Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Our lovely Sabie holiday - day 3

My colleague said the coolest thing to me the other day - "the best thing about work is all the holidays" LOL

We are exactly the same. Work is there to accrue leave and pay for holidays :)

I've never been someone who has to be forced to take their leave. Ha!

Are you a workaholic?


So last time we left off Kendra was sick.

That night she coughed and coughed, and woke us up at least once that I remember, D says it was more.

We were a little worried seeing as we were in the sticks without all the comforts of our lovely doctors, pharmacies and hospitals within 2 km of our house... so we made an appt as soon as we could and off we went.

Do you know almost no places accepted bank cards????

I told the lady I've drawn more money in two days in Sabie than I have in an entire month in Jhb. No joke.

Anyway, so I left D with the kids while driving to an ATM.

He prescribed much of the same type of stuff for Kendra that we were already giving her but an antibiotic too.

So we went back to eat and let Kendra sleep.

Connor ran around for a bit but then fell asleep too. D read and fell asleep too.

I read and painted my nails, and took pics.

All bliss. It still felt like a holiday because we didn't have to be anywhere - we could just press pause and let the little one recover.

Eventually Kendra woke and we painted her nails too.

she insisted on black nails...

she was feeling much better so I let her explore while keeping an eye on her (the place was so amazing - I didn't have to move a muscle but could see her)

this is my favourite one from that week of Superhero photo
all of these were to practise my low f-stop pics
I had full intentions of posting the next day's pics too but I'm knackered.

Forgive me?

I need to go sleep - I have an early meeting tomorrow.

BTW, I had the most horrendous "parking" day at a shopping centre. I had to go do some "research" on one of our partners otherwise I would have left. Drove in at 13:06 and only found parking at about 13:25. I was THIS close to just leaving. I drove round and around up and down all the levels like a mad woman - not impressed.

Do you have parking patience? (I don't)

PS the babies made bread today (and had it for lunch) and wooden spoons with beaded handles (they're getting crafty like their mother. Ha!)
PPS 3 days til they turn 3. I'm going a bit crazy because I can't BELIEVE they're 3. Where has the time gone? I've survived 3 years of twin craziness!


  1. Love the pics! My name is ... and I'm a workaholic, struggling to get a bit more balnce. Btw I always have carry over leave :(

    That long to find parking! I would have left. That's ridiculous. The shopping centre management should do something about it, clearly there's a parking issue.

    Glad the kids are getting their creative juices flowing like their mama

    Wish D good luck with his appt today

    BTW you know why some places don't accept cards? They pay a percentage of every purchase as fees plus a monthly service fee for the POS device

  2. Oh I love the pictures and I totally feel like you do - work to holiday!

    And my yes, they do grow up fast. Not babies any more! And getting vrafty - that's great.

  3. I also don't have to be forced to take leave...actually I have no idea if there even is a carry over policy here at all and I've been here since 2009!

    Hope Kendra is feeling better now?

  4. I too don't have to be forced to take leave. I do know however that there is no carry over policy. You either take it or you lose it. They don't pay it out to you.

  5. We both survived three years of twin craziness!!! I'm so excited to see you in July!!! And I hope D gets to come, as it would be so cool for the four of us to all go out together on his birthday and we'll celebrate yours early!!! DH's birthday is on August 22, so it would be the dinner table of Leos, except for me!!! That's OK. I love Leos!!!

  6. You actually print the photo prompts!

    Say it's not true! Our babies can't be this old!! I also can't be this far behind in party planning!!

    P.S. I think K has wonderful taste. Black looks good on her :)

  7. I am soooo not a workaholic and I LOVE taking leave. The first thing I check when I get my payslip is how many leave days I have! My husband is a workaholic and it drives me NUTS! And I usually leave a shopping centre if I don't find a parking within the first 5 minutes because really, if they want my money then they WILL be sure to keep a space for my vehicle.
    How did it go with D's appointment today?


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