Friday, June 29, 2012

{Friendship Friday} where do I stand on my half-year friendship goals?

Okay, to start...since we're half way through the year, some Friendship Friday stats

  • This is post 21 (not counting the other friendship posts I wrote before I got organised and called it FF)
  • All except this one and this one had well over 100 views :)
  • This is the most popular post with 333 views.
Isn't this fun?

(this is the most consistent series I've ever written. yay me)

Okay, back to the half-year friend goals.

On my 2012 goals list, I have...
  1. meet with friends twice a month
  2. have 10 friend dates for the year (one on one)
I just counted them all up and I've had 11 one-on-one dates and 10 group friend dates, either with two or more people (like when I met two friends and went to a church conference), or my family and another family.
So I'm doing well even though...
I didn't even have one stated friend goal accomplished this month. Although three got set up and happened spontaneously. Hmmm.
The goals not happening for June are due to a number of reasons:
  1. I had a really hectic May so we needed some down-time.
  2. Our inflexible friends have been impossible to schedule - they have now declined our invitation at the last minute twice... (btw, I sent an email on Thursday, something like "come on, guys, you're going to have to help me out here" and I've heard nothing...)
  3. I saw Louisa on a Sunday at the end of May, we were supposed to have supper on the Tues so we obviously cancelled that.
  4. My work friend and I have had huge workloads and just kept postponing... although we did have a fat chat before and after a meeting today :)     
my gorgeous friend, R, at her 30th
What's going well?
  • Because I make a monthly goal, I'm really intentional about putting people first.
  • I'm getting to connect 1:1 with lots of friends. It's filling up my love tank in a big way.
  • I'm becoming a lot more flexible and spontaneous.
  • Life is more fun!

What's not going so well?
  • I'm spending tons of money on all the friendship socials. Need to tone that down and become more creative. I've joined a great service to track my spending and I noticed the months that are not so friend-heavy have a smaller eating out spend. I'm not going to stop seeing friends; I just need to have people over more often and do slow cooker meals :)
  • There are really good couple friends of ours that I really, really, really want to get together with and this has just not happened. I'm going to make that happen before I go on my trip.
But enough about me, let's talk about you.

How have you done this year so far?
Are you happy with where you're at with your friendships?
What do you want to change?                                                


  1. I am missing my friend E who has stopped working ( she used to work just accross the street from me ) and now we have not met once this month where we used to at least twice for lunch. I also know that unless we make a big effor it will not happen.

    The new friend I made a while ago when I asked her out for lunch, has been bery busy with work but has ames me to lunch next week. So here' s hoping that will work out. And then I found an old friend through Facebook - she and one of H friends broke up, my phone got stolen ans it was rather odd. But we were both elated to find each other and a, planning coffee soon.

  2. I have LOVED my friendship journey over the past 6 months. I am content with where I am at (it really does wonders for my love tank) and I need to work on that asking for help thing. I really love that I only plan for one friend date and I end up having a minimum of two every month. And I LOVE that more than 85% of my friend dates are impromptu. Those really are the best ones.

  3. This wasn't part of my list for the year, but in general I'm feeling quite good about where I am with friendships. I've let some toxic ones go, I've made a few new friends and even though I don't spend a lot of times with the ones I already have I feel that I do get to connect enough and it's all on track.

  4. While I didn't set specific goals, I have made a conscious effort to go out more. A lot of this has been centered around wedding prep and has worked out well. The only downside is it is straining my home life and even my relationship with the hubs. I'd really like some more free time in life, can we get a 30 hour day?!


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