Sunday, June 03, 2012

Pottering, putzing, faffing around

Look at his expression. This is exactly how I feel about doing laundry :)
Today was SUCH a lovely day.
My favourite kind - pottering around the house.
Do you know I only got into fresh clothes at 3pm? Yes!
Kendra and I stayed home from church because she's a little under the weather and I took the opportunity to organise up a storm. Maybe because i posted about organising toys on the organising blog on Friday but I dove into them again.
Chucked out some "treasures", re-categorised and labelled some more containers.
Also Kendra got a bigger bed for her "children". I think there are an assortment of about 5 - 6 animals (her children) sleeping in the new bed (organising crate with the front off, mattress is a couch cushion and the blanket is a towelling diaper/ nappy).

Poor Thursday :)
Oh, some of you asked the last time if I have issues with dolls.
Well, I don't... but I'm not a girly girl and I was never a girl with dolls, etc. so it's the last thing I think to buy. 
And nobody's ever bought one for her either (she usually gets her girly fix from birthday and Christmas gifts, and I keep things all gender neutral :)). Although my one friend said she'll buy Kendra a baby doll :) I think she'll be in girl heaven. 
As I was organising I thought of some things to add to the list - I keep this mental list of things so if the family ask for ideas for birthday presents, I can actually tell them real things.
Speaking of which, my kids are now into presents.  A few weeks ago, they loved their mother's day presents D gave them in real gift wrap :)

I love this pic. Look what you get when you get on the ground :)

Today I wanted to give them some jumbo pencil crayons I bought at Clicks (R20 for 6) with a sketch pad (cars for Connor and butterflies for Kendra) so I wrapped them up pretty as if for other kids (I blush - I do nicer gift wrap for other people instead of my own kids!!!).

We actually have TONS (too much) of arts and crafts stuff. I love this kind of thing so I clearly keep buying too much for them. 
I handed Kendra's present to her immediately when she came back to the study and she squealed appropriately (MandyE, she's learning from me!). 

When Connor came home from church, I gave his present to him and he was all "thank you Mummy for my lovely present". Yes, I melted. 

I was clever this time - I also use washi tape as labels so I labelled each pencil crayon with a big K or C so there will be NO fighting!
Anyway, the 10 minutes spent labelling and wrapping the gifts = totally worth it for those moments of happiness.

this is how it typically looks on my desk
I also had some lovely 1:1 time with Connor. He didn't want to sleep so D brought him to our bedroom so he didn't disturb Kendra. This boy LOVES getting his head and neck stroked. The other morning I wasn't even aware I was playing with the nape of his neck and when he went away, he said to me with such heart, "thank you, Mummy, for playing with my neck" LOL
Anyway, so I said, "do you want me to play with your neck?" "Yes," he said and before 5 minutes had elapsed, he was out like a light. I left him on my chest for about 20 minutes til D came to move him. Bliss!
And this afternoon I organised about half of the May pics. I want to do a bit more now and then tidy my desk because it's a bit messy. 
I also decided to consciously use a smaller bag for a week or two so that I stop carrying my whole life with me. I usually find my things stay that way easier if the bag is smaller.
The second photo canvas craft is also now 100% done - I do so love crossing things off my list.

sunset from my desk

This week I'm looking forward to booking my US accommodation and going to gym twice! I'm going to try and fool myself by saying "I'm competent and able to do Big Task at Work" but all prayers of the IT variety will be very welcome.

Also, I've just seen Elevate the Ordinary starts tomorrow not Wednesday like I thought. Let the games begin :) 
What are you looking forward to this week?

PS did you like the random pics? :) 
PPS that's an affiliate link for the course. I get a few bucks (to help with the US trip) if you sign up. So far I have $9,80 - woohoo! :)


  1. We putzed around the house today too! Got lots of little stuff done that I forget about all the time. Looking forward to going to my daughter's Classroom City at school Monday afternoon. I need to take some photos of my desk at work!!! I do spend a lot of time there.

  2. I had a very lazy day too! It was fantastic. I probably should have done some work though. I ended up doing lots of reading, watching movies and knitting a bit.
    This week I'm looking forward to finishing up some knitting, learning a new skill and I have to help Child1 with his studying because it's exam time.

  3. I unpacked 3 or 4 boxes that have been sitting since we moved in a year ago, and I also put together three HUGE garbage bags of clothes to donate.

    VERY productive for my lazy butt LOL

  4. I really really like the sun photo through the blinds. Oooh, and your desk is a treat. Marcia you would not be happy working here at the secret place. We have a very strict clean desk policy round here. I have not one single personal item on my desk. When I walk out here in the afternoons this desk could belong to anyone.

    I think I need a duvet day tomorrow...I am down with the flu. Unfortunately i have one of those CANNOT MISS IT meetings at 13:00 today, which is the only reason i bothered getting up at all.

    1. Hope you are feeling better?

      We also have a clean desk policy but it relates to office papers/docs and locking your desks and computers, but you can have personal items, pictures etc.

      Your office should be called the 'strict place' not 'secret place' LoL

  5. Love the photos in this post of yours. Gives us insight of how it looks and feel in your office. Thanks.

  6. That pic of C is a beauty!! His expression is priceless. You know my view on sunrise and sunset. Love Love Love

    What am I looking forward to this week, exercise more, finish a photobook (not enjoying the experience at all), eat better, sleep more ;-)

    1. PS: why is thursday looking abandoned???

  7. Loved the random pics! Mine also love totally small random little gifts. My mom is the one that bought A every single doll she has (apart fromt he twin dolls she got at the boys' birth) and guess what, jip, she hardly ever plays with them. She loves to feed her animals though.And I think that too is nurturing - so what?

    Gosh, an who wears those shoes? Truly, I will not be able to walk one step in them.

    We had church, then bought bikes for the boys and had a great little braai to end off our Sunday.

  8. BTW - did you know that doing the washing is about the only household task I love? I love the smell of freshly washed clothes, hanging them, taking down and folding them. Yes I know, a bit crazy

  9. Hows those shoes!!!! Gosh I wouldnt be able to stand in them let alone walk.

    I dont mind washing - ironing is what I hate - in fact I just do not do it - EVER!


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