Friday, July 06, 2012

{Friendship Friday}: Have friends of yours ever hit it off really well ... without you?

Remember the other day when we spoke about how uncomfortable we can sometimes get with friends of our friends?

Well, what if the opposite happens?

Your friends hit it off so well that they start being better friends than you are or worse, excluding you.

I told you that at heart I'm a connector of people so I don't mind most times if my friends connect and have fun.

In fact, last year at my birthday party, my one good friend connected so well with two other friends that TWO subsequent "meetings" were set up. She did work for the one and had a coffee chat with the other.

It was a bit weird when my one friend said, "oh, X is coming over on Wednesday" and obviously I didn't twig because I just said, "oh really?" and then my friend said, "YOUR X" and I went "OHHHHH". But immediately I said, "this is a bit awkward but GOOD FOR YOU".

I meant awkward in a Seinfeld-kind of way. Any Seinfeld fans out there?

There's an episode where they talk about their two worlds colliding, like work world and personal world.

(I just googled to see if I could find the episode and there are TONS of links to this phenomenon. LOVE it :))

Have a look at it here.

I loved that episode because it's so true - it even freaks me out a bit if D comes to have lunch with me at work, and kisses me!!!!

Back to the topic.

We're going to my friend's son's party this weekend. My friend has this other friend who I really like BUT I just feel weird taking it further because it's her friend. Is that weird? See, normally if I met someone and we got along so well, I'd at least exchange emails and start up an email/ text friendship.

We've met once before at her house and this lady and I really hit it off partially because I recognise some of myself in her, as in, if I let myself go totally to the dark side I could be a total control freak. Next to this lady I'm a 2 on the scale :) But she and I both know she's over the edge and she has a sense of humour about it so makes fun of herself too. While being controlling LOL

Have you ever hit it off with a friend's friend?

And how did you make plans to become friends with that person without your friend? Or did it happen more naturally.

Tell all. Curious minds want to know.

PS it was like Christmas here earlier. Wrapping paper all over the bed. Presents not only for my two but another two kids, and a friend.

PPS my sister's a genius. She ordered the kids' presents from Reggies and got it delivered here. Not only does she have no postage schlep but I get to wrap them! I think I'll repay her in the same way and also order big bulky gifts for her kids :) I actually really don't mind and do think she's a genius. This may just be my go-to thing :)


  1. Your sis is smart. At least your kids will get nice gifts from their aunt, quite sure they can't be bothered to know who wrapped it ;)

    Can you believe your "babies" are 3 already??? That's 3 question marks for them turing 3

  2. Oh happy three… can you believe your little people are three already… I remember when they were born and how I thought I would be pregnant forever with my little guy… I wasn't of course!!! Hope you have lots of fun celebrating them this weekend!!!

  3. Oh I am very careful with friends of friends - one of my BFF hated it if you ever met with one of her friends without her - she fekt you intruded on her privacy. What is good is that we talked about it. But I do think it has to be very open. Total Seinfeld fans ( and Frasers and Mad about you). You remember the blah de blah episode?

  4. And did not even know you could do it with Reggies! Wow!

  5. I have met people through friends that I became friends with myself, and I've seen it happen to people that met through me too. It usually progresses quite naturally. You both get invited to an event, the original connection can't make it and grows from there. That's my experience of it anyway.


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