Friday, June 22, 2012

Friendship Friday - are you into matchmaking real life or blog friends?

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I'm a big fan of matchmaking. Or connecting, as I like to call it :)

I do this naturally. I meet someone and if I feel they would get along with another, I try and connect them.

Of course my favourite type of matchmaking is men and women but seeing as I now hang out with mainly attached people, I don't get to indulge that part very often.

And so... friend matchmaking!

friend date at end of May

I've been email/ blog friends with two people and I kept saying to the one that I'm sure she and the other would get along.

She wasn't sure that the other person would be into her.

And then I left it.

Eventually a few weeks ago I got bossy.

I emailed the two of them, "introduced" them and said would they please just go have a coffee or something because I was SURE they'd get on.


Well, they indulged my bossiness and made the plan.

I sat on tenterhooks that day til I heard from both of them and............

They got along well. Very well, by the sounds of it.

Shew :)

I love it when a plan comes together. (name that tv show)

Have you ever match-made (?) friends?

On a lesser level, I do this with blogs too.

"You should read so and so's blog - you will love it/her"

Of course it's a bit horrible when person A does in fact love person B but person B does not love person A back.

I'm a prime example of this.

Cat - I LOVE this pic

Strangely or not so strangely, one of the two blog friends has recommended some blog people to me and despite making lots of effort, they have all not been into me. Hmmm.

So I can't think of situations where I've been match-made and it worked out.

But how about you?

Do you match-make real life friends or blog friends? Or been matched?
How has it worked for you?

PS Ugh, I feel a bit weird now. I happened to say something offhand about there being an in crowd at work and it sparked a WHOLE discussion which did not go well so I feel like my point wasn't made, despite trying... a lot. Maybe we should talk about that next week?


  1. haha...I am not really a matchmaker per se. I often mention to people that I think that they would LOVE so-and-so but I never take it further than that. I think that deep down I am afraid that they will hate each other and then be cross with me or something. I have been the "victim" of matches. Luckily for me it has always worked out. Did you know that Lance and I were a match by a friend of mine who met him first?
    There is ALWAYS an in-crowd or a clique. EVERYWHERE. And it's usually the people within the clique that don't want to acknowledge this.

  2. Jeepers it is hard enough for me to find and keep my own friends I didnt even think of doing this.

    I have had cases though where friends have met at a braai and hit it off and become friends but it is not really through any effort on my part!

  3. Negative. I am sooo not the matchmaker. But I do love your blog suggestions! I guess it's the I in me . :)

  4. Nope. Never friend matchmade before but I have introduced a couple love birds in my time...LOL!

    Happy Weekend~

  5. The stinky thing is when two friends become closer to each other than to me! :/ Not to say I want to "shield" my friends from each other...we should all be mature and enjoy each others' company...and what will be will be...but that's definitely a weird feeling.

    I'd love to hear your take on cliques at work, and of course read others' comments. I'm removed from that a bit, obviously, but I have plenty of stories in my mind. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I try not to meddle in matters like this, just because I don't like to fail and I would feel like a failure if the friends or people don't get along.

    I thought the clique thing would end when we left high school, then it continues in College, then you think ok, let's get to the workplace and finally get to a clique free environment but alas it's still the same (never ends) and I have found it's the same in the blogging world.......

  7. A good post Marcia! I'm not really into the whole match-making thing and a few times ppl have tried it with me, but it doesn't work so well. Hubby likes to bring random email addresses of people he met at work and then wants me to contact their wives to catch up which I find really weird to be honest.

  8. I have a hard time making friends, I always assume that others will like each other more than me.

  9. I don't intentionally do it, but sometimes it happens when I throw people together for other purposes. Oh and on the man-woman matchmaking bit: that has been done to me on a number of occasions (usually with very funny results!). It never took though.


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