Saturday, July 21, 2012

Much better

This is this morning's breakfast.

I finally saw grits in the flesh! And American biscuits!!!


am having a much better time.

Amazing what being connected to the outside world will do.

I've also just skyped with d and the kids. They sound ADORABLE and Connor said, "I want you to come back here" Not one to beat around the bush :)

They were also full of I love you and I miss you which is so lovely.

As for the conference, I need to process. I feel like I know nothing... So imagine the girls who are real beginner speakers!

Anyhow, have to go back now.

How's your Saturday?

PS only one day til I meet the Mandys :)


  1. So happy to hear you sounding better. And glad that you are having skype-time with the kids. It is STORMING in CT but, I cancelled my knitting tweet-up and went for lunch with Lance instead. Right now I am cleaning up because my in-laws are coming around for lunch tomorrow. Have outsourced EVERYTHING.

    Am pretty sure I left a comment on your previous post and now it's gone.
    Anyway, hope you are enjoying your Saturday and that you'll have a lovely evening.

    ps...I just know that the Mandy's are going to LOVE you.

  2. But could you stomach the grits??

    As excited and nervous as I am to meet, I'm sooooooo not looking forward to this drive! We're out the door in 7 hours, I should sleep!

  3. Had a very busy party Saturday and the weather is just beautiful. Enjoy the Mandys and so glad you are sounding so much better

  4. So what are grits? I wouldn't cope with not connection - glad you got it all sorted :)

  5. Glad that things are now sorted and you can connect with the outside world. Glad you are experiencing new things. Enjoy

  6. You're sounding a lot better. :-)


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