Sunday, July 01, 2012

A few things on my mind...

I really would love to hear your opinions here.

this lady is the same one with the crazy high heels I posted a few weeks back. She's 54 - isn't she in great shape? she moved just as I took the first one, someone said "stand with your legs nicely" and I showed her and said, "nooooo, that pic is boring :)" so she did the angle again for me. Yes, I'm a bossy boots with photos!

1. I had an item on my goals list from last month to post 10 times on the babies' blog.

I managed 5 complete posts (don't be impressed - it's pics mainly and here and there a caption or line of text) and did the pics only (without moving them to the middle or spacing nicely) for the rest.

I thought I'd log into that account to quickly sort that out.

Gosh, I need to never get behind again.

(by the way, the 5 posts is not what I'm talking about when I say behind. I had pics from 2011 randomly dotted here and there)

(it was good to see the babies looking like REAL babies)

(ps sorry if you subscribe to that blog as there will be a feedburner update tomorrow with 20-odd posts. once I started I couldn't stop)

a pic of me by Connor. I love my red striped top.
2. Week one of pre-school is behind us and you were all right - after the first day, I really wasn't worried (much) at all.

Things I like - they keep telling me how well my kids eat and "do they really drink water like this all the time"? (yes, they do. I am STILL waiting for the "picky toddler eating stage" - in fact, that's another post because it's like 3 really hungry adults live here)

They actually bring home decent things, not rubbish. We have tie-dyed t-shirts and mosaic mirrors. And chocolates which I haven't yet allowed them to eat.

Things I don't like - the drive home mid-day. Oh, man, it does my head in. On Thursday, Connor was all "I want you to staaaaaayyyyy, Mummy" while wailing and what should have been a one-hour round trip took 1.5 hours with all the peeing, cajoling, herding, and then the unloading, peeing, kissing good-bye, crying, more kissing and hugging.

Also, I got a headache on Thursday from the driving around in the sun. Yes, I'm not meant to be out and about in the heat.

So Friday I worked from home in the afternoon... only because the boss is off sick. I have taken this and next Friday as half days so only 4 more days to do the drive home midday.
love the framing in this pic
3. D and I discussed all the party stuff last night. I told him the food I was thinking of and he came up with more creative names than "rolls with fillings" to fit our theme.

I'm really tempted to buy a lot of food but I have to keep reminding myself that kids actually don't eat a lot of anything. My kids do, but not most kids :)

I told the babies that their birthday is coming up and asked them what they want. Kendra said, "popcorn" and Connor said, "sweets and shokit (chocolate)" :) They are so easy to please.

this self-portrait was taken ages ago amidst lots of strange colleague stares. the theme was colour. I LOVE my nails :)
4. A lady contacted me about my book late last week. She picked up some formatting errors which weren't apparent when we tested it. Anyway, I have never in my life received feedback in such a nice way. I actually wrote her a lovely long email to thank her for telling me those things in such a kind way. Really, she has a way with words. I then went to scrounge around on her blog and she'd reviewed another of my products and wrote me SUCH a stunning review. I was tickled pink. That was the business highligh of my week.

Have you ever had really lovely (negative) feedback like this?

my standard start to the day in winter - an orange eaten over the sink

This week I am doing nothing except the basics because I want to research and decide on my city tours in NYC and Charlotte so I can put the poor Mandys and Deanna at ease with my plans :) Well, that and party planning.

(I need to start getting sorted because I had a nightmare where I arrived at OR Tambo and I couldn't find my passport or any flight info, and then another nightmare this week where I ran into a colleague while waiting to board and realised I didn't have my camera!!! This dreaming is always a sign that I'm not dealing with things in my life )

My goals for the week
  1. newsletter and blogs
  2. set july goals
  3. blog review post
  4. email 15 bloggers I've targeted to do a giveaway for me
  5. charlotte city tour - decide
  6. nyc city tour & other must dos - decide
What's on your list for the week?
Which is your favourite pic?

PS I'm sporting dark blue fingernails - went to have a manicure/ facial/ head massage yesterday.
PPS all pics taken with my Sony Cybershot - it still lives in my handbag


  1. I just tried to go into the babies blog ... and got blocked. Something about Blogarama containing malware. ... When a friend of ours was hit, it affected V's blog, but she was able to delete the friend and the malware warning was removed.

    We're having V's birthday on Saturday - Rainbow Water party ... I know 15 is a little old for that style of party, but most of our cousins are little, so it will be fun.

  2. Those are a good set of legs for any age!

    This week will most likely be a bit chaotic for me at work because Steamcleaner is back and I need to bring her back up to speed and help her get there if she needs it. Other than that I went grocery shopping yesterday and there are a coupld of things I want to prepare for the freezer and so on. More house cleaning. More laundry. Ooh and Marcia I am putting together something special for your babies that i hope they (and you) will like and I've also started with your birthday present making...although I changed my mind about the colours three times in the last 4 days already! You might end up with more than one. ;-)

  3. Love the photos you did in this post and they look so good with that Sony Cybershot you used. Wow!
    That is lovely negative feedback you got. I love it when people say it so good to one.
    Love the boots that lady is wearing. Unique. Just like the shots of her legs.

  4. I love the colours in the pic of your torso with the red bowl, especially your grey and pink jerseys. And your nails do look lovely too!
    p.s. the text under your photos is being cut off on the right-hand side of the page. I feel like I am missing out on something!

  5. Love the oranges and the self portrait one. And so glad that the school thing is working out so well - a good trial run for you all

  6. I love the sun picture. I'm a sucker for nature.

    I can't say that I recall ever receiving particularly kind, negative feedback. I know that when I have to give negative feedback I think of myself a harsh and maybe even exaggerative, something I should work on!

    As for this week, my oh my! So much to do. Sort wedding picture, finish a baby bouquet, start laying basement flooring, plan out our birthday party, and finalize some Charlotte plans. Yes, you need to put this Mandy at ease! I laughed out loud when I read Mandys, not sure why that was so humorous to me.
    Have a great week!

  7. I actually just wrote a post now on criticism - I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people are constructive and kind about it.
    My favourite pics are the last 2. This week - sort out school stuff for Joel,send off a package and figure out how we are going to pay for the car that is currently in need of urgent work! Eish. It never ends.


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