Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What's your parenting superpower?

So you all know I am super-obsessed with Motherstyles.

I remember when I first read the book I blogged and said that my Motherstyle skills were going to come more into play as the kids aged.

It's true.

Remember this little talk I had with Kendra?

Well, I find myself REALLY enjoying these thinking, reasoning, sometimes logical little people.

Just a few quick examples that come to mind:

1. The other night I got home and the sunroom toys were in the kitchen.

Have I told you I don't pack other people's things away? My rule is I didn't play with them so I'm not packing them away! Yessss, I'm that mother.

I won't put their toys away unless I've taken them from their designated homes to organise them.

So I told Kendra to take them back to the sunroom.

She started whining and I found myself saying, "Kendra, we all have to do things sometimes even if we don't want to just because they're the right things to do. Do you think I always feel like coming home and cooking supper? No. But I know Daddy and I have to eat and so I cook."


The lightbulb went on and she went to pack her stuff away. :)

I love these red "after sleep" cheeks
 2. I said something the other day and Kendra tried to say it but battled a little with the thr sound or similar.

I was encouraging her to try again and she says, "I can't. It's too hard".

Out of the corner of my eye I saw D cringe and make a face because he knows. He knows.

Saying this to me is like waving a red cloth in front of a bull.

I knelt down so I was level with her and said, "Kendra, you CAN do it. Even if it doesn't happen now, you CAN do it. Please don't say you can't."

And so on.

Poor thing. At "two and a half" which is what she says if you ask her how old she is, she's getting coaching from her mother.

But it worked.

Because a few days later, Connor had the same thing and said, "I can't. It's too hard!" (where do they get these things? We never say things like that) and Kendra said, "Connor, don't say that. You can say it. Just keep trying"

Oh! It warmed my little motivating heart :)

playing with the craft stick puzzles

3. This morning Connor had a biscuit (Pro-Vita) and he says to Kendra, "Kenna (so cute!), do you want a piece?"

They negotiate size of the piece and he shares nicely and she says thank you nicely.

Some child romance :)

D walks into the bedroom and I said, "D, Connor was a very generous boy".

Connor What's that, Mummy? What does generous mean?

Me It's when you like to share and give some of your things to other people.

(hey, it's the best I could do with a second's notice)

And then we talked more about how it makes people feel nice, both the giver and the recipient when we show love by being generous.

D just smiles at all this life lesson stuff :)

So this is my thing. I'm good at teaching them life lessons and how the world works. By the way, I've always (ALWAYS) wanted to do little confidence-building classes for kids (around 8 - 10). I may just pick that up when mine are a little older.

What is your parenting superpower/ what are you good at? If you're a good nurturer (one of my worse traits), my hat's off to you!

PS if you haven't yet done the Motherstyles quiz, what are you waiting for? Do it.


  1. Oh goodness - I have no parenting super power. The fact that I have got my eldest to 10 years old and a A student who does well is sport is purely by the grace of God!!


    your first example about Kendra putting the toys away - HA! You need to come train mine!!! EVERY afternoon just before D gets home I spend ages begging, threatening, punishing them to put their stuff away.

    Just seen the quizz - I will be back!

  2. I am ENTJ - I may blog about this!!

  3. Well, you know what mine is as I have sent you the email :)

  4. Gosh these two pictures are stunning and your daughter is just getting prettier every day. Of course COnnor is a dashing young man .

    I love that you talk about these things - my style is actually nurturing - yes, I surprised myself by realizing that. I struggle sometimes to doscipline as my first instinct is to nurture.

    AS I have propably said many times - our house has a very simple motto: I think I can, I'll try my best. And your best is always good enough. Incredible how the kids buy into that.

    And I would so send A on a course like that - I have to add that the drama has made a huge impact on her seld confidence

  5. I am great at keeping things running on schedule. I am able to fit a ton of things in my schedule because I am a good planner and know how to motivate the kids to do their fair share.

    Love the little life lessons you are giving your little ones. I love moments like that with my children as well :)

  6. Hmmmm...is being laidback and letting the little things go a superpower? That's all I've got right now!

    I love when I hear my girls tell each other "please" and "thank you". We have been working on that lately!

    LOVE the pictures in this post. K's eyelashes!! I just want squish those little cheeks!

    1. Yesssss, absolutely that is your superpower - as you've seen, I certainly don't have that one! Ha :)

  7. I think it's such a service we can do for our children, to talk **with** them, and not just **to** them. I certainly hope that's one of my strengths, as well. :) Well done, Miss Marcia!

    And I LOVE!!!!! that picture of Kendra! It may just be my all-time favorite!

  8. Lovely pictures as always. It's interesting when you think kids don't understand what you are saying but repeat it to others ;-)

  9. Your photos just keep getting better and better. I really do notice a HUGE difference lately. Nice!
    I guess my superpower would be my 'follow through'. I mean what I say and the kids know it. When my partner is in charge there seems to be more chaos and crying because no doesn't always mean no. Also, my kids put their toys away as well. I have made my (small) space as Montessori as possible and they know that everything has its place and they put it there. It's amazing, really.

  10. OMG that photo of Kendra- GORGEOUS. I love it.

    I like to think I'm easy to talk to for my kids- especially as they get older. That they feel I can relate and will listen and hear them out. My big boys tell me things most teen boys wouldn't dream of telling their moms.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. haha...I am a nurturer. Mostly. Like Deanna, I let a few things go sometimes. BUT I do have different things to deal with and so I weigh it all up in the grander scheme of things. For what it's worth, I do wish that I was more of an E than an I.

  13. Ummmmm.... I'm very strict. Several people recently have asked me to show them how to do 'the stern voice'. NOT exactly the coolest superpower, but it's what I've got right now!

  14. No superpowers at all here.


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