Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gym, party priorities and driving through Jhb

1. I said to D last night when he asked if I really had to go to gym...

1. it's the only time I'm making it these days...
2. it's good for Connor and me to have some alone time
3. it forces the whole house up and dressed early instead of us lounging around in pjs til 11.

So we went.

I loved the class and I think it's the teacher. There are two that alternate. The one takes her craft very seriously and is technically perfect but I'm never sure she's having fun...

This one from today has a BALL and so do we. She laughs at herself, at us and just really makes us have fun! She'll be there on Monday night too so I'll go again.

2. My babies turn 3 in exactly two weeks time. How's this for my prioritities this year?

I have all the party favours on my guest bed in the study and 4 packs are actually ready (for pics!). I need to get them done because the kids, despite trying to "help", have fingers that are all too busy and involved!

I kind-of have a photographer booked for their actual birthday (I say kind-of because she mailed me back to say yes she was free but when I asked about forms, deposits, etc. I've heard NOTHING) but not for the party. I'm going to be bossy and leave a list of things I want pics of and trust my lovely friends to grab my camera and get those shots.

Nothing food has even been thought of nor a shopping list made. But I do have paper plates, serviettes and paper cups (from previous shopping trips - don't be impressed).

I'm living on the wild side :)

3. Mandy and I set some accountabilities for ourselves this weekend so I'm knee-deep in photo organising.

Fortunately, once I get going, I'm on a roll so I've already finished the stuff I wanted to do and I'm on the bonus stuff now :)

As I was looking through my pics, I remembered I haven't yet posted on Elevate the Ordinary. That post will come this week- I've really had to elevate the very ordinary because Jhb is beautiful in winter, yes (especially our skies - look out for that post too but you've seen my many sunset pics - just gorgeous), but it's dry and brown and uninspiring unless you REALLY look and are willing to be totally uncomfortable (cold!).

More on that this week.

But for now some random pics taken while going home one evening (D was driving!). Please remember the car was moving for most of these :)

look at the lady on the right wrapped in a blanket. Yes, it's that cold
Louis Botha Avenue - if you can drive here, you can drive anywhere. I quite like this pic.
Leaves and graffiti
more graffiti
I love how this dude's giving me a weird look :)
oh, sunset!
10 degrees!

last bits of sunset
and we arrive home - Nanny S is holding them back because they want to open the door and run outside
Did you enjoy driving through Jhb with me?
Which was your favourite pic?


  1. I love the first JHB picture...definitely a "slice of life". And is any of the graffiti legal? Some of the purple writing, and of the character look so "professional"!

    And of course I love that last shot!!! :) :)

  2. I absolutely love the graffiti! I have been meaning to make time to get to the railroad tracks to get some of it on the rail cars.

    AND YOUR BABIES CAN'T BE TURNING 3 YET! That means mine are too!

    I need more time!!
    I've done absolutely nothing for their party. NOTHING AT ALL! Mommy fail! I've been all caught up in wedding land and vacation planning. To be perfectly honest, I'm still not feeling a party this year.

  3. ROFL at the guy's expression!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the gym class. I find it's the same for me too. A good instructor and good music makes for an exciting time even when exercising.

    Love the sunsets, all beautiful. And of the kids at the window. Priceless!!!

    I can't believe ever so organized Marcia is not done with all party stuff with less than 2 weeks to go. I think I need to come and be your appointed photographer for the day. There will be too many precious moments that it would be a shame not to have these in pictures

    1. Oooooo!!! I see you said favourite pic, well I picked favourite pics...

  5. Wow! I am stunned about your living on the wild side! Haha! I got my party stuff like the weekend before the party. I got the food stuff the day before. It was a lot of work, but it was fun!

    LOVED your JHB pics! Whenever I hear anything about South Africa now, I think of you. My fave was the tower pic. And wow, 10 degrees! Brrr! Too bad we can't share some heat. It was 98F here one day last week with a heat index of 102F!

    My children are currently sleeping at 8:15AM, which is rare. Does it count though if they TOOK TURNS getting up about six times throughout the night? Haha! The only reason they are sleeping in is probably because they are exhausted from that. Sigh...

  6. Oh i love your pics, its like seeing into some ones else's daily life :-)

  7. LOVE your pics. LOL...that guy is probably wondering WHY you are snapping him. Reminds me of a few weeks ago when someone was stealing our neighbours bricks (neighbour is renovating) in broad daylight! Lance saw him and then walked up to him and took his pic. A few pics actually! There was a bit of scuffle/scene (neighbour came out and wanted to KILL the guy) but at least the thief left the stuff and walked away. I know he won't be back because he was threatened with his mug shots!
    Must say I have been VERY bad with exercise this month. Only went once! In all fairness, my Saturdays have been VERY full so I do need to make an alternative arrangement.
    ps...I always live on the wild side with parties. Mine usually come together during the week of the party. YES, I am THAT Mom.

  8. With regard to the photographer - we have never really had budget for one but I love collecting the photos from everyone who was there - they arent always the best in terms of photographer but are often the best in terms of moments captured!

    LOL I had a blanket wrapped around me yesterday at a restaurant we were at!!

  9. Hahaha @ the one with the blanket! I should have brought a blanky to work today, brrrr...

  10. Love the photos here on today's post. Loved that Louis Botha Avenue photo.
    You sound so excited regarding the birthday party :)

  11. Love the pics! I noticed immediately that the guy was giving you a dirty look and I love the kiddos wanting to run outside to greet you!

  12. Love the tour of Jhb!

    And the pics of the twins waiting at the door is too gorgeous!


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