Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day plans

So I feel quite unprepared this Father's Day.

Last year I had to get prepared weeks before because of all the bits and pieces I had to get for D's Superhero basket.

blurry pic taken by D - I left it out and when I heard him see it, I shouted "take a pic before you open"

inside i said, "you're the best daddy in the world"

By the way, don't you think Superheros are a cute party theme? It's not the 3rd birthday party theme, by the way!

So this year.

D wants some me time and a meal out. Easy enough.

me time
I'm taking BOTH babies to gym with me (pray for me - seriously, especially after last Sunday morning) this morning. I think I'll bribe them to be good and tell them we can go to breakfast afterwards (they LOVE restaurants - clearly their father's children) if they behave.

At breakfast I plan to kill two birds with one stone - keep them occupied while we wait for food and get them to make the Father's Day cards :)

meal out
We decided Sunday breakfast was the best option as we both hate crowded restaurants on the special occasion days (service is worse, place is more crowded and food is more expensive).

Well, we made a canvas handprint for MIL last week so while we were messing creating, we did one for D too.

Last night I glued on the ribbon and I will wrap that later.

What are you doing for Father's Day?

I especially want to hear your non-clutter gift ideas :) so I can store them in my mental memory box for next year.

PS I just phone my father who lives in PE
PPS It's Youth Day in South Africa today - I can't even think about all the injustices of the past!


  1. We made some vouchers (endless cups of tea, movie dates, games etc.) and will present them with breakfast in bed tomorrow. Not sure about lunch just yet. Think I'll throw something quick together and we'll ALL take a nap afterwards. I'm actually considering doing a restaurant next year. It will be one where we book a table in advance - it's just easier that way.

  2. Yes, Super Heros make a great party theme! We did that for Isaiah's 4rth B-Day. I love the basket idea, super cute!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hubby is getting an updated handprint page with the 2012 top 10 reasons he's the world's best daddy. This will be our third year for this, and I love the continuity...seeing how the girls' hands have grown, and recording what things they've enjoyed with their daddy over the past year. And it just goes in their clutter!

    I HAVE to get my act in gear, but my plan is to make baklava for Hubby tonight. He's been practically begging for it. Now's a good time! ;) Oh, and crepes for breakfast in the morning.

    Coincidentally, we're seeing my dad today. He and Emily are in Nashville - an hour south - for a mini-vacation. We're meeting them for lunch, so the girls have handprints for him, too. And they made him a washi tape it! :)

    Hope you have a successful trip to the gym and to eat, and I hope your breakfast goes well tomorrow.

  4. My husband got a kindle fire for fathers day- but I let him have it early :) Then the kids and I made cards yesterday. Tomorrow I will make breakfast with the kids while he sleeps in and we got some yummy steaks from the local butcher for dinner.

  5. Present wrapped and ready for the morning. Have decided on lunch out tomorrow afternoon and arranged that earlier. And an early night tonight :).

  6. My B got new running shoes - and we filled out one of those "things I know about my Daddy" pages found on Pinterest. I loved Mellow's answers, and I know Daddy will, too!

    P.S. Birthday party themes are so much fun! Will you share!?

  7. I bought Aaron a card tonight while I was at the store. So far that's all. I suck. I need to think of something.

  8. I typed a long reply yesterday and yes, got thrown away. So let's go again. The kids all made super cute things at school so he got those and we often call him Superdad (the boys are all about Superheroes now - so had to smile during this post) so we got him a great DC comics Superman mugg (at Checkers nogals) and filled it with his fav choccies.

  9. We made a card for my dad, and I bought him a nice bottle of wine and a slab of Lindt dark chocolate with cranberries in it. He kept his card and we all shared the rest during and after lunch, which my mom made...yumm!

  10. Did Fathers day go this way yesterday?
    We did nothing for Fathers day as we were in Cape Town :)


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