Monday, July 30, 2012

I don't know where to start but the photos are too many!

I don't know what happened with those 3 of the same posts.

They kept not appearing so I kept emailing it to blogger....and then eventually I just pasted the content in a fresh post and that one worked.

And then later the rest must have appeared.

But I've put my settings back to going to drafts so it shouldn't happen again.

Right, moving on.

MandyE - I kind-of am in love with my own pic :)
close-up of her ring - gorgeous!
MandyH - I love these kinds of pics. Downtown Charlotte.
I'm now sporting a cool camera strap like the one Mandy's wearing... and a camera bag to match.
So... I downloaded 1619 pics from the trip.

Since the Mandys already posted their versions, I feel slight pressure to post some of mine too and so I started with my Charlotte folder.

Before... 569
After... 452

I think deleting 117 is amazing on my part because I was deleting as I saw terrible pics.

I'm also a little confused.

I don't know if I should just post my "topical" travel posts here and the diary-type ones on my travel blog?

Any other ideas?

I have some gorgeous pics but I'll have to limit myself to serious highlights or favourites because at about 10 pics per blog, this could go on for a LONG time and I may bore you to tears after about two posts.

And I still have to post party pics...

I will leave you with one thought about one aspect of travel -  bags!

Usually I agonise over which ones to take (remember I change my bags almost daily depending on what I'm wearing, doing, etc.) because I don't like to be out thinking, I really wish I had that one.

This trip I took 3 - a khaki backpack Cab 55 I've had forever, a reversible red/ cream tote I bought in Liverpool and a more structured blue one.

It worked out perfectly because I used all 3. I used the backpack a LOT when I wanted my hands free to take pics and then when Mandy gave me my camera coat, I put that in the tote and it worked out beautifully. The other one I mainly used for airport travel because it took all my electronics - iPad, Kindle, all chargers, plus all my normal handbag stuff.

And now I'm on the lookout for a yellow handbag. I saw so many girls over there with a yellow one - not mustard and not the buttercup yellow, somewhere in between. And I decided I must have one. Except all the stores I went to didn't have a suitable one.

This is kind-of what I'm looking for. If you see one somewhere that is not too expensive (my comfort level is around R300), let me know!

When you travel, how many handbags do you take along with you?


  1. 1619 pictures, how awesome is that. Some might find that too much but this picture loving girl, thinks it is totally awesome...

    Not to scare away some of the readers of this blog (tongue in cheek), might be a good idea to post the dairy type pictures on your travel blog. Though you know whatever you decide, some of us love the pictures and the more the better :)

    With bags, I try to carry one bag that can go from night to day and also act as a hand luggage if necessary. Another reason though is I love to shop when I go overseas, so I try everything to limit my luggage when leaving home so I can maximise my luggage allowance ;)

  2. I love that one of MandyH from can barely see the way C is holding her finger. :)

    And I do like that first pic, too!

    I usually travel with two smaller "purse", and one bigger that I can put "stuff" in. These days, "small" is I always have to take certain things with the girls...and my larger bag is my diaper bag. It's so freeing when I can slip out of the house with only a small bag (and no kiddos!).

    One option on the pictures is that you can randomly share favorites among "regular" posts, at least after a while. I love it when you do that anyway...eye candy!

  3. I've seen the many posts you have posted and assumed that it had to do with something with your iPad :)
    I love the photos in this post. Can't wait to see more and hear more.

  4. Oh I really do not mind where you post them - as long as I see them. And you will have to direct me to your travel blog.

    I love that first picture - just love it. And the camera bag and strap - jealous! They are beautiful.

    I normally take my trusty backpack and an informal bag. If there is business somewhere inthe trip I would possibly take a more structured one too.

  5. Hehehe...I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's battling to get my photos out. ;-) I love that first pic by the way, stunning.

  6. I can't wait to see your photos...and I don't mind where you post long as I know where. I go with one bag that is also my camera bag. I seriously hate changing handbags.

  7. Great to see you back!! I say do two or three 'top ten' posts - maybe by theme? with ten pictures each. otherwise you won't get the chance to post all of them, and we'll be left wondering what happened at the end of your trip!

    So sorry about your technical glitches. Been there - SO annoying. Just when you want to communicate, you can't! Glad you're back.


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