Thursday, June 14, 2012

Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living

Conversations this morning.

Connor  Mummy, I want to go to work with you today.

Me Baby, they don't allow babies to come to work.


Kendra We're not babies. We're big kids.

(very tempted to say "big kids remember to say if they need to pee" but I restrained myself)

Me Okay, Connor, you can go to work in the sunroom. What are you going to do at work?

Connor Write.... and work on the computer.

Kendra And eat yoghurt!

Me (laughing) Well, that's true, Kendra. I do eat yoghurt at work.

(they obviously watch to see what I add to my food bag in the morning)

So there you have it - at work, you write, work on the computer and eat yoghurt. Quite accurate in my case but I would also add "managing other people's cr*p"

ipad pic - I love the wide angle - I can't get pics like this with my Canon! Tell me you love this pic as much as I do -
 But really, work.

Has been... interesting.

The big thing has not been removed from my shoulders (or more important, my list) but we have agreed that I should just focus on the other million things on my plate and not stress about that. For now.

Which is not ideal, me being a J and wanting things Sorted. Decided. Now.

But at least I've been released to be productive in other areas for awhile.

So yesterday I had the dreaded performance discussion.

They inflict this on us every 6 months and it is a true dread.

I even hated them with my old Wonderful Boss.

I think it's because I'm cynical as I know they give you whatever increase just because and not as a direct result of the PA.

How do I know this? Because in the past we've had increase letters and then had PAs.

Anyway, moving on.

My ex-boss phoned the new boss while we were busy with my PA.

She told him she can only talk quickly so he phoned me afterwards to see how it went.

Me It was both better and worse than I expected.

True story.

The conversation around my role here, what I'm doing, how I'm doing, etc. was brutally honest and very challenging (all of which I love when I can feel the person wants what's best for me and are not just being mean) but I got VERY low scores.

We mark out of 8 (I won't bore you with the nitty gritty) and I've typically got some 6s and mostly 7s.

This time I got 4s, 5s and I think one 6.

So I am not looking forward to seeing that bonus letter or the resultant conversation.

But the interesting thing was the metaphor for my work that I'm getting from the photography courses!!!!

I even pulled up this pic in the meeting (on my iPad!!!) and we discussed how amazing this is.

poster from the Superhero and Elevate courses - printed, laminated and stuck right in front of me

I am a bit scared (okay, a lot) of New Boss because she's brilliant but does not suffer fools gladly. And so I don't bring all of my awesomeness to my job because what if she doesn't agree, think as I do, etc.

She said something so insightful I'm still mulling it over - my great thing is also my downfall. I am so good at getting things done quickly that I sometimes do that at the cost of everything else. E.g. after I analyse a business case, I type out an email with my thoughts and off it goes to the client. It's fine but she said maybe if I think on it another day or so, different focuses will emerge, etc. and this will mean a more complete analysis. All true.

So my things to work on:
  1. be brave (to speak out more, esp with her)
  2. tell my story - to bring MORE of myself no matter what
  3. be open to experimenting
  4. trade my fear (with some lines of business) for curiosity
  5. don't be afraid to make mistakes (of COURSE I am!!!)
 I was actually gobsmacked at all these insights from photography! Are you?  

How's your work going at the moment - out of the home or at home work?
What do you think of my insights?


  1. In that first photo of yours taken by the iPad - I see the light but what I like about it, is the trees. I love trees and the peace they bring to one. You just want to go and lay underneath them and stare at them the whole day ... daydream :)
    You have so much going on at your workplace at the moment.

  2. My work at home is crap - I get NOTHING done. Due to some great things we have implemented and that's great for the family, but cutting into my time. But it will be for the best of all later. And I am too cold to do anything but snuggle under a blanket.

    At work it is crazy, busy, hence I am only leaving coments on my most loyal commenter's blogs and not posting much.

  3. Oh and I forgot to add - I do need to think you should bring all you awesomeness to work. And one should never forget what other spheres in life teach you

  4. PA are the worst - ours were EMAILED to us...oooo...the anxiety. I, too, wished our bonuses were based on PAs - clearly, we both just need to become Bosses. :)

  5. Not a fan of PA's. They never give your increase based on that anyway. Such a waste of time. I honestly cannot say that I have EVER benefited from one. My work at home is suffering a bit.I blame the weather. I just want to be under the blankets with Rose INSTEAD of cooking, cleaning etc. It's been every man for himself this past week. My "work" work has been MUCH better this week. I am back to basics. Making lists. Planning better. Staying off the internet. So glad you no longer have that big thing to worry about. And yes, those insights are just FANTASTIC and soooo true.

  6. I think any time you're working with a new manager, there's a period of adjustment as everyone figures out everyone else. I can imagine the conversation was a heavy one, but -- at least from how I read your post -- I'm glad it was an open one.

    I think those insights are very deep...and so interesting to be able to pull from one new area that has been bringing you so much joy, into another established area of your world.

    BTW, love that picture, too!

  7. Love love love the picture!!! I know I always say this but the pic is beautiful. Interesting how you got so much insight(and inspiration) from the Superhero banner.

    Your kids are hilarious, I wish all we do at work was write and work on the computer and I must not forget eat yoghurt. K and C are so funny and smart! A good way to start the morning.I am sure you tell them I'm working when you are writing or working on the computer!!!!

    Home, not much going on workwise. Work work is stressful with a capital S! Right now everything seems to be urgent and important - go figure

    I hate PA too, hate it hate it loathe it so much. It feels like you are listening to a script that will be played out to so many people throughout the course of the review process.

    Hmmmm, not sure bonuses are really linked to PA in many companies. For us there is a pool with a top limit set from the get go, and this pool seems to be shrinking with each passing year and by the time mr SA.RS takes the government's cut there's really nothing to write home about. Not complaining though, grateful I have a job

  8. My work is going terribly. The day I was ready to hand in my resignation I got a glowing review and raise. Needless to say, that letter has yet to be delivered. I have yet to quit, I want to quit, and I'm still afraid that meteor is going to come crashing into my house.

    Do you think her review was an honest assessment? I have a huge problem with our assessments at work. They are never honest. I get along very well with my boss so I always have wonderful reviews yet I can list half a dozen things that I no longer do acceptably and should be held accountable for! In our company it's all in who you know and how much they like you. :(

  9. And that picture is amazing! There is someway to take wider shots with the Canon, I've seen the results. We need to figure that out!

  10. I think that PA's are the biggest joke and the way they're sold to stuff is an even bigger joke. I worked in a big corporate company some years back and I can sadly say that the 'boss' of the area decided how much each person got, based on the pot and if you were a nameless-faceless one, you got the least. I naturally have less than zero faith in the system.

  11. It sounds like a rough PA. If you get something from it thought, or at least you see that your manager has some insight into where you are or where you have development opportunities and it's not just a paper excercise it take a bit of the sting out of it?

    My work's going okay at the moment. Although we have a few BIG things happening at the moment and my manager has gone off to Europe for a couple of weeks and left me holding the babies. Plus, there is an auditor in the building who I suspect has me on speed dial. I had 14 missed calls from her on thursday and Friday while I was off sick.

    Oh well, we'll get through it day at a time.


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