Monday, June 11, 2012

A verrrrrry cold weekend

Gosh, but this weekend was cold.

So cold I wanted to go to a shopping centre just to keep warm (no aircon at home and all the malls are just so lovely and warm).

But we didn't really.

In Pilgrim's Rest - I'm thinking fondly of the heat.... look at their expressions :)

It was my MIL's birthday on Saturday and we were invited for tea.

Since we had to go all the way to the other side of the world, I emailed my friend to ask her if they wanted to join us for lunch beforehand.

Her babies sleep from 12:30 but we managed to get her out of the house while her hubby watched them :)

And so an impromptu little lunch date was born.

It was so lovely to see her AND I got to do some shopping at Westpack.

I reminded her that last year when we met there, we also had the coldest day of the year!!!

And then the rush to MIL where we had a couple of hours and then home.

Psst - I skipped baths on Saturday!!!! (I can't remember the last time we skipped baths)


And then yesterday was a nightmarish encounter with the kids at Pep (I needed to get some things for them, was going to take only Kendra but I cracked - mistakenly - when Connor freaked out and did "the face" (you know the one where they're working it....).

That scarred me and I needed church just to recover but the afternoon was lovely.

The kids slept. This separating them thing is working well and they think it's a novelty sleeping on my bed.

Kendra slept 2 hours 5 minutes and Connor 2 hours 50 minutes and yes, of course I'm counting :)

During this time I organised their toys and got my pre-school groove on. That's a subject of another post but there are such cool things on the internet and I've planned two weeks of pre-school stuff for them.

I know!!!! Me!!!!

I also played with all my photos - OH, I have some really lovely pics from Superhero Photo. I can't believe some of my favourite pics in the world are ones I took!!!

And I worked some more on the party packs (still no invite!).

That's me - I was in a super-productive mood because the internet was quiet (or is that just MY Google Reader?) and I wasn't reading blogs. I didn't feel like even blogging!

So what did you do this weekend?

PS I really need those winter recipes - I'm so bored with bolognaise (and all my healthy versions), chicken a la King and similar.
PPS this morning my car said 3 degrees. 3!!!


  1. We organised this weekend!!!! We had some shelves from the shop delivered and put them up and organised our house.

    I was SOOO chuffed with the results on Sunday when we were done!!!!

    I have pics but no before pics - so is a tad pointless

  2. You had a great day - although our weekend was great, it was way too social and I feel like I had no time for myself. Have you seen my healthier version of oxtail on my blog - go have a look.

  3. It really WAS a cold weekend and today is no better :(
    You had a great weekend especially with that impromto lunch date.

  4. Hooray for a productive nap time! I have had some pretty productive periods over the past few days...I'm channeling you, Marcia! ;)

    I'm laughing about you being scarred, such that you needed church just to recover. You crack me up...but I so know what you're talking about!

    And I'm making that honey chicken dish again this week. I'm going to take notes of the changes I make to the recipe, and I'll email it to you. It's so yummy.

    And I usually laugh at you, when you talk about 12 or 15 being "cold"...but 3* is truly chilly! Bundle up and have some tea!

  5. Mine was lovely and lazy. Zero productivity in these parts. I haven’t felt like blogging much lately either. I totally blame the weather for that.

  6. I love that you don't do temperature extremes in either direction! I didn't think you got quite that cold down there.
    We had a wonderful shower, with a slight surprise. I desperately wanted to be productive afterwards but that just wasn't happening. Everyone was over-tired. I have sooo much to do though, especially party planning! I also saw your comment on Heather's post and realized that I have not made appointments for the DR or the Dentist for the ladies...ack!

    As for the recipes, winter means crock pot for me! I love coming home on a cold day to smell dinner waiting! Do you have a crock?

  7. OMG!!! I can't even fathom cold weather right now. We had such a hot and humid weekend!!! There was a community yard sale on Saturday and we participated. Sold some old stuff we've had sitting around that we don't use, like Phoebe's old bicycle. The little girl that bought it for dirt cheap was so happy! And Sunday we went to our friends that have a pool and had dinner there on the grill. We brought stuff, they had stuff and it all went together great!


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