Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Winter in Jhb = 1 degree in the mornings

Gosh, this morning my car said 1 degree at 7:30 ish and there was an icon of a little snowflake which definitely means freezing :)

I drive past a field and the field was white with frost. I would have stopped to take a pic but I was already very late for the breakfast.

But honestly, do we not have the most gorgeous winter weather in the world?!

Gorgeous blue skies.

Empty branches.


I do realise I need to stop taking pics of the naked tree branches but I'm fascinated. It's like I'm appreciating a whole new view of winter through my lens.

What's your favourite thing about winter?


  1. I'll give you the blue skies are pretty...as are some of the trees. But I am definitely not a fan of winter. *sulk*

  2. SA winter is fabulous, try winter in Boston with it's annual blizzard and perpetual grey skies!!!! I love that the sun still shines on most days (which is quite deceiving) and there are still some green trees and grass scattered all around the country.

    Nice pictures as always. We should take a photo walk together sometime

  3. I agree it is a beautiful time of year :) I love the fact I can live in my slippers and pjs!

  4. Soup and more soup.

    But other than that winter is not really my fav time of year. Too flippin cold. And we are cold cold - 1 degree is warm!

    Gorgeous pics x

  5. Really pretty photos. I'm not a huge fan of winter, although do like using our fire place and having hot bubble baths :-)

  6. I love the Blue Skies as well but not the empty trees so much. Yes, mornings in our province in Winter months, are brrrr.
    What I love about Winter, is that there is no rain. No rain means dry clothes every single day :)


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