Monday, June 18, 2012

{Create} DIY fabric tape

Well, my DIY paper tape post has over 300 views and I'm too excited because it was an original idea for me.

Hmmm, there's something there to ponder on!

But because I was so impressed with how the paper tape turned out, I looked around my study and thought about what else I could use my double-sided tape on.

My eyes landed on some ribbon and I was at it.

Good quality double-sided tape
Ribbon or strips of fabric (I don't sew so I don't have any)

How to do it

Same as the paper tape :)

  1. Carefully stick the tape onto your fabric
  2. You may have to trim the ends, depending on the width of your ribbon

Easy as that, you're done.

I thought the double-sided tape may not be sticky enough but it worked just fine, especially on the smoother ribbon

I purposefully took these pics in front of a green table I have so that my nails would pop :)

And yes, I did some more clothespeg pins - really, they are so easy and SOOOO satisfying

And look how pretty on a gift bag

You know how sometimes you have a piece of ribbon that's too small to wrap around the parcel you want? But it's still the perfect colour for the parcel?

This DIY fabric tape is perfect for just that.

Just stick it on so that the front looks pretty :)

Also use for cards (I use it a lot for cards) and for my clothespeg pins.

Have a ball - I did :)

What have you created lately?

PS I'm linking up to all these crafty parties.
PPS one month before I fly to the USA :)


  1. Thanks for showing this. I wondered how you did my pegs which I received from you.

  2. Oh you are super clever my friend!

  3. You are so crafty! Wish I could be, but I'll have other concerns soon, getting ready to go back to school!!!

  4. You are soooo clever! I have loads of fabric so will DEFINITELY be doing this one.


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