Monday, June 25, 2012

I got to my desk at 9:05

Not taken this morning but a week ago
D dressed both kids, packed the 4 bags in the car and made their Weetbix before he left at 7:20 and still we only left at 8:30ish.

  • Supervising breakfast
  • Wiping hands and faces
  • Brushing teeth
  • Getting myself dressed
  • Bundling them up in their winter woolies
  • Taking first day pictures
  • Bribing them to sit still in their car seats
  • Getting them strapped in the car

Got to the basement, had to say a couple of times, "HOLD HANDS. There are CARS" and eventually got them inside.

Who knew a basement and a lift could be that exciting?!

Fortunately my kids were not the last to arrive (!) and I signed them in and then went to my desk.

Here's the cool part - when I walk into or through our pause area, I can look down the two floors and see the kids.

Here's the not-so-cool part - between 9:05 when I arrived at my desk and 9:20 when I emailed D, I'd already checked on them TWICE.

Connor didn't even say BYE to me before he was off.

Kendra wandered around a lot looking a bit lost (my heart!) but D told me she's just settling in and would be fine.

I had back-to-back meetings til 12, raced down there and had to BRIBE my kids to come with me. Of course the first thing Kendra says to me is, "where's Daddy?"

They were very good with eating their lunch (peanut butter sandwiches, water and carrot sticks) and I got lots of compliments (they're well-mannered, friendly and gorgeous).

After that I didn't mind them going back for the afternoon session. I couldn't get out of a two-hour workshop so I had to book them in again.

And they were just fine. No accidents peeing, no fighting, no nothing. The teachers said they were very good and the teachers were also very good and told me they had no sugar except for a chocolate muffin (Connor - I noticed that right away with the tell-tale smudges on his cheeks).

They tie-dyed t-shirts today and made meringues and all was well with the world.

Except... My babies are growing up and I'm suddenly not sure that's a good thing.The upcoming birthday doesn't help either!

I've been in bed for the last hour because I suddenly started feeling sniffly, right about the time I said good night actually :)

I have a verrrrry early day tomorrow, a breakfast thing at 7:15 but I will be fashionably late at 7:30-ish because I can't see the point of stressing myself out to leave any earlier than 7!

Enough about us, how was your Monday?


  1. Well done on getting through the first day. I bet they loved their day. Mine always loved daycare!

  2. So, so glad to hear the day went well for everyone!!! And that is the most precious picture!!!

    I know what you mean about them growing up, though...I've been feeling that way a lot this summer. Sniff, sniff. ;)

    Hope you feel better in the morning and they have another great day!

  3. Sounds like they are enjoying the creche :) Which is a good thing.
    I'm really glad that they enjoyed it so much.

  4. What a cute photo! I'm glad they had fun on their first day...and that you made it through in one piece too. Do you think you could do this every day? Are you ready to start thinking about creche'? ;-)

    They really do grow up so fast hey...

  5. Aww it sounds like they handed the first day a little better than you! I don't blame you, it breaks my heart to think of my guys as anything but babies who need me.

  6. YAY!!! You survived! Congrats on making it through. This is a good sign that pre-school won't be so bad afterall!!!

    Monday was just Monday. Already looking forward to the weekend, going to do some community work in Soweto

    1. They look all set for winter in this picture. Please put up the picture of their first day in 'play school'

  7. Well done to all 4 of you :)

    I have been doing school runs for 7 years and it's still a challenge!

    They look very big in that pic!!

  8. Congrats on their first day! What an accomplishment.

    You'll see, it gets easier as you go on.

    Make lunches the night before, and also set out the clothes they are going to wear too. And i still make my kids eat before they get dressed so we don't have toothpaste accidents on their school clothes!

  9. I kind of had a grumpy day, but came home, worked out, made a nice dinner and caught up on taped episodes of Master Cook. I love Gordon Ramsey!!!

  10. I had a case of the Mondays which has just bled into Tuesday...

    But kudos to you for following through and worrying yourself sick. You're leaps and bounds ahead of me! I'm so glad they liked it. Is this something you would consider yourself comfortable with now after two days? September will be here before you know it...

  11. Awww....I'm soooo glad it went well. That morning routine can be a killer but eventually (after a lot of tweaking)you find your groove. I can't say that I enjoyed my Monday - I actually just wrote about it. BUT I am LOVING that my house is so clean and quiet!

  12. So glad it went so well! I'll bet K & C LOVED it.

    It's so easy to get emotional over our babies growing even happens to me sometimes, and you know how unemotional I can be! : ) BUT, in my opinion, it's a sign of secure, well-adjusted kids that they went right into their day without fear or hesitation. I think that's pretty fantastic!

  13. Oh the cuties! I tell you, our mornings have to run with military precision, or we are late. All very stressful


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