Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{DIY} What will happen to the second cot?

We sold the babies' one cot (Kendra's, if you must know) to a friend's brother and the second one was cluttering up my dining room.

Until I had a very bright idea.

I am turning it into a coffee table.

This is what the cots looked like before.

D was not convinced (and I am being tactful here) but I told him to suspend judgement til he saw it in position.

So I asked Nester to move it into place in the lounge so he could get the vision.

oh, those are our canvases and yes, they're still laying on the coffee table because we haven't got our act together to hang them yet.

imagine a different colour...

Can you see it as it will look?
What colour should I paint it?

PS we bought large, not standard cots, which is why it's so big :)
PPS I LOVE those big drawers - my favourite part of the cot!


  1. This is a brilliant idea. Love it.
    My suggestion looking at your wooden floors and beige background with the couch, a red color would be awesome. It will attract the eye instantly when someone walks into the room. Yes, for some this is extreme but this is just me ;)

  2. I cant see the cot? I can see the cool table but not how it was as a cot. Will go back to see pics of them in it.

    It is way cool though.

  3. Oh, I love it! Those drawers will be fabulous for catching clutter in there (not that you would have any clutter...I know better than that! LOL)

    It might look good painted black like the piece with the wicker baskets in the background?

  4. LIKE. I would go RED.

  5. I love it! And yes, those drawers are great!

    I don't know what colors you have in the rest of your room / area. I'm a "wood" girl myself...but since it has paint on it already, would you consider going with a "pop" color? I love your turquoise dresser, and another blog friend painted a dresser orange recently. Maybe???

    Love your canvases, and I'm laughing about your "tactful" comment about D's thoughts! Hahaha!!!

    P.S. In the way of organization, we just got our new bookcase put together this morning, with the girls' "help". Haven't put things on shelves yet, but we're making progress!!!

  6. That's awesome. Doesn't look like a cot at all to me!

  7. Fantastic idea - looks incredible! LOVE those drawers :)

  8. I love it- the drawers are great. I think I'd paint it to match the other wood in the room, or perhaps the color of your throw pillows on the couch.

  9. I think it is great, paint it the red color of the bowl in the background. I have a coffee table sort of similar to that, but it is a nice cherry wood (boring).

  10. That is amazing! I wish I could transform our cribs. I'm thinking maybe doing the desk thing, but I just don't have the room to use them both.

    If he's not convinced totally, you can attach another, slightly top to the existing top so it has a bit of an over hang like an actual table. As for color, I would totally do a two-tone look. Although the white looks like it goes decently enough with the brick and baskets and light colored furniture!

  11. That's a neat idea! I bet you will paint it something bright :-). What if you did a photo collage of your kids on the top and do like a decoupage effect with it?

  12. Oh I can only see a table - one will never tell it was a cot?

    I would fo the "hard" route, sand down the white paint and stain it dark like the frame of that basket drawer unit in the picture. That being said, I can not see the whole room so I can nto really tell. I also think that the frame in the greenish wall colour and the drawers inthe plumb of the cushoins can work.

    I like Mandy's idea of adding a top (you can put spacers and a glass top above, then add pictures below? Almost like the old fashioned dressing tables?

  13. I love it!

    I would either paint it black or something fun like a deep red :-)

  14. Showed it to my hubby and he couldn't believe it was ever a cot! He even asked me cot as in baby's sleeping bed ;-)

    Love it. I like the colour now though I'm sure I'll love it whatever colour it is. You could sand it and get it stained in tea colour (I've watched one too many home improvement shows where they do it with used tea bags)

  15. It looks great! What about pale green? And yes, definitely worth keeping for the drawers, if nothing else!

  16. Ohmygosh, that's genius! I had to click to the link to really wrap my head around the idea that it was once a bed. And built in storage - awesome! Maybe paint it like the other storage you have in the room. Black?


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