to some of you.

Let me know if you're interested in hearing my crazy system.

Anyway, onto the pics. And I fully realise I didn't properly post about Sabie! I'll do that in the next couple of weeks over 2 - 3 posts. It's the nanny drama that got me sidetracked.

the little one is always game for photos but the funny face has to be there :)
as for Connor, he couldn't be bothered. "Catch me if you can" is his motto

I must say, since I made a mini goal to get at least one picture with both kids (either in the same pic, or a pic with each kid), I'm handing the camera over more often to get some pics.

Failing that, there's always the close-up self-portrait since the timer is not my friend (probably because my reflexes suck, big-time)

How often do you get behind the camera? Are you intentional about it?

I'm linking up to Kristen's Capturing the Joy series.


  1. Although I've fallen short the past couple of months, at least short of my average, I consider myself very intentional about getting into pictures with my girls.

    There are a gazillion pictures of me as a child, but so few with either of my parents. How I would treasure those today!

    It's that thought that drives me to get in pictures, to try to document my thoughts and feelings. I hope some day my girls will appreciate it, as much as I would appreciate having something like that from my childhood.

    I don't even want to talk about how BEHIND I am with pictures. It's pathetic!!! I need to take my computer in for service...hoping that will speed things up for me to work at least a little more efficiently. This is one of those tasks that is really dragging me down...but I haven't made it a priority to address. It's too overwhelming! Ack!!!

  2. I've been trying to get in more photos with the kids since you first mentioned it.

  3. Oh gosh no, you know I love to hide behind my camera. But I actually have to ask the hubby to take over

  4. I've learn't to hand the camera over. It helps that my eldest is starting to take phenomenal photos and is really creative.

  5. These photos are lovely Marcia!

    If i don't ask someone to take a photo of Nicola and I, I probably wouldn't have any. I could still do the one handed self-shots on the previous phone but this one is not so easy to do that way.

  6. I love the mini goal to have a picture with you and both kids in it. I make my mini goal to be in at least one picture at every event because I'm always behind the camera :)

  7. Photo's are BEAUTIFUL.
    No, I don't get behind a camera (I actually don't really like pics of myself) and yes, I should make more of an effort. I will!

  8. Sorry, I just saw this now! You can ignore my email.


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