Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New, Pinteresting recipes... just for Laura

So I have on my 37 things list to cook 12 new “main course” recipes.

When I last updated my page, I'd done 7 - pan pizza, chicken with peaches, honey chicken with pineapple, enchilada casserole, aromatic chicken, mince, noodles and sweetcorn, chickpea and pita bread salad.

I then set out to finish up those last 5.

1. Quesadilla buffalo burgers

I don't eat buffalo but minced beef (or chicken) would work. And I used wholewheat pita to contain it all nicely.

It was a lovely, quick meal for a change but I need to work on the burger part as mine were not all that tasty to start...

Still I would do it again.

2. Spicy sausage pasta

This one was a big hit and I've already made another pasta recipe based on the same, one-pot principle.

The only change I made was using beef instead of turkey sausage. Next time I will use pork but D is not too fond of pork. Is there anything better than a pork sausage though?! YUM!

This one is staying on our menu rotation.

By the way, this is my new way with recipes. I pin everything I'm likely to try, take the laptop to the kitchen and if we love it, then only will I print a copy for my flip file :)

3. Skinny Chicken Divan

This one was a little too skinny for me because it uses chicken stock instead of a cream-based sauce. My old recipe uses a cream of chicken soup plus mayonnaise (always Crosse and Blackwell Lite).

It's nice enough though; in fact, we're having the second half of it for supper tonight.

4. Macaroni cheese

I already make a good and healthy macaroni cheese (to which I add carrot cubes - the kids don't even know and they think it's cheese because of the orange) but I'm always game to try anything pasta.

I made this on Saturday and both the kids and D loved it. I preferred mine but I will admit this is EASY, delicious and quick.

5. Black bean quesadillas

I made these last week after I noticed I had two packs of wraps in the freezer. I'm into clearing the freezer regularly so I force myself to get creative and use up all the odds and ends. Which is exactly why we had pasta with butternut and bacon last night :)

I saw this recipe on Deanna's blog and since I don't know what black beans are, I used a can of chickpeas. BTW, I can't find red kidney beans (dry) anywhere in Jhb. If you see some, please tell me where. I like to cook them myself but have had to buy tinned because I can't find them.

They were SO easy and SO delicious. I sampled one while I was cooking and shared with the other 3.

BTW, this is how I introduce new foods to my kids. I heat our food, have a taste and go "mmmmm" and then they also want to taste. I'll give them one bite and then say, "no, Baby, this is MY supper. Would you like some for your supper tomorrow?" and that's how it works.

A huge hit with me, D and both babies. D and I had two quesadillas each (4 quarters) and the babies had 1 each. The mixture was just enough for the 6.

If you have it with a bowl of soup (because it's winter) or some salad (in summer) it will stretch further... or maybe not :)

We're having some more on the weekend, this time with red kidney beans :)

6. Bonus - cinnamon muffins

I also made these last week (it is SO nice cooking in winter).

I've been looking at Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls for years and years but I just can't get past all that butter and sugar.

So when I saw these on a blog, I thought, "hey, I can do that" and so I did.

This recipe is just perfect. I adjusted it as I always do and I always skip the glaze.

It felt like a little slice of heaven in my house. And I was a rock star wife and mother because everybody loved it.

D said the other day he's LOVING the fact that I'm making so many new (nice) things to eat and I just smiled. My secret's Pinterest :)

This is why I'm writing this post, Laura, because you asked for recipes the other day and I was too lazy to comment and write all that I was thinking :)

So which recipes are you going to try???

Please share your favourite cooking and baking pins with me!

I'm officially done with those two items on my 37 things list but that doesn't mean the fun in the kitchen stops!


  1. I am going to try the quesadillas with garbanzo beans...I needed a way to incorporate more garbanzos in my life! : )

    You should find some black beans if they're available there...delicious!!

    It's funny how differently we cook according to the seasons. It's so hot here, I can't think of anything but salads and summer veggies. That mac n cheese looks great, but I can't stand the thought of something that creamy and heavy this week. ; )

  2. Thanks for joining in :) It reminded me to post this weeks recipe!

    Those cinnamon buns look yummy - may try substitute and make them gluten and dairy free - I LOVE cinnamon!

  3. I need to sign up for Pinterest!!! I still have yet to. Lately DH has been doing more of the cooking, but considering we're summer here (get ready for that when you visit!), I'm in the mood to make a cold chicken Asian noodle salad with a spicy peanut sauce. Sounds yum, doesn't it?

    They don't have black beans in South Africa!!! Aaaackk!! They are a stable in Mexican cooking and are awesome!!!

  4. I am in awe of all your new goodies - I want to try the mac n cheese - and sad for you that you don't know what black beans are :) we eat them in our house at least twice a week! I am going to have to come pin from you!

  5. Awesome. I realised this week that I'm a rather lazy cook and that I don't particularly like to experiment. I'm the type who wants someone else to try it first and tell me what improvements to make before I even attempt it. Have pinned that sausage thing. Will do it with pork. Maybe this weekend.I have never heard of black beans in my life! Do they even sell it in SA? Will go and look tomorrow at Woollies or at PNP.

  6. I just pinned the cinnamon rolls...they look yummy! Would be great with some pecans in the filling, too. :)

    And I'm with the other beans rock! ;) One of my very favorite dishes that I make is black bean chili. YUM!!!

    Going to run an idea by you...I love seeing Pinterest stuff you've actually done, and hearing reviews from a "real person". [I always click on links before I pin them, and I'm guessing not everyone does that...sometimes you see something with a beautiful picture with terrible reviews.]

    What would you think about a Pinterest "I've Done This" link-up? Could be crafts, decorating, cleaning, cooking...whatever. Maybe an augmentation to your craft linky? (Notice I'm asking if *you'll* do this! HA!) Just a thought!

    Hope you have a fantastic evening, Marcia! And maybe we'll find some black beans for you in North Carolina. :)

  7. Those black bean quesadillas look YUM! I pinned that.

    I have done a bunch of things on my Pinterest Foodie Stuff board. I'll have to do a post soon.

    I do quesadillas A LOT! We like to do the following filling; crumbled bacon, sauteed onion and mushroom (cooked in the bacon grease, or course!), Mexican cheese, and sometimes grilled chicken strips. For a topping, we do peach salsa (store bought, guacamole (store bought), and sour cream. It's easy.

  8. I think I have seen black beans in some Portugese shops. Will check when next I'm there and let you know.

    My sis loves making kidney beans from scratch too, please share some recipes I'ld love to try it out.

    I'm definitely going to try out the skinny chicken divan. I like the fact that it is skinny since I don't like cooking with cream (except I'm making cheese cake) and I don't eat mayonnaise of any kind. And I might have to skip the milk and cheese - if I want my family to eat it... :-(

    Have you tried black eyed beans and brown rice - a one pot dish since they both take the same time to cook in a pressure cooker

  9. Lovely recipes. I have another Cinnamon bun recipe for you, which we tried last weekend which is so easy and SO delicious. If you want it, Inbox me :)

  10. Sjoe! They all sound delicious - well done! I like that you try them first before printing them for your file. Whenever I see something delicious looking on Pinterest I always wonder if the person pinning it has actually tried making it.

  11. that mac & cheese is now on my list!

  12. Don’t know why but I was thinking about your fruit thing today and I wanted to tell you that my family also don’t like actual fruit with their food. I’ve gotten around this by using fruit juice instead of the actual fruit eg. I make apricot chicken using liqui-fruit apricot juice. Just sprinkle it over the soup and it works beautifully. I would think that you can apply the same principle with pineapple etc. Haven’t tried that though but maybe I will.

  13. oooh food yum! Those burgers look great!


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