Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home sweet home

I had a nice post in my iPad drafts but of course, being me, I can't seem to connect.
I think it's because my work password expired while I was on holiday.
So iPad pics will have to wait til Tuesday when I'm back at work.
Nevertheless, I'm home!
It's fantastic to be back - I squealed when I realised I'm paying in Rand again. It's so easy to just swipe when the numbers seem small until I switched on my cell phone in the airport this morning (for the first time since I left) and saw all the transactions. Gulp.
It will all be fine though - I kept track of the expenses and I think we're within budget. Of course that "inspired" me to go a bit wild in the airport with t-shirts for us and for the kids.
And we got the BEST welcome from the kids - they both couldn't stop smiling. Kendra kept saying, "I missed you, Mummy" and Connor kept saying, "you must sleep here tonight!" as if I'm in the habit of sleeping out!
However they didn't want to nap at ALL today so this post will be short as there are hands everywhere. Cute hands but that does mean nothing is 100% done. Both my bedroom and the study are unpacked.
The only thing that's ready to go is the dirty laundry.
I feel like my whole weekend was taken up travelling. Oh yes, that's right. It was! I flew direct but those 15 hours stretched to about 21 :)
But enough about me, how was YOUR weekend?

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time away.

    And isn't home just the best?

    Well done to you for unpacking so quickly - i still have stuff in my suitcase from my CT trip in May - clearly I have too many clothes!


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