Monday, July 02, 2012

I had a scary thought this evening

this is what June felt like. Our PA sent out a reminder for something we have to do monthly and I said, "no way. is it that time again?"

I've been pseudo-fooling myself but I finally faced facts this morning - I'm getting fat.

Well, fatter... and so I need to get my A into G.

So I booked a session with the new personal trainer for Thursday and tonight I went to a dance class at the gym.

I hardly have the cold as an excuse as it was a lovely warm day (for winter) here today.

And of course, I always love it once I'm there.

As I was walking back to the car, I thought, "oh my WORD, it's the 2nd. Which means in 16 days time I'll be leaving for the USA!"

That's two weeks, people.

And I'm SOOOOO not prepared.

My list isn't even done yet.

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Moon over _____ Street :)
How did I do for June?

  1. Read my Bible at least 5 out of every 7 days.
  2. Ask God for something small every day. This is great - I thoroughly recommend it.
  1. Have three dates with D only managed 1
  2. Go see two pre-schools. Does it count that our kids attended pre-school for one week? I think so :)
  3. Send out invites and plan the babies' third birthday party.
  4. Get child 2 potty trained?
  5. Book my mother's flights
  1. Either finish this big looming thing that's giving me headaches and stressing me out, or make a plan (i don't know what but something's got to give) We have a plan. Not a great plan, but a plan nonetheless.
  2. Get remainder of copy approved. 
  3. Be brave enough to have a really honest conversation at my performance appraisal. Oh yes, I got the gift of clarity all right :)
  1. Keep promoting book
  2. 3 blogs per week
  3. 1 newsletter every week
  4. Decide on next book for Kindle (I have TONS TONS TONS of stuff written over the last 9 years and I want to put something together for cheap, like $3.99)
A big YES!

  1. Lunch here with J & P
  2. Lunch with either K&B or L&C or both
  3. Early supper with Louisa
  4. Lunch with my new work friend
None of these done but I had three dates with other friends - J, P and C.

Health and fitness
  1. Go to gym with Connor 4 times
  2. Work out at gym during the week 8 times and stop making excuses that it's cold. Noooo
  3. Lose 2 kg (stretch goal 3 kg) and go to Weigh-Less the remaining 4 times HA!
  4. Get 7 - 7.5 hours of sleep daily despite the next photo course starting
  1. Book accommodation in Charlotte and New York
  2. Loosely finalise meet-ups with blog friends ( I now have one more person confirmed :)
  3. Do my budget Gosh, yes, and it gave me a big scare!
  4. Read 5 books, two of them non-fiction.  This month's NF books are One Person Multiple Careers and an organising book. I have about 8 unread... Fiction I want to read are my Dorothy Koomson and 2 print books (I need to up the ante to get rid of all these things on my bookshelf)
  5. Do 4 random acts of kindness I've been sneaking into the toilets at church on the weekends putting up lovely encouraging post-it notes on the backs of the doors :) Next time I'll try take a pic!
  1. Try 3 new main course dishes
  2. Bake cinnamon rolls
  3. Finish party packs (sadly, I'm already half way done :) yet the invites aren't even out yet!)
  4. Organise May photos
  5. Do 10 blogs on babies blog
  6. Have FUN with Elevate the Ordinary.
  7. Do canvas craft for Father's Day
  8. Blog England leg of 2008 UK trip Not yet :)
80% :)

how's this cool pic? All moody and mysterious tonight. It's the same tree in my garden - you're going to get so sick of seeing this tree :)

Six months down, six to go.

What have I learnt these six months?
  1. It takes a lot longer to write and get a book published than I ever thought. I may be scarred for life :)
  2. I don't feel any different even though I've done this big, amazing life list thing.
  3. For the rest of the year, if I just get clarity from God as to the direction He wants my business and speaking "career" to go, I'll call 2012 a success.
  4. Creating memories with my family is awesome... and doesn't cost a single cent sometimes.
  5. When I set the intention for something and create the space for it in my life, amazing things happen (photography). That camera was the best R6000 I've ever spent. I LOVE that I can get good pics of what I see with my naked eye about 60% of the time :) Before this was maybe 5%.
  6. I love creating and it's so easy for me to carve out weekly time for myself. Someone told me she likes how I get things done that are important to me. Um, yes :)
  7. If you ask God to show Himself to you, big or small, He'll do it. A lady (the one who says I'm loud :)) at work said, "God's not interested in those small things" and I said, "J, but He is!!!!" I 100% believe that!
  8. I can have fearless and brave conversations. The more I talk the clearer I get.
  9. Friendship takes work, intention, willingness and planning but it doesn't have to feel like work.
  10. Losing weight is hard when you enjoy food like I do.
What have you learnt these last 6 months?

In July I'm only putting 12 things on my list:
  1. Don't get too sad about the babies growing up. Celebrate their growth and have an awesome party.
  2. Decide what to do about my party.
  3. Try not to freak out too much when I'm away from my kids for 11 days.
  4. Have an awesome speaking conference - engage fully, participate, show courage and have fun. Don't be scared of the Southern ladies! There was a teleconference to prepare that I couldn't participate in due to time differences. I started listening to the recording and realised, "OMW, these are ALL American ladies" (will I be the only foreigner?)
  5. Have awesome blog meet-ups with my dear friends in the computer. Don't think too much but just DIVE in. I have plans to meet 4 people in Charlotte and 2 in NYC. Yay!
  6. Read Galations, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians (I decided these vague goals are not for me). I also decided how can I expect to hear from Him if I'm not reading His word????
  7. Read 5 books.
  8. Go see all the short-listed pre-schools. We were trying to do two a month. Since that's not working, I'm going to have to take another half day and just go do it. If I'm up to date with the packing as I expect to be, this may happen the morning of my flight.
  9. June photos (I can't get behind because I expect to take THOUSANDS while I'm away)
  10. June mini-book and some other little projects
  11. Go to gym 7 - 8 times.
  12. Update my budget & set realistic spending plan (mine has clearly been unrealistic). Check 22se.ven twice this month.
(D has his visa appointment on Thursday. If it gets approved he'll come on the NYC leg of the trip)
(He also got a huge salary increase. We have no idea what to make of this. We both know the average... and he's fighting with the boss. I said it's clear The Big Boss is looking out for him :))

Have you set goals/ intentions for July? Link up your posts in the comments. 

If you're not into setting goals, tell me... what are three things you're most proud of doing in June?


  1. Great news about D! Fantastic.
    And I just love how you get things do e

  2. I can help you with another goal - even if you did mark it complete. Now that I found out DH is still employed, would you like to meet up in NYC on Friday, July 27?

    It would be awesome if D can come on the NYC leg of the trip too! We could have a double-date, as DH wants to meet you too. As I said we want to take you out to dinner (on the 27th if that works for you). And let me know if there are any kinds of food you don't like. DH and I will talk about getting reservations, as some even non-fancy places need that in NYC. We'll talk more!!!

  3. And congratulations on D's salary increase!!!

  4. Congrats on D's increase, great news! I hope he gets to go along. I can't wait to see the photos (and I'm sure you'll find some interesting doors along the way too?). ;-)

    I've learnt plenty in the last 6 months. Some that I've written about, some that we've spoken about and some that's still just rattling around in my head. It's been a gooood year so far though. :-)

  5. That is fantastic news regarding D. Pay increase and the Visa :)
    Good luck with your goals for the second part of 2012.

  6. Yay for big increases :)

    I am kinda lazy about my goals - it is something D and I are working on together (thanks to our shrink).

    The 3 things I am proud of? Getting the kids rooms sorted, moving the shelves into the house and organising the boys birthdays!

  7. Three things I am proud of in June? Getting out and doing things with the girls, even though I DESPISE the heat; not freaking out over turning 30, and actually embracing it; digging myself out of a hole at work and feeling relatively caught up.

    Thanks for making me think about that! : )

  8. Congrats to D on the increase! And I'm thrilled that he will join you. Three things I'm proud of happen to be three things NOT on the goals list.

    1. The potty thing - though I can't take full credit for this
    2. Sorting out schooling for Child2
    3. Going on a blind date with L!

    I have learned that I need my meds, that I MUST exercise, that I NEED alone time and lots of it and that I feel crap when I don't eat properly. I have learned that the more I pray, the easier it gets and that making time for friendship and connecting is just fantastic and that no, it shouldn't have to be hard work.
    Am going to put up my June update in a bit.

  9. ps..I'm getting FATTER too. I have no choice but to get my A into G though. Wendy-Joy entered me for this thing in October where you run and swim and climb stuff. I have no choice but to fix my eating and get exercising ASAP.


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