Thursday, June 07, 2012

So this was the best wedding gift ever :)

So remember my friend who got married?

And the wedding gift we got them? Well, I ended up not going with that girl photographer because as I was about to buy it, a Groupon came through that was slightly better value for money (more pics).

It was a drama and a half though - I had to do lots of phoning around to make the guy accept the Groupon. Really long story and I won't bore you.

Anyway, they went for their shoot and here are a few pics.

cute baby toes!

Aren't they gorgeous???

She sent me the MOST beautiful email this week saying she's SO glad I thought out of the box and got them this gift because she will treasure these pics forever.

Everybody say this with me... aaaaawwwwww.

Do you like it when I give you feedback like this?

(I like it when bloggers do this so there are closed loops!)

PS one month til my babies turn 3!


  1. Great photos - sometimes Groupon deals are just not worth the hassle, but this was a perfect gift!

  2. Oh yes, I love feedback and what a truly wonderful gift idea! I love it

  3. Absolutely an awesome very thoughtful on so many levels! And what a beautiful family, too. :)

  4. That is the coolest gift idea ever - great job! And what gorgeous pics!

  5. I have gotten really stingy with my groupon buying lately. Those pictures are wonderful and it is a wonderful gift. Sitting down to go for pictures just isn't something people seem to do "nowadays" although everyone seems to love them. I especially love that she took the time to personally respond instead of thee generic thank you card.

  6. Those are FABulous!! what a great gift Fo-sure....very thoughtful!

    Happy Thursday! :)

  7. That was such a good idea, I'm so glad they loved it!

  8. That's such an awesome idea for a gift! The pictures look great!

  9. SUCH a clever gift idea. I would never have thought of it. They are gorgeous.

  10. Great idea for a gift. Love these pics! Were your ears burning? Cause we were just talking about you coming to NYC!!!

  11. What a great gift!


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