Monday, July 23, 2012

Conference over and one Mandy down

So had a bit of drama with God this morning.

Something about dealing with an issue that's surfaced twice before and then again on the conference.

When I have a proper keyboard and have processed it better, I need to write more.

Anyway, the conference is over and now I'm finally on holiday!

Shuttle to the airport, taxi to the hotel, met my one friend, B, and we just fell into it like we've been sitting having chats in person forever.

Well, we do chat weekly but usually 80% business :)

Anyhow, then I got a text from Mandy 1.

 "We're here. When can I see you?" (don't you love how she gets to the point?)

I said, "now, I'm in 1620" but after I checked and the text wasn't sending, I phoned her and we arranged to all meet and go get supper.

Supper was very good but verrrrry expensive. R242 for main course, no drink or dessert. Wait, let me back track. We did exactly what D and I do, which is to wander around forever, taking photos along the way.

I loved it and just couldn't stop smiling... and snapping away.

So, you want to know about Mandy?

Oh my! Gorgeous! Inside and out. We also just fell right into it. Amazing. She also picked up on something with me that I hadn't quite been able to put my fingers on which I love! And her family's just great. The girls are a delight and are charming me. They're so compliant compared to my two, especially with pics. J is lovely too and has been asking me tons of questions about SA I'm not sure I'm answering well enough :)

Anyway, I need to go to bed.

I have a city tour with my name on it and have to look semi-good to meet Mandy 2. I can't wait!!!

How was your weekend? 

Ps F, happy birthday. It's still the 22nd here :)


  1. I'm SO happy that you had a fantastic time with Mandy. You sound so upbeat.

  2. Glad you are finally having fun and officially on HOLIDAY!!!

    Can't wait to see all the pictures and to hear all about meeting Mandy1. Nice to know you hit it off!

    Always nice to hear others say the US is not as cheap as people make it especially when it comes to eating out and be warned NYC is supposed to be even more expensive for eating out at least compared to what we have here

    Thanks for the birthday wish:)

    1. F, that was kind-of it... the meeting Mandy part!

  3. So glad you are having a great time. And seriously, one need to think dollars and not rands. But alas, we get paid in rands.

    1. Oh I do think in dollars when there - it's just the question was asked and I did the calcs!

  4. So I had to do the calculations from rands (because I'm curious like that), and that would be a pretty expensive dinner by my terms too! Definitely not an every night deal. : )

    Glad you're enjoying the vacation part of your trip now. Hope you love the city tour today!!

    1. That was my most expensive meal. If memory serves me correctly I also had a meal in NYC that was as expensive but Heather and Tom treated us! :)

  5. Ah my friend. You sound so much better. Hope the conference was worth every cent and that you will enjoy the rest of your week there. LOVE that you had such a great time with your online friends.

  6. So glad you are enjoying the USA. Really wish we weren't so far away, I really would have loved to have come see you too! Hugs!!!

  7. You are so very kind, Marcia. :) :)

    Among many, many other things, I just loved seeing my girls with truly made my heart smile.


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