Monday, July 16, 2012

How do I tell the kids?

So there are two days before I leave and the kids don't know I'm going away.....

Any experience on telling your kids that you're going away for a holiday?

Also, which words would you use? I don't want to say "holiday" since they know "holidays" and that usually means they go with us.

I wanted to tell them this morning (and then escape to work!) but I thought that's the cowardly way to do things and I don't want my mother (less than tactfull) and Nanny S to have to deal with it.


  1. If you don't want to use the word "holiday" then tell them that you are going away for a few days. I would say that I'm going away for work but you decide what term will work for you and your children. Make them understand how many days you are going away. Visual things like a calendar helps where they can perhaps tick off the days with dad, till mom comes home again type of thing.

  2. katherine3:04 pm

    I think you need to tell them asap, kids are way cleverer than we realise and it might make them a bit cross with you if you just go away without preparing them. Sure they must be really excited that your mom is coming so just emphasise that a lot. Our girls stay with my folks quite often and they absolutely love it. We were in Knysna this weekend and they stayed with my folks and had an absolute ball.

  3. Maybe use the word "trip"? And I do think a little calender will help - with stickers to count down. Now if I was a little bit of a better friend I would have made you an Advent calender type thing with windows to open and count down. That would have been great.

    H often goes away to the bush so he gave each of the kids a special soft toy that he gives to them to hold when he is away - A has a Snoopy dog and the boys have bears. What about that?

  4. I love the idea of a special stuffed toy - I have some I bought when we were in Ireland that they've never had so I will pull them out tonight :)

    And off to print a calendar now.

  5. I agree with katherine...tell them ASAP! My girls do much better when they have a little time to adjust to an upcoming event. I would probably say I had to go on a work trip and promise them a great surprise when you return. The promise of a surprise can go a long way! : ) Love the idea of a little countdown calendar, or a simple paper chain maybe?

    TWO DAYS?? I'm excited for you!

  6. Deanna, I know!

    This time next week I'll be with the Mandys :)

  7. Oh wow, TWO DAYS TWO DAYS!!! Lucky you!!!

    I agree that telling them asap is a good idea. And, if possible, emphasise that you are going away but that you are coming back. They might need to be told that explicitly!

  8. Nope, tell them the morning of that you are going to be working a bit longer, show them the calendar and that you will be bringing them back a surprise. They are young so they won't really "get it". With all the traveling I used to do, telling them before hand is always BAD! Good luck, my friend!!!

  9. You have spoke nothing of it!? OH MY! I love Deanna's count down. My ladies love surprises! Maybe ensuring them you can call or facetime them while you're gone??

    I feel totally unprepared AND my sewing machine just konked out on me. :(

  10. Have you told them yet? I would have told them earlier but mine are older and Kiara especially doesnt cope well with change - she needs time to adjust and work through it.

    Tell them you are visiting friends who are far away and you cant drive so have to fly!

    Good luck!


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