Monday, July 16, 2012

I told them!

Mandy, recognise the cards?

So I took your advice and told the kids this evening.

I used Cat's and Blackhuff's ideas.

I had some teddies I'd bought for them while in Ireland when pregnant (pink and blue - verrrrrrry soft with patches). They were displayed before they came home but when I saw how messy babies are (!), I put them away.

So out they came tonight.

I also printed out two Outlook calendars and marked off the days I'll be away.

I explained that I'm going on a TRIP (on an aeroplane) and that I'll be away for 11 nights. Connor was more upset that he wouldn't also be going with me on the aeroplane so I told them we'd make some aeroplanes on Wed and they were happy with that!

Kendra said why do I need to be away for so long. D jumped in and said it's quicker if it's on an aeroplane. :)

I also said when they miss me, they must come and give Pink Patches and Blue Patches big hugs. And that PP and BP don't like water or to be flung onto the carpet :)

And they're mostly fine.

After stories and praying (oh, they prayed for me too), Kendra said, "I'm going to miss you" - too sweet!!!!!!

Are you proud of me?

PS I'm under no illusions that it will be this smooth. I know there's going to be drama, poor things! And poor Mummy!


  1. Oh I am glad you did it. I am sure they might be fine - and mommy not.

  2. good for you!!!! And hey, if it's not smooth, you won't be there to see it!

  3. Laughing at Claudia's comment!

    And, yes, I am proud of you. :)

  4. I think you should get your mother something nice, for all the drama you're about to inflict on her! LOL! I'm sure they will be fine. Good going.

  5. I think it's great to give K&C some physical sense of understanding, in the form of a calendar. Between that and the bears, I'm sure that helps give them some tiny sense of "control".

    And LOVE the pictures with the cards!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  6. Awwww! I can't believe it's so soon for you to leave. Can't wait to see you!!!

    1. as someone who JUST traveled around the world for 14 days.... want any advice? :) we did skype a few times and it was totally helpful. even if it was only to say good morning (when i was going to bed). also, we showed the kids on a map/globe before i left where i was going and also read a few things and looked at pictures of that place.

      and, of course, what was the best was daily emails with pics from b. he literally gave me a blow by blow of what happened, what the kids had said that day, etc. it was awesome :)

      you'll be great. just bring back something fun for them. stickers was a big hit with my kiddos :)

  7. And I'm going to see you when....???!!!

  8. Very brave Marcia...I don't even have the balls to leave Nicola overnight yet.

  9. I admired those lovely cards on Sat, I even pointed them out to A! I just love the gorgeous pics of C & K, especially the one of C hugging K, just love the look on her face!!! That one should be in a frame. You are taking excellent pics with your "new" camera, well done!


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