Sunday, June 24, 2012

Will someone please smack me on the head?

Next time I have bright ideas about sending the kids to pre-school, will someone please slap me?

I am exhausted with preparing the kids for their Big Day tomorrow.

Nanny S is on leave tomorrow to sort out her asylum papers and since D has a work situation from hell and I have a LONG 3-hour meeting in the afternoon, I decided to leave them there for a full day tomorrow. D also felt uncomfortable about asking his mother. BTW I've gotten a lot happier now I've made the switch in my mind that we don't have any family support. It's just easier. Low expectations and all that jazz :)

They could phone me and tell me not to bring my kids back.... let's hope not.

So please pray for me from 4:30 tomorrow as I'll have Cranky and Whiny in the car with me. And I'll have a messy house to come home to.

But people, I have 4 bags just for the kids (besides my normal 2). One with clothes, one backpack each (their out and about bags as I call it - I should blog about this) and a food bag. I'm going to also have to lug all this plus hold two kids by the hands..... I'll have to do my stern mother voice and hope it doesn't turn into the screeching version....

The "kids care" closes between 12 and 1 so my kids will be at my desk eating lunch. Yes! And the lady who complains about me being noisy hasn't seen anything yet!

But over to you - what are you looking forward to doing tomorrow?


  1. I'm sure you'll feel a heck of a lot better after they've been for the first time :-). Kids do love going. Mine always did. I used to send some food for dinner and asked them to feed Bianca before I picked her up at about 5pm and that worked quite well.

  2. I think it will be fun for them, and how cool that you get to eat lunch together :)

  3. Marcia, there will be no head smacking of any kind. It's first day nerves (me thinks). You'll be fine and there will be no 'cranky' and whiny'. Just sweet little kids who can't wait to tell you all about their day. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!

    Praying the kids love it so you can stop beating yourself up ;-)

    Sad about having no support. Guess those who have are the lucky ones

  4. Why does it close for an hour? That's odd!

    I am sure it is going to be just fine :)

  5. Kids...they don't travel light. My dad always laughs at me but it takes about the same amount of baggage to take Nicola out for a weekend as out for two weeks. Bag of clothes, bag of food, bag of toys, bag of meds. I very often forget to pack anything for myself and the boot is already full!

    This is good practice Marcia. It will be easier than you think. ;-)

  6. So, you have a hectic day today. Hope it's not going too bad.
    It would be cool if you can blog about those "out and about" bags of your two little ones. Would love to know what is in them.

  7. And? Any updates? The first day/week is usually a period of adjustment. It really does get easier and I do agree with Louisa, this is good practice.
    Your kids are adaptable and really well behaved. I am VERY sure that they will NEVER phone you to fetch them and not come back.
    Today was an odd day at work. I've decided that I really don't like NBL - she went too far today and I wrote up 7 blog posts! The words were just flowing. Am going to blog in a minute and then I will switch off this computer to do some reading.

    Hope your Monday is nearly calming down.

  8. Whoa! You are living my life in a few months! I didn't know the kids were starting preschool already. Good luck! I'm very scared about getting the kids back and forth to school with DH having a busy work life and me juggling school and work.

  9. I just want you to know that I keeeeeeep checking back to hear all about it! Don't let me down!!

    I especially want to know what everyone thought of your kids being in the office. When I stop by work with the girls everyone is all giggles and grins, offering them things and so excited when they talk back. If they only knew what it was like to sit a while with them!

  10. the first week is the hardest! :) i can't wait for updates.

    i've read all of your posts, but my computer won't let me comment in english all the time (it's smarter than i am apparently) and i don't think you read thai (do you?) i'll try to comment when i can.

    until then...i'll be waiting for updates!


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