Monday, June 04, 2012

{Create} Kids' craft stick puzzles... but not with kids!

I'm a huge fan of having my kids play with different things to foster some creativity and just for fun, really.

Of course the internet can be a huge distraction as far as this is concerned but I've learnt my limits and to only pin things that are actually within my skill level and that won't cost too much.

So when I saw these kids' craft stick puzzles, I downloaded the file and printed them out.

Very easy but needed a teensy bit more patience than I normally have.

All you need are the following:
  • 12 craft sticks per puzzle - I happen to have a whole big, beautiful cupboard full of crafty goodness so of course I have different coloured craft sticks :) (CNA otherwise if you're blessed to live near Westpack, they have them too. Also, I'm going to Westpack on Saturday!!!)
  • glue (she used rubber cement whatever that might be? Maybe similar to No nails?) - I used my favourite Bostik craft glue from... you guessed it.... CNA)
  • laminated download - I have a laminator otherwise you can get any office supply store like a Postnet to do yours. The printing area at my work also does them for staff at a very small fee. She used contact paper
  • Scissors

always create with a cup of tea - I promise you it all goes better :)

So I had the "bright" idea to do this craft WITH the kids.

Let me just tell you. Don't do it.

I had a few moments where I was shrieking at them not to touch the glue, etc. and that did NOT tie into my word of the year, create, so I didn't create meaningful memories for me, let alone them.

Okay, moving along.

here's what one looks like from the front
and from the top

How I did them

  • Cut out the laminated sticks
  • Paste a strip of glue on the sticks - it really doesn't matter if you mess because glue mostly dries clear and it's for the kids, not a Pinterest competition!
  • Adhere the laminated portion and set aside to dry (I gave it a whole day)
built by D because I have zero patience for building puzzles

here are the other three - I must confess I was a bit traumatised after the first one so I waited a day before doing the monkey... on green sticks, of course :)

you've got to have a nice, pretty pic afterwards, right? Cute bucket from Clicks - R20 each and at the time I bought mine, 3 for the price of 2

So do you like doing puzzles?
Will you do these for your kids?

PS I imagine you could attach them to magnets too and use on your fridge, if you're so inclined.


  1. This is so cute. Think I may try it. although it may be too simple for a 6 year old? Going to give it a bash anyway. Txs for the link x

  2. I do actually have this pinned and was going to try it last month. Then I realised that I was going to have to buy sticks which I was not wanting to do - remember, I'm trying to use up EVERYTHING in my stash before buying any more craft supplies. Would I still do it? Probably not. Though I'm wondering if one could just laminate and cut and not apply them to the sticks?

    It does look very cute. I think it would be a really cute baby shower gift.

  3. They are very cute!!! I think they would be a cute baby shower gift too! Or in a goody bag from a preschooler birthday party.

  4. These are awesome!!! I pinned something similar, but I like yours much better. Our girls are WAY into puzzles...and I have a bag of craft I will definitely check this out. And I love-love-love them in the cute!!! Would definitely make a cute goody bag item!

  5. I think putting them on magnets is pure brilliance. I so would have done these but I think mine has mooved past this - L surprised us by building a puzzle on his own this weekend. Bless the school - truly, amazed me again

  6. Oh lol - when I saw the pic I thought "WOW thats awesome but the patience it needs" - then I saw your comment under it about patience :-p

    Its a pretty cool craft though and a nice idea for birthday gifts for toddlers!

  7. This is a great way to make home made puzzles. I don't like puzzles but my daughter do and I'm sure she will enjoy this.

  8. Hahaha! Sorry about laughing but I'm just trying to visualise you keeping two additional sets of little fingers out of the glue. I've had to relocate all the scissors in my house since they started cutting at school a week ago (they use safety scissors...I only have the real ones). Nicola wants to cut everything from sweet packets to her hair! Cutting has become a special treat to be done with strict supervision at our house for the moment.(At about the same age I allegedly cut out all the flowers on a floral printed pillow case...brand new of present to my mother as a gift...not well received might I say...and in the day where everyone still spanked their children).


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